5 Ways To Make A Fresh Start

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about fresh starts and what they look like.
It’s easy for it to be on my mind now with the new year right around the corner; but really fresh starts happen all the time and we can make them happen whenever we need to start over. You can make a fresh start happen mid-week, next month, after lunch….whenever!

Changing up our routine, self evaluating where we are in life vs what we want out of it will help in setting the stage to list out attainable goals for you to work through. Change can be scary but it is also so freeing to know that you’re making changes for the better and starting fresh. Now onto 5 ways to make a fresh start.

1. You May Not Be Able To Choose The Situation, But You DO Choose How You React.

Attitude is everything and I’m constantly trying to work on mine.
A lot of things happen in our lives that we can not control: death, financial struggle, accidents, sickness, etc. More often than not we feel overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, or ______. I’m learning more and more that when something happens that I can’t control I DO control how I react.
Whatever season you’re going through, good or bad, just remind yourself that you are in control of your actions and reactions.

2. Set A New Morning Routine.

I’ve talked about the importance of having a morning routine recently but I truly believe that when you’ve got a way to start your day it just helps that mental and emotional state. If you already have one and need a fresh start, maybe try something different for a few days or add something in or take something out. It’s kind of like cooking without a recipe you just kind of make it work as you go.

3. Write it down

Use a day planner to schedule those meetings/appointments, write down those to-do lists, list out your hopes and dreams. Put that pen to the paper and pour your heart out. Writing is so incredibly cathartic and it really helps you to stop and connect with yourself for a few moments without distraction. I’ve always been a writer so this step is easy for me but I know that isn’t the case for everyone. We have our phones, laptops, ipads, etc and have a zillion ways to keep our days listed out; but nothing is as good as a day planner to me. BONUS if that planner has exercises like dream planing, monthly praise reports, seasonal prayers, goal planning, etc. Horacio Printing is now my go-to for planners – raise all the hallelujah hands for a planner that gives me functionality but also heart encouragement!

4. Talk To Somebody & Weed Out The Bad

We are created to have relation with other people; meaning you NEED some social interaction in your life. If you’re already a social butterfly, that’s great! Make sure that you’re being intentional in your friendships/relationships and periodically talking about all of the good stuff and bad stuff in your life. If you are still not feeling that weight lifted off of your shoulders – go to a professional. I’m a huge advocate of counseling and bettering your mental and emotional help. I’ve gone to counseling for years and it’s helped tremendously.
Weed out the bad stuff in your life. Sit down and make a list of what isn’t being helpful in your life and see if it’s toxic or if it just needs a tweak. If you’ve got toxic people in your life it may be time to walk away from the relationship. If you have bad habits start working on changing them…you get the gist.

5 Do Something You’ve Always Wanted To Try

This one should really excite you.
To make a fresh start do something you’ve always wanted to do – big or small – and enjoy it! Go to that new restaurant, try that new dress on, crush that workout class, submit that book for publication. Try something new! You can do this!

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This truly is my all time favorite planner I’ve had so far.
It’s not only gorgeous but it’s super practical, challenges your thoughts & dreams, and helps to propel you forward to make the best out of your day to day schedule. I highly suggest getting the kit to get all the extra special goodies like: sticker pads, daily notebook, encouragement notepad, and a gold foil print. It arrived in this gorgeous dust bag and I was like a kid in the candy shop; it was like opening a really special gift.

Do you have a favorite planner that you buy year after year OR are you looking for a new one?