Recent San Diego Eats

I’ve got another post of recent eats while being here in San Diego!
I’m loving finding all of these different places to grab food and enjoy the atmosphere. There is something so refreshing about having a moment to indulge in some scrumptious food. If you’re planning a trip to San Diego make sure you add some of these restaurants to your list of food places to enjoy.
See my other recent San Diego eats post right here; this is going to become a regular thing on the blog so stay tuned!


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Y’all, this place is absolutely amazing.
While Beth was in town we were hosted by the Smoking Gun for their Walk of Champagne Brunch and I’m not going to lie – it was beyond scrumptious. The staff was delightful and walked us through their menu and how they prepare their drinks and food, all super fresh! I loved the retro feel of the restaurant with all of their menus, and dishes. It was also a nice nod to some southern food and it comforted my south carolinian soul. 🙂

I ordered | Breakfast Sliders with the Mimosa Flight. The cayenne aioli was SUCH A GOOD TOUCH and definitely not that spicy. If you’re going for brunch, seriously give it a go! The mimosa flight was so tasty with such different flavors! Yum Yum Yum!!!

Beth Ordered | Bagel French Toast with Vanilla-Agave Cream Cheese & a fluffy orange juice. She said that she was nervous that the bagel wouldn’t be as soft for a french toast, but that it ended up being perfect! Also their juices are freshly squeezed in house and that makes a difference!


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This is in the heart of downtown la jolla and when we were looking at a place to grab some lunch while exploring the area we stumbled upon this and I’m so happy we did! They have a super cute shop inside where you can order baked goods, coffee, and some other fun things! It’s also the restaurant of a champion chef who was featured on the Food Network.

I ordered | The Sligo Scramble and it was SO TASTY!  Their jam was so fresh and when it came out I thought “wow that’s a lot of food, I probably won’t finish it”; well I did finish it and I was so happy I did.

Beth ordered | Brioche French Toast. The whipped cream looked like ice cream and Beth said it was beyond tasty. I think I may have to go back and order this for the next time!



After exploring Torrey Pines with Beth we ended up just driving into Del Mar to grab some grub at Americana Restaurant.

I Ordered | I am a little bit more of a complicated orderer and built my own burger. Ill be the first to admit I judge a place if a burger is on the menu and this did not disappoint! I did a beef burger with adding caramelized onions, avocado, and goat cheese. Their french fries also have what seems like oregano and other spices which make them soooooo good!

Beth Ordered | Fish & Chips. The minute she saw it on the menu she was all “I have to have this” haha! It really looked so good!

Recent San Diego Eats

I’m a foodie.
Not like a “I need to hit up 3 new places a week” kind of girl but I really like food, good food, and trying new food. Every new city we go to I keep a list on my phone of places I hear about, see while driving, or find on instagram that peak my interest. I’ll be sharing two of the places we recently went to that I happened to have my camera as well as one of my other most-constant eateries since getting to San Diego!

As Mark Twain once said, “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”

Parakeet Cafe

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I had this cafe on the list of places to eat at before I even got to San Diego!
It’s located in La Jolla and after seeing the sea lions Eddie & I walked over to grab a bite. I need to go ahead and say that I LOVE that my husband is willing to try new things because I’m always dragging us to new restaurants that aren’t your typical eating and I think he kind of enjoyed his waffles?
Eddie ate: Matcha Waffle & a black coffee
I ate: Roasted Greens Bowl + 1 Egg & a turmeric latte – both were beyond scrumptious.
I have since gone back and eaten the waffles and they are uh-mazing, a different texture and flavor than a normal waffle but so dang good! I also got their blueberry kombucha on tap and a double chocolate cookie that my uterus was craving = yum yum.

Tajima Ramen Bar

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I have never really had traditional legit Ramen before eating here – and no i’m not counting the cheap walmart delicious ramen packets.
Maria & I walked over here after visiting Balboa Park and were ravenous and SO PUMPED to try something new. I am a large fan of gyoza and these completely knocked my tastebuds out of the park; talk about YUM! To be honest I wasn’t really 100% sure WHAT to order so I kind of just said I’ll do a traditional Ramen bowl (Tonkotsu Ramen) and maria did the same. Y’all it was like eating a huge warm hug! IT WAS SO GOOD! I felt like THIS would be the place to get some good comfort food or that soup you just need when you don’t feel well. I can’t wait to go back and get more of this; I seriously ate it until the last drop!

Elva’s Bowls and Wraps

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Eddie actually stumbled upon this place and mentioned it to me saying “it looks pretty healthy” to which I said “ok, ‘let’s go try it out!’.
I think I’ve eaten here already 5+ times in the almost 2 months I’ve lived here trying different bowls (you can build your own too), sauces, wraps, and sides.
Just yesterday I got the Traditional Wrap with jasmine rice, chicken, and some of their chips! They also have a little “bar” where you can get all of these sauces, hummus, and salsa to go with your meals. This will be the place I will frequent while we live here!

