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this has got to be one of my favorite creative sessions i’ve done. stacia (of paper swallow events & pretty poppy peony) was my in real life ariel and we took our time walking down the edge of folly beach all while letting me snap away. stacia is truly stunning and is just a ball […]

photography | ariel in real life

November 2, 2016

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Lately i’ve found that my eye has been drawn to things that are truly inspiring.  I believe that inspiration can come from many things…and it often comes when we are least expecting it. I love being inspired…being challenged, being provoked with the idea to move forward in a beautiful new way. Sometimes we need inspiration […]

Pinteresting Wednesday…v12

November 14, 2012

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Why do i love Pinterest so much? Honestly…i think it’s because it gives an image to all of the thoughts/ideas/inspiration that i have floating around in my brain, maybe it’s also an escape.  I think sometimes we allow things to take up our time so we don’t have to sit in silence and focus on […]

Pinteresting Wednesday…v7

September 26, 2012