Master Bedroom Tour – San Diego

Last weekend I asked on my instagram stories if y’all would like to see a bedroom tour and it was an overwhelming yes, so today is the day! I honestly LOVE sharing glimpses of my home here because not only does it helps me to document each move and how each space comes together, but how i’m forced to switch things up every so often while seeing how my style continues to grow.

If you’ve been following around these parts for a while you may notice that I absolutely adore greenery and natural tones in our home. I think it’s the love of the Scandinavian, Nordic, minimalist style that I admire and am trying to implement more into our day to day lives and living spaces. Plants/Greenery bring life to a room and I’ll be honest here, I have kill my fair share of plants. I have about 2 living plants in the house right now (YAY!) and a few outdoors but everything else (like this fiddle fig%) is completely fake. Not having to worry about the upkeep makes things so much easier and I just love the pop of life it brings to the room (and that tobi can’t knock it over to make a mess or eat it).

The bedroom space always feels like it should be a sweet oasis.
Eddie and I had a conversation before we got married how we didn’t want to have TVs in our room and really wanted to create a space that felt like an escape. With each home we’ve moved into we’ve slowly been figuring out what works for us to bring that sense of calm into a room. The sound machine is amazing and I’ve been using one for the last 5 years and it helps to just cancel out the busy street noise; at first Eddie wasn’t super sold on it, but now he makes sure it’s turned on while we crawl into bed. While I’m always moving things around right now this layout is working for us and as you can see Tobi loves making his presence known.


Bed Frame
White Quilt
Alpaca Print
Bear Print 
Salt Lamp
Faux Fiddle Fig Tree%
Sound Machine
Oils (see here & here)
Bench – Home Goods

Would you like to see other room tours in our current home?


Bedroom Updates | CT Home

This post contains affiliate links. You can see full my disclosure here.

I have always wanted my bedroom to be a place of retreat, comfort, peace, and serenity. Since I now work from home I’m surrounded by to-do lists and this overwhelming sense of “I can never get everything finished”. I see a bathroom that needs cleaning, a pile of laundry I haven’t washed, a list of blog posts I need to finish, photography props I need to go through,etc. So when I walk into our bedroom I want to feel like I’m walking into a nice warm hug and not another thing to cross off of my list. When Eddie and I were first talking about married life we decided we would never have a TV in our bedroom – it’s meant for two things: sleeping and married time, ha! With that distraction out of the way I can really feel like I’m “off the job” when I come into our bedroom. I can read a book before falling asleep, listen to music, diffuse my oils, and just relax!

I purposefully chose this smaller nightstand with an open bottom so I can keep my oils (or a basket of blankets) underneath it for quick use. The drawer is full of journals, books, pens, and nicknacks which leaves me with little room left to stuff things inside of it (maybe it’s time to clean it out!). For many years I was a cluttered nigh-stand type of person; I would have books pilled high, random notes scribbled, cups from water, chapstick, you name it I probably had it sitting beside me. Now that I’m sharing a space with someone else I try my hardest to keep our surfaces as clutter-free as possible; it adds to that relaxing feeling. I found this awesome bedside pocket at UncommonGoods recently and I knew it would be the solution to my side-table hoarding problems. I have it full with a journal, whatever current book I’m reading, and some lavender lotion; this cute pocket sits snugly next to my bed and out of site for the most part. I can tell you this, if you’re looking for a special (and functional) gift for someone else visit UncommonGoods for some great gift ideas for your family.

One of my favorite corners in my room is my dressing corner.
Eddie always gives me a hard time about taking up the entire master closet because I have a small problem with clothes (ok maybe I do have a little hoarding problem). Since carving out this small corner of our bedroom I have been waiting for something to hang up on the wall near the mirror as it was looking super bare. This you are beautiful wood sign spoke to me the minute I saw it on UncommonGoods website.