Have you been to San Diego and had any favorite places you’ve grabbed some grub at before?
Please share them with me so I can add them to my list! <3

Where We Ate In Bar Harbor Maine

I love food.
I really love food; but I’m sure you feel the same way right?
Walking into our vacation I knew it would be the last time I went crazy eating out at restaurants for a while since I was starting Whole30 when I got back home. We treated ourselves to some delicious seafood, tasty desserts, and I even picked some healthier options here and there (yay!). I love hearing where all everyone eats on their trips in case I ever visit there myself; so today you get to hear about the places we chowed down on while in Bar Harbor Maine!

West Street Cafe

This was a actually a recommendation from one of the staff ladies at Highbrook when we first arrived in Bar Harbor. Since it was a thursday night we didn’t have to wait too long to get a table. Eddie dove into the seafood melody and I shoveled the Sirloin tips in like I hadn’t seen food in a while, we probably looked a little crazy to the other guests. OH and we got some cheesy garlic bread to start – I wanted to eat all the bread…I always want to eat all the bread.

Mount Dessert Bakery

I was craving a chai tea latte something fierce. We popped into this sweet little bakery to get some drinks and even a scrumptious double chocolate banana bread – we only shared one slice but we could have eaten 5 pieces…or maybe even an entire loaf! The staff was so friendly and I LOVED all of their different coffee mugs you could choose from if you wanted to have some coffee in shop. That shark bait one was amazing!

Down East Deli

We actually ordered and picked up food from these guys twice! One night we wanted to just hang out in our motel room, watch tv, and recoop after a long day. I wasn’t feeling too hot so I just ordered a baked potato and Eddie got the lobster roll – they were both good, not the best we’ve ever had, but satisfying after a long day. Another time we grabbed sandwiches from them while on the run and I also got their pasta salad – both of the sandwiches were very tasty!

Route 66

After a long day out running around we stopped into one place and were told it was an hour wait so we walked around until we found Route 66. We were sat quickly and I really enjoyed the vintage decor – it was so much fun! I ordered the Baked Stuffed Haddock and the lobster sherry sauce on the side (since I was told they generously pour it over your meal); it was delicious. I honestly can’t remember what Eddie ate here, HA! But it was all gone by the time the waitress came to get our plates.

Midtown Burger

Y’all. I LOVE BURGERS. Like, it’s kind of insane how much I love them. I am also kind of a burger snob; I’ll judge a place on a burger if they are brave enough to put it on their menu; and this place was ALL about burgers. I built my own burger with goat cheese, applewood smoked bacon, grilled onions, ketchup and mayonaise Eddie also built his own burger that was simple but tasty; we also both got side fries to try since they were different flavors. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. I mean seriously so good – I wanted to eat here twice but we didn’t, I’m kind of sad we didn’t!

Lunts Gateway Lobster Pound

We swung by this place on the way out of Bar Harbor to do some more exploring in Acadia. Eddie ordered the Lobster Stew and I about drooled all over the floor when I tasted it (seriously SO GOOD) and I ordered the warm lobster roll and quickly gobbled it up like I hadn’t eaten in days.

Finback Alehouse

We were able to get a table after a short wait and we were starving! I will 100% admit that they have great reviews so maybe our experience was just a one off. Our server was really, really slow and we had to wait a while to get our drinks ordered/order our food/receive our food/get our check and it wasn’t that busy. With all of that being said the food was really delicious despite the service. I ordered the Breakfast Cesar salad + Chicken and Eddie got the Lobster & Crab Mac & Cheese which were both delicious (I obviously tried his!).

Take A Hike Tee
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Between Two Pines Jersey Hoodie


Exeter, NH | Laney & Lu Cafe

Exploring is something that is embedded deep within my heart.
It was a wild feeling as a child, it was caged and locked away as a teenager, and now as an adult I am consistently feeling the tug to just go.
Do you ever feel like that? Like you just want to get in your car and drive and see all the places along the way?
That is how I ended up in Exeter and inside darling little Laney & Lu Cafe.
The minute I walked in it felt like a warm hug.
I stared up at the large beautiful menu and was tempted to say, oh hello, one of everything please; but first impressions and all of that. 😉
I ended up getting a veggie/hummus wrap and the most decadent turmeric late i have ever had!

