DIY Cat Litter Box

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If you’ve been around these parts for a while you’ve already met Tobi.
He is my little 13 year old furball who is simultaneously the joy in my heart and a pain in my butt, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. With all the moves in the last year (4!) finding a space for Tobi’s litter box has been a challenge. Since Charleston his litterbox has ended up in the living room/den of every house and let’s be honest; you don’t want to have guests over while your cat takes a poop next to the couch and smelling that less than delightful aroma.

A while back I mentioned to Eddie that I wanted to get something that was covered that we could put his box in and help hide the litter box, block the smell, and catch the litter. After looking at a bunch of options we found one that we both liked (inspiration) but Eddie decided to build it himself and I’m here today to share with you the plans and my extra tips to keep everything smelling fresh and clean.

I’ve also got to admit that this litter box wasn’t the only solution to making a re-fresh with Tobi’s litter situation. I was walking through target and grabbed some of the Fresh Step Clean Paws™ Triple Action Scented Litter to try out and I’ve got to say, I’m not disappointed. Having a cat is such a blast but the litter situation always makes me a little queasy – I mean dirty paws walking all around your house is a smidge gross so having Fresh Step Clean Paws™ helps to keep Tobi’s paws and my house clean! It also is a low dust formula (a must!) and helps to lessen litter tracking all over the house as well as blocking odor in three magical ways: blocks urine odors, eliminates fecal odors, and stops odors from bacteria. (ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!).

DIY Cat Litter Box

+ 1 sheet 3/4 inch maple plywood
+ 1/2 sheet 1/4″ Maple plywood
+ 5/16″ oak dowel
+ Pocket hole Kreg jig
+ 1 1/4 inch pocket hope screws
+ ‎2 magnetic door latches
+ Gripped contact paper

How to:
1. Measure and cut the top and bottom pieces at 36″ x 20.5″
2. Measure and cut both sides at 20″ x 20.5″
3. Measure and cut the divider at 20″ x 8″
4. ‎Equally space and drill four 3/4″ pocket holes on the bottom and top of the sides and two 3/4″ pocket holes on the top and bottom of the divider
5. ‎Attach the sides using 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws to the bottom piece
6. ‎Attach the divider at a length appropriate for the size of your litter box and cat (we attached to allow 22″ between the side and divider)
7. ‎Dry fit the top and measure for your doors. Allow a gap for the doors such as 1/4″ gap on the sides (our doors ended up being 10 5/8″ x 19 3/4″)
8. ‎Drill 1/2″ deep holes in the bottom and top pieces and top and bottom of doors to insert dowels for placing the doors (the idea is to fit like IKEA furniture)
9. ‎Attach the doors followed by aligning and attaching the top using 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws
10. ‎Attach the magnet latches to the bottom of the top piece and the top of each door
11. Add a back piece of wood/pdf if you would like (we plan to!)
12. ‎Use veneer edging to cover the plywood edges or use a router to edge the top piece
13. ‎Paint or stain as needed

Psssttt…make sure you check out the Target Cartwheel Offer on the Fresh Step Litter running from 4/1-4/7!!!

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Tobi Gets A Treat

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC®, and its advertiser however all images and opinions are my own. #ProPlanPossibilities #CollectiveBias

It’s been a while since Tobi sauntered on in to give y’all a big hello, so today is the day!
This little fur-ball is 12 1/2 and I honestly am so thankful that he has been able to walk with me through all the crazy changes in the last few months. Not only have I moved from the only home I’ve ever known but so did this little guy and making sure that he’s had smooth transitions at each new change in our lives has been a top priority. Eddie & I joke with each other on who spoils him more and honestly I think it’s an even trade.

I know it sounds crazy, but I really am just blessed to have Tobi in my life.
Now that most of my days are spent working from home and Eddie being at work I’m left with little social interaction; so being able to have some time with this sweet boy throughout the day is a blast. Do y’all have moments like that with your pets? Where you realize how much joy and peace they bring to your life? He’s been a constant companion for 12 years and I love being able to pick him up and squeeze his cute face!!

Lately I’ve been trying to make sure I get him to move more around the house with me.
We do a lot of playing with his toys and chasing the laser as well as having little walks on the back patio. He is getting older and his body and needs are changing in ways that may not always be noticeable to me. Keeping him at a healthy weight with a good immune system has been something I’ve been actively trying to work on. The other day I went walking through PetSmart to browse through the Purina® Pro Plan® line since it’s been our favorite for a few years. I love walking through PetSmart and seeing all of their seasonal items as well as looking for new things for Tobi. When I found Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus Adult 7+ Cat Food I knew it was a match made in heaven. The Prime Plus Adult 7+ Cat foods has key ingredients that support lean muscle mass, a healthy weight, a strong and healthy immune system, improved microflora for a balanced digestive system and healthy skin. Trust me, I want this dude to be around for a few more years and I’ve quickly realized that him having a healthy diet and keeping him active is key! If you’re looking for a new food for your pet that is tailored to their needs make sure you check out the myPlan tool and find the right food for them and if you think you know it all take the test at their Pro Plan University where you can test your knowledge!!!

