Good Food In Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic Connecticut is such a cute and well known sea-side town.
There are lot of city guides and pinions on where you should shop/eat/visit but today I wanted to share some places that I personally enjoyed going to grab a bite to eat. I love highlighting local businesses who have a passion for putting our quality food & product for those who visit them. I’m also a sucker for places that just feel like a warm hug from a friend & all of these places have that quality.

If you’re visiting the area soon you’ve got to check out these places and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m a lover of all types of good food (as most of us are) and these places delivered above and beyond the normal eating experience. Good food is good food!

1 Grass & Bone

This place BLEW ME AWAY.
Being a southerner in the northeast means when I find a diamond in the rough with food that taste like back home I get really excited! Eddie & I went in and got one of their lunch specials which was a ham & cheese sandwich and a bowl of rotisserie chicken & vegetable soup. This wasn’t just any sandwich and soup combination – this was beyond delicious. I actually took a bite of the soup an almost started weeping because it tasted just like my grandmas recipe back home. The sandwich was fresh cut ham, scrumptious cheese, and buttery rye bread. Eddie and I both wanted to take more home with us and eat it for dinner.
The pride themselves on selling locally sourced meats and have a wide array of meat you can get from their shop and I promise that you will regret it if you don’t eat here while in town!
Located: Downtown Mystic
*right photo from their instagram @grassandbonect

2 Jealous Monk

Talk about a cozy place.
The minute we walked in I felt like I was transported back to Europe into a neighborhood pub. They have A TON of draft beers on tap (at least 32!) so if you like to taste different brews you’d be in the right place. I scarfed down a proper burger that was so dang good and their fries – goodness their fries are amazing. I’m so glad we took a recommendation to check them out.
Located: Old Mystic Village
*photos from their instagram @jealousmonkct

3 Bleu Squid

Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t a seafood joint. This place is known for their grilled cheeses and desserts and both are great! Also their breakfast sandwiches and hot lobster roll = SO GOOD.
Located: Old Mystic Village
*photos from their facebook page.

4 M Bar 

This place is the cutest; it’s a restored gas station featuring coffee, wine, spirits and inspired small plates. I met a girl for brunch and coffee at this place and let me tell you – it was so dang good!
Definitely a must-go place for brunch. I haven’t had their dinner but it all looks very tasty!
Located: Right outside of Downtown Mystic
*photos from their facebook page.

5 Karma Kitchen

I stumbled upon this place when looking for more of a clean-eating option and there weren’t many places in the area that offered that. I’ve had their smoothies, bowls, and hot items = all were delicious!
Location: Downtown Mystic
*photos from their facebook page.

6 Sift
I’ve mentioned Sift before but I had to include it in this list.
Their baked goods are SO GOOD (those sea salt chocolate chip cookies are out of this world) and so are their croissants. I’ve gotten their vegetable croissant and it was so filling and delicious and was a great breakfast/lunch option (or even dinner!)
Location: Downtown Mystic

Have you traveled to Mystic, CT before?
What were some of your favorite places you visited to grab some grub?

Sift Bake Shop | Mystic, CT

I’m a lover of buying local, especially when it comes to coffee shops and sweets.
Maybe it’s the fact that there is a little extra love put into each cup and bite coming from someone chasing their dreams; I’m not sure, but it just taste better to me.
I stumbled upon Sift when I was in Mystic for a branding photoshoot a few weeks back and completely fell in love. The space is so crisp and clean, the baristas were beyond sweet, the food and drink were delicious, and those pumpkins just made everything a little bit better. I’m not sure about y’all but a warm drink is 10x better in the fall when the air is crisp.

Sometimes I find myself getting lost in thought inside of a coffee shop.
Something about the welcoming atmosphere and people just “being” that makes me take a pause for a moment or two. As I was sipping on my chai tea I found myself really processing all that has happened in the last eight months and how thankful I am. I’ve married the love of my life, moved (twice), seen so many new places, met new people, been tested, found some creativity, etc. It’s humbling to just pause and reflect and sip on something warm.

Where are some of your favorite local hangouts?
I would love to add them to my list in case I’m ever in the area! =)

Sift Bake Shop
Mystic, CT

B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill – Old Mystic, CT

“Go to Clydes!”
I can honestly not count how many times I’ve been told to head to Clyde’s Cider Mill since arriving in CT. When looking for fall things to do in New England so many people said to head over and grab their apple cider and apple cider donuts as they were the most tasty ones you’d find! I’ve got to be honest, they were right!

I’ve already been to Clydes twice to sip on their cider and eat the donuts (I mean come on they are only $.70 each!) and the last time I went I grabbed some apple cinnamon jelly that is so good with a banana and almond butter sandwich. You can also go taste all of their hard ciders (if you’re of age!) and there were so many delicious flavors. Eddie and I are in love one of their hard ciders – Clyde’s Spider Cider  – and plan to go back and get a few more bottles before we leave! They carry more than just donuts and cider; they have breads, sweets, spreads, spices, dips, sauces, etc. SO MANY good things that I want to buy the entire store.

Don’t forget to follow along on my New England Fall Crawl.
This is my first (and possibly only) New England Fall and I want to experience as much as I can! Pumpkin patches, fall hikes, train rides, small towns, give me all the fall!

B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill
Old Mystic, CT