As I sat at the small window seating by myself chomping away this lady sat down waiting on her food to be finished.
I struck up a conversation and while I don’t remember everything we talked about I do know that it was really refreshing.
I love talking to strangers and yet I don’t step out and do it often enough.
I’m not sure if it’s because the older I get the less trusting I get (I hate that!), or if it simply because our society is just doing this huge shift away from communicating with strangers. She was kind, compassionate, and had a really sweet laugh. She was informative about the food I selected and said this was one of her favorite cafes and she comes by to grab something after her yoga class. We may have talked about life details and what not, but for a girl starved for social interaction it was perfect. I do remember that she asked what I was taking all of the pictures for – and for the first time in my life I said, a little timidly, I’m a lifestyle blogger and photographer and I am out exploring today. It was just one of those moments – one of those steps of faith moments where I realized my life has really gone through a shift and things are different. And here I am – in the north east sitting in this small little cafe talking to a stranger about healthy food and pictures and blogging.
What a beautiful moment.
I hope to have more of them; to continue to explore and talk to strangers.
To hear stories and laughter and forge connections, even if only for a few minutes.
The world needs more of those moments, wouldn’t you agree?

journey | consumption

this morning during my devotional i had a revelation. i found myself writing:

i want to consume good things. 
my heart needs it. 

and then i went on to write, but also for my body.
the truth is i’ve been struggling.
i recently chatted about how i’m starting a new diet (yay paleo!) to try to get back on the wagon. i honestly already eat paleo 90% of the time – but that 10% of not-good-for-me food i’ve been shoving in my mouth has been more and more consistent. and it makes me, physically and emotionally, not feel good.

but then i started thinking about how frustrated i am right now.
i freaking injured myself on my first double-workout day – i ran a mile in the morning (i have been running 2), and then did a workout routine during my lunch break. i felt GOOD and STRONG and HEALTHY. i had been running 2 miles every morning for like 2 weeks…and i just felt like “ok, maybe i can do this” and then SHUT DOWN.
i felt like monica, just screwed over in the prime of lime.
i know my body needs the rest – but my mind is over here racing 1,000x a minute telling me how much i need to loose, and tighten, and tone.

i know i shouldn’t feel that way, but i’m just being transparent in what is in my mind.
and what is in my mind is – i’ve gained 10lbs, my stomach is so bloated, none of my clothes fit, and i’m getting married – soon. i narcissistically want to look good in my wedding dress – but maybe that isn’t even being narcissistic, maybe that’s just me being human and wanting to feel pretty on my wedding day. and i realize, my feelings of “pretty” shouldn’t be tied to my jean size, but unfortunately – right now – they are to a degree.

the more i stared at those words – the more something began to slowly shift.
i think if i shift my focus – my purpose for why i’m doing it
…my strength really will come from the Lord.

maybe i need to stop looking at this as “consuming good things to look good” and instead look at it as a whole. in general – i entirely need to watch my consumption; what i am listening to, reading, talking about, watching…and also what am i drinking, eating, snacking on, putting on my body.
i really believe those go hand in hand.

if my focus becomes – i want to consume good things – then let’s do it right.
i think i will feel less pressure to “loose the weight” and to just trust that if i’m making the changes in all areas, the Lord will shift my focus and i will enjoy exercising again and i will enjoy making healthy decisions because my body is a temple.

so that is where i am right now.
writing out all of these thoughts before 630am on a week day.
just spilling my guts out in hopes that my focus can truly be renewed.

i want to consume good things.
my heart needs it.
and so does my body.

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recipe | twice-baked butternut squash

oooooo do i have a delicious recipe for y’all today.
are the pictures pretty? no.
does it taste good? you bet your bottom dollar 😉
this is one of my fall staple meals.
it is cheap, healthy, easy, delicious, filling, and requires little effort (minus the time, it takes around an hour total). even my grandma likes this one!
after posting a picture of it on instagram – many of you asked for the recipe!


you need:

// one butternut squash
// one container of sour cream (or plain greek yogurt – i used yogurt)
// chives
// salt & pepper
// deep baking dish
// aluminum foil


// preheat oven to 450 degrees.
// wash the outside of the squash, cut in half lengthwise, scoop out seeds.
// place the squash halves cut-side up in a large baking dish, sprinkle the
surface with salt and pepper.
// pour ¼ inch of water in the bottom of the pan and cover the pan tightly with
// bake until squash is tender when pierced with a fork, 30-50 minutes depending on size.
// remove from oven, discard foil, allow the squash to cool.
// reduce oven temp to 400 degrees
// gently scrape the flesh of the roasted squash halves leaving a single layer
remaining in the shell.
// in a large bowl combine the squash, greek yogurt (or sour cream), and chives.
// spoon mixture into the squash shells.
// place squash back in the oven and bake, uncovered, until tops are golden
brown, 20-25 minutes


i hope you enjoy it!
and please let me know if you end up making this dish.

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