Birthday Celebration – Essex Steam Train

For my birthday this year Eddie created a Harry Potter day for us to enjoy.
He took me on a Steam Train Ride where we rode through the fall foliage and then hopped on a river boat and road around looking at all the beautiful CT scenery. Since arriving in Connecticut I’ve heard more than a handful of times that the steam train was a fall must; so I was so happy that Eddie surprised me with it. It really did feel like were were in a scene from Harry Potter on our way to Hogwarts for a new semester to start.

I also almost caused us to miss the train because I was taking my sweet time getting ready – I didn’t understand the time schedule apparently ­čśë haha.
When we got home that night Eddie made us some Butterbeer (SO GOOD but sooooo sweet) and we binge watched a few Harry Potter movies. In the beginning of our relationship (well the first time before he dumped me!) we watched Harry Potter on repeat together…we may have made out during it a few times to. #honesty

This was also my first birthday being away from family & friends and it felt super, super weird.
Thankfully the day before my birthday I took some engagement pictures for my brother and his fianc├ę!!! On my actual birthday ┬áEddie & I were able to attend Orlando & Emilys engagement party in CT with her family and it was so nice to spend time with everyone in celebration of love!

I also received some sweet birthday cards and some presents that blew me out of the water:

+ Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum – The husband got me this and he said he felt like a total tool getting me a vacuum for my birthday; but y’all this gift is SO GOOD. With hardwood floors and cat litter and tobi crawling all over the couches and he is long-haired so I went through so many lint rollers. I made him open the box, put it together (so easy) and charge it so I could use it THAT night #YouKnowYoureAnAdultWhen…

+ Harry Potter Glasses Ring (Alex & Ani) – My brother helped feed my HP love with this ring (in gold); to say I love it would be an understatement! I love wearing all my HP!

+ Time Teepee Necklace – My sweet friend Maria got me this necklace (she had no idea I had been eyeing it for a while either!). We are definitely a tribe! After being roomies for about 7 years you kind of start looking at each other as sisters instead of simply “friend”.

+ Mermaid Hair Don’t Care Tea Towel & Anchor Bracelet – My aunt/uncle/cousins got me a handful of super sweet gifts and the cutest mermaid card ever!

It was so nice to text texts and phone calls throughout my special day.
Birthdays change as you get older and especially when you move way from your hometown; but it’s learning to be thankful in all the little things along the way.

B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill – Old Mystic, CT

“Go to Clydes!”
I can honestly not count how many times I’ve been told to head to Clyde’s Cider Mill since arriving in CT. When looking for fall things to do in New England┬áso many people said to head over and grab their apple cider and apple cider donuts as they were the most tasty ones you’d find! I’ve got to be honest, they were right!

I’ve already been to Clydes twice to sip on their cider and eat the donuts (I mean come on they are only $.70 each!) and the last time I went I grabbed some apple cinnamon jelly that is so good with a banana and almond butter sandwich. You can also go taste all of their hard ciders (if you’re of age!) and there were so many delicious flavors. Eddie and I are in love one of their hard ciders – Clyde’s Spider Cider┬á – and plan to go back and get a few more bottles before we leave! They carry more than just donuts and cider; they have breads, sweets, spreads, spices, dips, sauces, etc. SO MANY good things that I want to buy the entire store.

Don’t forget to follow along on my New England Fall Crawl.
This is my first (and possibly only) New England Fall and I want to experience as much as I can! Pumpkin patches, fall hikes, train rides, small towns, give me all the fall!

B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill
Old Mystic, CT

Let’s Go Tailgating

This post has been compensated by┬áCollective Bias, INC┬« and┬áit’s Advertiser, but all my opinions are my own. #HomegatingHeroes #CollectiveBias

Let’s Tailgate!

Y’all there are two things those from the south love: Sweet Tea & Football.
When fall rolls around that means football season is in the air and weekends get filled with tailgating parties, delicious snacks, friend time, and lots of cheering! We normally enjoy heading over to a friends house where we can hang out with a group of people and all be excited for the game together. There are few things better than snacks, friends, and football am I right?! Since I have often been a host to nights where my house and heart are full, I quickly realized how important it is to keep a few essentials in stock before a party.

If you’re attending a tailgating party I promise you bringing a little “thank you” gift to the Host/Hostess may get you first in line to the food! From experience I know that the best gift to bring to someone hosting your tailgating party is a bucket full of essentials! We packed ours full of Sparkle┬« Paper Towels, Angel Soft┬« with Fresh Lavender Scent 12 Big Roll, (with an AMAZINGLY scented lavender tube), Glad┬« Gallon Size Freezer Bags, Glad┬« Forceflex┬« 13 Gallon Bags, a dishtowel, and a bucket to throw everything inside. I ran into Dollar General on my way home from a meeting and participated in the buy 3 participating items, save $3 at Dollar General, Valid 9/24/17 – 10/21/17, to fill our bucket with all the goodies listed above!