The truth is, I struggle with positive self talk.
I’ve talked about it a few times on the blog before and this is something I still struggle with. I am not always kind to myself; I often turn into that mean girl who tears myself down and tends to focus on my flaws and not my strengths. So seeing this small but much-needed reminder that I am beautiful every single time I look in the mirror helps to keep things in perspective. I am beautiful. I have value. I have strengths. I am needed.
Now while I got this for myself, I would have been just as thrilled if Eddie had bought it for an anniversary gift. So my friends, if you’re looking for an anniversary gift (or even a wedding gift) head on over to Uncommon Goods to browse through their amazing selection. <3 PS UncommonGoods allows you to donate $1 from every one of your purchases to a non-profit organization of your choice! (how cool is that)!

Bed Frame
Bedside Pocket c/o
White Quilt
Alpaca Print
Bear Print 
Garland c/o
You Are Beautiful Wood Print c/o

Maine Home | Bedroom

Take time to rest.
When picking out furniture and details for our bedroom I knew that ultimately this would be our safe place wherever we go.
Becoming a military wife has taught me something: be prepared for everything to change, and then change again.
I can not count how many times we have thought something would happen on date X when in reality it will happen on date T and then get pushed until date A.
Not having much stability in schedules lately means that our stability has become the small time windows in the day we do have to spend with one another.
Whether its binge watching designated survivor on hulu ((y’all SO GOOD)), cooking a meal together, getting to the gym, or lounging together WE are each others home.
One of the vows I made to Eddie was to always be his safe place.
I want him to come home and feel welcomed, respected, loved, and relieved from work.

This space is one of my favorites in our little apartment.
I feel there is a delicate mix of masculine and feminine details that really let our personalities shine.
Now, if you were to ask Eddie he would say this was all me – and maybe to a small degree it has a lot of my influence, but hey, I thought of both of us! haha
The wooden pieces paired with gold accents and floral details – they just make me happy every time I walk into our room.
The pictures flanking our bed are from our engagement session and, obviously, our wedding.
I honestly want to nail all the holes in the wall and put our wedding pictures everywhere.
Would a huge mural wall of the two of us just be too much? probablyyyyyyyyyyy

For the record: I didn’t just place Tobi there for the pictures.
That is one of his favorite perches places and his hair is all OVER the duvet cover, so I Finally put a little blanker there to collect SOME of his hair.
I also have my trusty lint roller that gets all the stragglers.

Room Details:
+ Bed – Overstock
+ Silk floral garland c/o – Afloral
+ My nightstand (right) – Target
+ Eddie’s nightstand (he built)
+ Gold pendant lights – Target
+ Comforter set – Ikea
+ Marriage print
+ Curtains – Ikea
+ Dressers – Ikea
+ Mirror – Ikea
+ Large picture of us c/o – Framebridge ((use the code:takingsteps15 for 15$ off your first order!!))
+ Cowhide Rug – Ikea

home | sleeping beauty

mattress shopping.
how do you even do it?! seriously – as an adult i haven’t had to buy a mattress yet – i have been sleeping on the same one i’ve had since high school. i knew it was time to upgrade but i didn’t know where to start.
i’ve got a few amazing people coming to stay with me over the summer (looking at you meg + jenna!) and that meant that a twin bed in my brothers room just wasn’t going to work.
soooo what’s a girl to do?
well, get herself a new mattress and move her old (but still comfy!) one into her brothers room.

i started by doing what every other twenty-something does: i took a poll on FB for what mattresses people love and for some good ol’ buying advice. i knew walking in that i wanted to try something other than a spring mattress (what i’m used to) – so i was already leaning towards foam. i had a few suggestions to different companies – but my heart was stolen when i saw tuft & needle.
i’m not sure exactly what it was.
maybe it’s that their marketing is on point (come on, we totally all look that).
or that they really walked through the different kind of mattresses and what they do for you.
or maybe it’s even that they have a 100 night sleep guarantee (if you don’t like it, ship it back fo’free) and a 10 year warranty! anndddd if i’m being honest my heart pitter-pattered at the fact that it is made in the good ol’ USA.