How to keep your senior cat happy:

+ Make sure they are staying active. You can accomplish this by playing with them using their favorite toys, taking them outside for some fresh air (if they are an indoor cat) and even walking around the house with them so they follow.

+ Check in with their diet. Are you feeding them the best food for the stage of life they are in? If you’re unsure check out the myPlan tool to find the right food for your pet – every animal is unique so see what works best for them!

+ Hydrate! Make sure you’re pet is drinking their water throughout the day and if you don’t think they are getting enough, add some to their food.

+ Give them all the cuddles and love they will take.

If you’re looking to treat your pet to some new (and so good for them) food, PetSmart currently has some great offers!
In store offer:
+ 10/20/2017 through 12/3/2017 Pro Plan dry dog food 47lb-50lb bags – $49.99 & Pro Plan wet dog food 12ct variety packs – Save $4
+ Pro Plan dry cat food 5.5-7lb bags – save $2
+ Promotion runs through 11/30/2017. You can earn 10 kicks by watching an educational video. Earn 50 kicks for scanning the barcode on select Purina Pro Plan cat food, dog food or treats products. Earn 200 kicks for purchasing select Purina Pro Plan products and submitting your receipt.

monday | lists & cats.

happy monday friends! 
while i DO have the day off from work – i have so much to get done.
lots of cleaning, errands, and decorating.
starting thursday of this week i am running non-stop until sunday night.

thursday night – staying with my cuz.
friday night – bachelorette party (all night – sleepover at mi casa)
saturday – a lovely Quinceanera!!!
sunday – church and a bridal shower.

so i’m taking today to make things happen!
i hope y’all have a good monday

tobi side note
this little bugger!
all of this time i’ve had it in my mind (and his medical records) that he was born may 2006 and i brought him home the summer before my first year of college. (making him 8 this year!)
guys i’ve been WRONG.
i was hanging out with my friend who i got him from this past weekend.
he proved me wrong.
i got tobi in 2004 (we’re pretty sure) so he will be 10(!!!!!) this year!!!
my little boy isnt so little anymore!

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frankly friday…v57


+ i miss my friend beverly (she’s in the photo above). her and our friend hannah have been in london for about 3 months so far – another three months to go – with YWAM serving God and learning more about themselves. if you think about it, pray for them and the others involved in this ministry, i know it’s been tough for them to be away from home and their normal support system. plus i just miss my best friend. 🙁

+ umm i’m tired y’all. like: please let me lay in my bed for a solid 45 minutes longer – tired. bleh.

+ have y’all seen this?! don’t read it unless you want nightmares. i’m just saying – i read it and totally freaked out in the middle of the night.

+ and as i’m writing this – tobi just peed all outside of his box. he’s gone TWO DAYS without doing this, and now he’s all pissy and “let me pee OVER THE TOP of my brand new box” just to piss off my mom. ugh – that cat is going to drive me to spike my coffee. so angry.

+ not that i can afford another monthly expense – but this looks really really cool. & so does this.

+ i just looked at the extended forecast – and it looks like the night of the halloween party is going to be NICE AND CHILLY! y’all i love cold Halloweens. It doesn’t feel 100% like halloween if it’s a balmy 80+ degrees and you’re sweating right through your costume – bleh what fun is that.

+ i posted a new piece of fiction yesterday – if you haven’t had a chance to read it. i always feel weird to “promote” that – but i’m genuinely curious of what people think.

+ i get a little frustrated sometimes. listen – i’m the first to admit that i’ve gotten myself to the weight that i have. I’VE CHOSEN to eat the wrong foods – be lazy, bla bla bla. However – this last year i’ve really been trying. i’ve hired a personal trainer that i see once a week, make better food choices, i’m actually cooking more, and i’m trying to move every single day. i’ve lost weight – and i’m at a little stand still right now (my own fault). i went to a store yesterday to try on some of their “plus size” line clothing – i was looking to spend just a LITTLE money on a new outfit for a baby shower i’m going to this weekend. You want to know what? Their “plus size selection” was the size of my pinky TOE nail in the store the size of my leg. AND the options they had – barely anything, and would NOT be flattering on a plus size woman. this is why i hate shopping. because if i want a new top/pants/skirt/dress i have to HUNT for it – that means going to at least 10+ different stores before i find something reasonably priced. because if i went straight to lane bryant i would be spending 40+ on ONE SHIRT that isn’t even in style. so i’m angry – and disappointed. I get it – our society needs to be healthier – agreed. but sometimes people are just BIG and they are still healthy; a lot of times they aren’t but still. sometimes people are in transition to becoming healthy and are loosing weight (*raises hand*) and would like to still look fashionable and cute at an affordable price (like the choice the rest of the world gets). Yet when i walk into a store, i feel ashamed, ugly, undesirable, and just blah. it’s frustrating y’all…and if you’re a plus-sized girl (or super tall, or naturally really thin, or whatever) and you have problems finding clothes…you feel my pain.

