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woohoo, i finally wrote more of bailey’s story – i mean the last installment was only in june 😉 i’m floored that so many of you enjoy reading my ramblings and attempts at fiction, so thank you! i’m still wrestling through where to take this – how to unfold it – how to tie in […]

bailey | the why

August 7, 2014

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after reading kikis new fiction post i knew i needed to get back on the writing wagon. i just haven’t been feeling inspired lately, haven’t been allowing myself to really process emotion. so this is raw and was written in one sitting – which means there most definitely are going to be flaws. flaws make […]

bailey | the call

February 6, 2014

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i have another installment in bailey’s story for you today. bailey – her story weighs on my heart. it is continually knocking, asking to be written, to be explained, to be felt. i’m still at a cross roads as to where this is going to go – but i felt like this moment needed to […]

bailey | speaking

January 6, 2014

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i would encourage you to read part one of bailey’s story before starting on chapter two – it would help to not only explain the back story – but set the tone.                     >>>.enjoy.<<< {here} it had been three days – three days since she fell […]

bailey | the number three

November 21, 2013

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{here} she was hesitant.  he could tell because her eyes were shifting back and forth taking it all in. her fingers tighten around his forearm and he felt the tug of her step back. yeah, this was way out of her comfort zone.  “Cayden, its all good – it’s just dancing” her eyes turned into […]

cayden & james | dancing

November 14, 2013

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sometimes i wonder if certain stories are meant to be shared. i find myself writing these stories – these lives and wondering if they should be kept silent or spoken. the stories can be beautiful and sweet, lovely and inspiring – & others i find are heart breaking and empty, echoing silence and pain. that […]

the brokenness of bailey…

October 17, 2013