Little Long Pond – Acadia National Park

We found Little Long Pond on one of our random drives through Bar Harbor.
It was around sunset and super windy so we decided to come back the next day to walk the grounds and I am so glad that we did. There are a few different walking paths in the area and they are all surrounded by beautiful scenery; and can we talk about how peaceful it is?! It is so incredibly quiet.

Eddie & I were able to walk around chatting all about the things we are dreaming about, the upcoming few months, and what we hope to see unfold in the next year. It was probably one of my favorite walks that we did while in Maine; it was just calm and fulfilling. I also asked Eddie to take a ton of pictures while I galavanted around haha #BlogHusbandLife.

I loved traveling to Acadia and if we could go back again I would be so happy.
This will conclude my recap from Acadia and if you want to read a little bit more about our adventures click here.

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