+ i’m a little nervous. tomorrow i’m going to be a second shooter for a breast cancer awareness/fundraiser run. i’ll be getting up at 4:30 to be out of the door by 5:15 so we can get on site, look around, go over the timeline and get my wits about me. i’ve never done anything like this – the pressure is on people haha. i’m just hoping to have a good time – encourage those fighting this hard battle, celebrate with those in recovery, and just consistently pray over everyone there. most of you know my mom died of cancer (not breast cancer but leukemia) – so being a part of finding a cure – any cure – is something i’m willing and excited to participate in. so if you think of it, say a little prayer for me,  susan (the professional photographer), and all of the women (and men) participating tomorrow.

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if you had a post this week that was rather frank – link up below!
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I needed to read this today.
I just haven’t been feeling beautiful lately – and satan is definitely taking advantage of that.
women want to be told we’re beautiful.
not out of vanity.
or narcissism.
but because we are wired to feel adored, cherished, and valued.
i’m making sure i’m seeking out my value in Christ – and not in this world.
because the world tells me i’m not good enough, thin enough, smart enough, or sexy enough.
God tells me i’m enough.
I’m His.
I’m loved.
I’m cherished.
I’m needed.
by Him & others.
My life has value – and so does yours.

. . . 

yup, i’m exhausted.
tobi went to the vet this morning and he’s now on antibiotics. woot.
i’m thankful he’s ok – thank y’all for your prayers.
needless to say – i’m not really able to form a coherent thought at the moment.
so no frankly friday today (my bad).

this weekend i’m going to be putting up Halloween decorations, cleaning, and doing a few things for my birthday (since its monday).

now i’m off to drink a rather large cup of coffee.

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coffee with strangers…

. . .
{part one & part two}
. . .

“My name is James, i couldn’t help but notice a fellow observer and wanted to come say hello…” 
This wasn’t happening.
There was no way in the world this was happening. 
Yet there he was, James, sitting across from her leaning in a chair.
His lips curved into a smile letting a small laugh escape. 
“so, hello.”
It was then that she realized a solid 30 seconds had passed since he first introduced himself.
She was acting like she had never seen a beautiful man before.
“Oh, Hi! i’m sorry, i thought i had said hello…i guess i haven’t had enough coffee yet.”
She lifted her mug in his direction – letting a little slosh over the side.
How is being this awkward humanly possible? she thought as she slid her napkin over the spill.
“…no worries, i normally need at least two cups before i venture into conversations with complete strangers
She laughed; he’s cute and has a sense of humor: check and check.
Wait what was she checking? WHY was she checking.
Snap out of it Cayden, she thought. 
“Yeah, i normally need a solid cup before having a coherent conversation myself.”  
– “…wait you said a fellow observer, you mean you’ve been watching me people watching?”
He looked as if he might pass out.
Ha! – she thought – someone had to turn the tables, i couldn’t be the only one flustered. 
He took a sip of his coffee while his eyes darted around the room.
“I uh…i mean no, not really…sort of, i’ve noticed you come in here on tuesdays…and i…”
She took pity on him.
“Oh calm down, i was just giving you a hard time. I’ve seen you in here before too – you’re one of the regulars. So yeah, i guess i do people watch…it helps put things into perspective.
She took a sip, “My name is Cayden by the way“.
Man she was feisty today – she could credit that to a lousy nights sleep.
“Nice to meet you Cayden.”
He smiled. 
She liked his smile.

. . .

i probably won’t keep writing it in sequence…i’m constantly jumping ahead or behind in my mind (and in my saved drafts) telling their story. then again i might write their story in sequence – i haven’t really made up my mind. i’ve even written a few stories that don’t include cayden & james. i might start sharing some of them too…if y’all would be interested.

. . .

Also if y’all would pray for me today (and tobi). I think he’s getting another UTI and I just can’t afford to take him into the vet. Of course the vet(s) tell me “it could turn into crystals which could turn into a blockage and that is deadly”….definitely not helping my sanity right now. He’s still his feisty little self, I have the scratch marks on my legs and arms fresh this morning to prove it, I can just tell something is off. *sigh*. I even had to take one of my anxiety medications last night so I would actually sleep and not get out of my bed every 15 minutes to check on him. If i’m this stressed out over a cat – I don’t want to think about children.

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