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it’s been a while since i’ve written something that wasn’t tied into bailey’s story. i wanted to write today – to share something i’ve been brewing since i saw this prompt. i’m not sure if i’ll continue this into a new series…it all depends on the day i suppose 😉 i’m interested to hear y’alls […]

fiction | we have to free them

August 26, 2014

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woohoo, i finally wrote more of bailey’s story – i mean the last installment was only in june 😉 i’m floored that so many of you enjoy reading my ramblings and attempts at fiction, so thank you! i’m still wrestling through where to take this – how to unfold it – how to tie in […]

bailey | the why

August 7, 2014

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i’ve been so unsure of where to take this story. i still am unsure – hence the lack of writing.  but as i sat in the quiet of my room something came to me – so out of the blue i almost didn’t write it down. it’s rough, unedited, and probably a little choppy. but […]

bailey | echoes

June 5, 2014

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after reading kikis new fiction post i knew i needed to get back on the writing wagon. i just haven’t been feeling inspired lately, haven’t been allowing myself to really process emotion. so this is raw and was written in one sitting – which means there most definitely are going to be flaws. flaws make […]

bailey | the call

February 6, 2014

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i have another installment in bailey’s story for you today. bailey – her story weighs on my heart. it is continually knocking, asking to be written, to be explained, to be felt. i’m still at a cross roads as to where this is going to go – but i felt like this moment needed to […]

bailey | speaking

January 6, 2014

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i don’t have another installment of cayden & james or bailey for you today. i’ve been trying to expand my writing, be challenged, really dig deep. so i found a list of writing prompts that i’m working through and i thought i would share one with y’all today. hopefully you’ll enjoy it – i enjoyed […]

fiction | at first sight

December 5, 2013