From here on out, I’m going to make a conscious decision to make sure I bring some goodies to whomever is hosting a gathering. It really makes all the difference in the clean up afterwards and says a huge thank you for letting us come to chill for a few hours.

What are some of your favorite things to add in a host/hostess basket when attending a party? Have you ever thought to add Toilet Paper/Paper Towels/Trash Bags/Food Bags?! Now you have ­čśë

Whittle’s Willows Farm – Pumpkin Patch

This past week I finally was able to cross off going to a pumpkin patch in New England.
I had asked for a few suggestions in town on which pumpkin patches to go walk through and this little gem only got a few mentions; which kind of broke my heart. After driving through Mystic I am completely floored that more people don’t know about this pumpkin patch AND apple orchard and that more people don’t suggest it! It could simply be that I asked within a Navy wife group and they are all newer to the area as well; because while I was at the stand looking at all of the delicious fruits & veggies┬áso many locals stopped by to pick up produce for their meals!┬áIt’s also at the beginning of the season and it was mid-day during the week; so I can’t be too saucy. ­čśë
This was my first time (that I can recall) walking through an apple orchard and it was really beautiful to see the hanging branches full of such sweet goodness. The apples were HUGE and smelled delightful; I kind of felt like Snow White as I picked through the apples and selected my favorites.

This is my first (and possibly only) New England fall and I have a list about a mile long of all of the places I want to see and things I want to do while I’m here. I have a handful of other pumpkin patches on the list that I’ll be exploring as well as a few orchards, corn mazes, and events! The leaves have already started to change and to say I’m excited could be a huge understatement! I’m not sure if y’all can remember how stoked I was about visiting last year and walking around Salem Massachusetts and if I’m honest things are a little different now this year with being away from my home town and all my decorations. We have a few small pumpkins dusting our kitchen island and a handful of silhouetted bats flying on the walls – but overall the decor is tame (since I left 100% of it in Charleston). Which makes exploring all of the fall places that much more dear to my heart.

Octobers are my favorite.

Whittle’s Willows Spring Farm
Mystic, CT

Stay tuned for more New England Fall Fun! <3

daily | fall mornings

i’m a huge fan of rainy days.
now not the #aquageddon type of rain we’ve had in charleston – but the sprinkle that adds a nice haze over everything.
the stillness of a quiet house and the smell of fresh coffee or hot tea.
tobi brushing up against my legs, begging for some love – or probably just food.
time for some journaling and scripture reading, a few small significant moments with Jesus.

cracking the windows for the feel of a crisp breeze.
burning all the fall scented candles.
the softness that seems to beautifully blur the edges of every line.
fall is so beautiful.
it’s refreshing, a time for change, a time to be still, a time to reflect.

what do your fall mornings look like?
are there some moments that seem better than others?
and truthfully are you making time to unwind and enjoy the season?

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comfort | fall favorites


// harney & sons cinnamon sunset tea | y’all. this tea makes my bones feel like fall. it needs zero creamer or added sweetener – it is truly delicious all on its own. i am a huge lover and fan of harney and sons teas (plus their tins are gorgeous!). plus target sells them on the cheap!

// over-sized sweaters | the larger and more worn in, the better. i actually have a sweater that was my fathers that i will bust out around the house (isn’t the best for public wear haha!) to curl up in. there is just something special about a worn-in sweater.

// chocolate chip banana bread | i have a recipe that i’ve been using for years and i think it tastes better every fall.

// fuzzy blankets | my house is has one in every corner. i think we have something around 25 blankets laying around in piles; and yes this is after i gave some away. i may or may not have a blanket hoarding problem.

// svelte organic protein shakes | the cappuccino is my favorite, but so many of them are delicious.

// thankful lists | i try to sit down each year and write out things that i’m thankful for. i also try to do this outside of the fall season to keep things in perspective.

// cool weather & changing leaves | while we don’t really get the whole beautiful changing leaves that i was able to experience at the renew retreat (our leaves die and just fall off the trees) i do love seeing some of them yellow before they die. and that cool weather brings me to my next point.

// bonfires and smores | there are few things better than sitting around a fire with friends and chatting, laughing, and making smores. i absolutely love this part of the fall season.


what are some of your fall comfort favorites?

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