the box arrived on my front door step in this box that said “two person lift”
pssh…have you met me?
i had a bum calf muscle and still scooted that thing right on inside.
the morning i took it out of the box it was so easy to slide out, place on top of my box spring, cut the plastic and watch it “inflate”. it was like magic. how does a queen size mattress fit in the box that i could easily hide in (and i thought about hiding in it, trust me, jumping out to scare people who walk into my house!). i let it air out for a weekend (not that i needed to, i just happened to be going out of town) and came home super pumped to crawl into bed.

it. was. glorious.
i would say that first night i slept better than i have in a few weeks.
the next night i woke up a little sore on my sides – i think my body was adjusting to the foam mattress when i was so used to a spring mattress. now, about 2 weeks in i can honestly say that this foam mattress has stolen my heart. i didn’t think i would like it as much as i do, but ohhhhhh i do. tobi even likes it – he is constantly crawling up into bed to chill out with me.

needless to say, i’m sold.
this foam mattress is delightful and i still look forward to crawling into bed every night.
i’ll let you know how it holds up over the next few months – i’m used to having a bed develop a little spot for where i sleep the most – but so far that hasn’t happened here – the foam just re-inflates and it’s like a new mattress every night!

what kind of mattress do you have?
have you thought about trying something new?
is it surprisingly awesome to anyone else that a mattress can fit in a box?!

i received this queen mattress from tuft & needle fo’free to give you an honest review.
i was not paid to write this post and all opinions and pictures are my own.

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home | spring update

today i am tired.
run down, sneezing, sniffling, draining, and just wanting to curl up at home.
on days where you just don’t feel your best – i’m always thankful for the body and the mind and the immune system the Lord has wired me with. i find that even at my sickest – there are thousands, probably millions of people living with a disease, or disability, or hardship that still do so with joy in their heart, compassion on their sleeves, and a smile on their face.

recently i did a little update to my bedroom.
i wanted to bring a little life and color back to my room and my heart jumped when i saw one of these panels on clearance at world market. the panels are originally $45 and i got one on clearance for $22 then found the other panel in store with a coupon and got the other one a little cheaper. i’m so thankful for coupons!
i think it brings a little life back to the room and reminds me of spring.
it’s the little thing folks.

curtains | world market
bedding | target
flower lights | world market (got them in college)
floral garland | target
deer head | TJ MAXX

have you made any small updates to your home?
how do you bring spring inside?

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home | master bedroom gallery wall

the last real update i gave on the master bedroom was back in july when i finally finished painting my bedroom (oh you know it only took me close to 4 years).
i’ve found that i become extremely hesistant to put holes into a wall that i just freshly painted.
does anyone else do that? get picture hanging fear?
yeah – i did, i can admit it.
then one night i just had enough.
i was sick of looking at the bare walls and i knew i had pictures to hang up there.
enough was enough.
i started with laying them on the carpet and got a general idea of how i wanted (which by the way, took forever, and i am envious of those of you who can just slap a gallery wall together without much brain power!). i didn’t put up stencils (too impatient) and so i’m left with a wall that isn’t perfect or always in line – but i like that little character!


on my wall: 

// you are my sunshine print by lindsay letters | gifted to me by megan  | which i don’t think she sells anymore – but this print is so special to me because it is a song my aunts/mother/grandparents sang when my mom/aunts were growing up and we used to sing it while my mom was in the hospital.

// Chattanooga, TN sunset | also from megan

// my mom and dad

// calligrapher canape plates by anthropologie (got them on sale!)

// the instagram of the dandelion & my brother holding tobi are mine.

// the mountains are calling & i must go hoop art by jillian audrey designs | gifted to me by sarah grace 

// a picture from my close friend Lauren’s wedding.

// harry potter by lovely people

// the bird was a random shop find (i actually bought two since they were on clearance)

// the bear print is from the free people calendar.

// all frames are a mix of target and michaels clearance 🙂


have you completed any house updates?
share them with me please! i would love to see them!

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