Tobi Gets A Treat

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It’s been a while since Tobi sauntered on in to give y’all a big hello, so today is the day!
This little fur-ball is 12 1/2 and I honestly am so thankful that he has been able to walk with me through all the crazy changes in the last few months. Not only have I moved from the only home I’ve ever known but so did this little guy and making sure that he’s had smooth transitions at each new change in our lives has been a top priority. Eddie & I joke with each other on who spoils him more and honestly I think it’s an even trade.

I know it sounds crazy, but I really am just blessed to have Tobi in my life.
Now that most of my days are spent working from home and Eddie being at work I’m left with little social interaction; so being able to have some time with this sweet boy throughout the day is a blast. Do y’all have moments like that with your pets? Where you realize how much joy and peace they bring to your life? He’s been a constant companion for 12 years and I love being able to pick him up and squeeze his cute face!!

Lately I’ve been trying to make sure I get him to move more around the house with me.
We do a lot of playing with his toys and chasing the laser as well as having little walks on the back patio. He is getting older and his body and needs are changing in ways that may not always be noticeable to me. Keeping him at a healthy weight with a good immune system has been something I’ve been actively trying to work on. The other day I went walking through PetSmart to browse through the Purina® Pro Plan® line since it’s been our favorite for a few years. I love walking through PetSmart and seeing all of their seasonal items as well as looking for new things for Tobi. When I found Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus Adult 7+ Cat Food I knew it was a match made in heaven. The Prime Plus Adult 7+ Cat foods has key ingredients that support lean muscle mass, a healthy weight, a strong and healthy immune system, improved microflora for a balanced digestive system and healthy skin. Trust me, I want this dude to be around for a few more years and I’ve quickly realized that him having a healthy diet and keeping him active is key! If you’re looking for a new food for your pet that is tailored to their needs make sure you check out the myPlan tool and find the right food for them and if you think you know it all take the test at their Pro Plan University where you can test your knowledge!!!

How to keep your senior cat happy:

+ Make sure they are staying active. You can accomplish this by playing with them using their favorite toys, taking them outside for some fresh air (if they are an indoor cat) and even walking around the house with them so they follow.

+ Check in with their diet. Are you feeding them the best food for the stage of life they are in? If you’re unsure check out the myPlan tool to find the right food for your pet – every animal is unique so see what works best for them!

+ Hydrate! Make sure you’re pet is drinking their water throughout the day and if you don’t think they are getting enough, add some to their food.

+ Give them all the cuddles and love they will take.

If you’re looking to treat your pet to some new (and so good for them) food, PetSmart currently has some great offers!
In store offer:
+ 10/20/2017 through 12/3/2017 Pro Plan dry dog food 47lb-50lb bags – $49.99 & Pro Plan wet dog food 12ct variety packs – Save $4
+ Pro Plan dry cat food 5.5-7lb bags – save $2
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Tobi is MAD!

So i was going to post today about our London themed tea party this past weekend…and then Tobi went absolutely bat crazy and it is honestly all that i can think about.
Let’s rewind a moment. 
February 3rd i posted this picture on instagram:
This cute stray cat that was overly friendly was up at my porch meowing away. I decided it was probably starving and decided to feed it, problem #1.
The cute friendly cat kept coming back for more food and love and i felt so dang bad for it that i didn’t want it to starve. 
Insert picture #2:
More food for the cute kitty that we had affectionately named…Binx (yes like hocus pocus).
Well i thought we’d be able to do this, you know having an outside cat that we could take care of. 
One that wouldn’t come inside, we would pet it while we were outside and make sure it had food/water, give a stray a little piece of home.
I. was. W-R-O-N-G!
Insert Tobi:
I had been outside petting Binx and when i came back inside Tobi smelled my hand. 
This led to him running away from me and when i finally caught him, he swatted at me…multiple times. 
He then continued to run from me and be all pissy and attitude’ish. I decided maybe he need to just suck it up and deal with Binx. So maria was on the front porch petting Binx and i opened the door and held Tobi. He did alright for about a minute and then started to grunt and get aggressive so i shut the door. He then ran from me some more and wouldn’t let me touch him. 
Yesterday we were gone most of the afternoon and when i got home i saw that he had PEED OUTSIDE OF HIS LITTER BOX. You see he’s done this before when my brother left for school, he is apparently very temperamental and loyal (minx cats are). So when he peed outside of his box this time, i knew it was because he was furious with me for petting this other cat. 
Then as i was cleaning in the living room/foyer area i smelt it.
I was furious.
Seriously all because of one dang stray cat he gets all territorial and has to mark his spot. UGH.
So tonight i’m going to try to find some home remedies to help combat this spray smell, as well as cracking the windows open. 
{pssstttt anyone know of a solution for this spray smell?}
So now i’m stuck with a problem. 
What do i do with Binx?
I’ve been told i need to box him up and take him to the SPCA; because he can’t stay outside of the house if Tobi is going to continue to freak out like this. 
I’m so torn.
I dont want Binx to be potentially put down, but he isn’t my cat, and my cat is stressing himself out.
Maybe i can get my grandma to come get him?
She lives out on some land and they could always use another cat.
I’ll keep y’all posted.

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The start of December…

As mentioned on Friday
…Tobi has been really, really sick. 
I walked into the den on Friday morning while getting ready for work to find {TMI} vomit & poo poo on the carpet. Something {the poop that is, sometimes vomit comes with hair-balls} Tobi never does. I then went to look for him and ended up finding him in my brothers room peeing in a corner…he then laid down and started breathing labored with an open mouth. 
To say i freaked out is a complete understatement. 
. . .
When i got to the vet they were abel to see him immediately {i was so thankful} and the vet ended up telling me he was in anaphylaxis and was in critical condition. He was at the vet from about 8am-6pm…poor thing was absolutely pitiful. I was able to bring him home friday night but was not able to un-wind or calm down the entire night. I slept maybe three hours total and was up and down checking on him and seeing if he was still breathing, if his gums were still pink…etc. 
It was a rough night. 
The gist goes as follows:
I had to give him half of a benadryl twice a day for three days. That didn’t happen. #1 i tried to use a pill pocket {it’s worked before on him} and he was not having it. #2 i tried to “pill him” and put the pill down his throat, that didn’t happen. #3 we used liquid benadryl…absolutely pitiful. 
Here is a little insight for you, benadryl is extremely bitter to cats and causes them to drool in MASSIVE quantities and makes you think they are really, really sick. 
. . .
It’s been a rough few days but he seems to be pulling through and returning to his old self, so for that i am extremely thankful. Yesterday he even chased a frog, woop woop!!
Thank y’all for your sweet comments/prayers/thoughts sent out to Tobi & myself. Seriously, y’all were so fantastic on Friday when i posted that it made me realize how much i really lean on everyone here. I’m so thankful that i’ve found people to connect with in so many different areas of the world! 
I’m sorry i haven’t responded to emails/read blogs/commented this weekend, but i will be doing my best to catch up this week. 
. . .
How was y’alls weekend?
Did you get any decorating done?
How about cleaning?
Maybe you were lazy for a day?

Pinteresting Wednesday…v4

Time for another link-up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple for:
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I always try to link up to the original site and not my pinboard, but sometimes that happens, i always believe in giving credit when credit is due. 🙂
I never really have a rhyme or reason to what i pin…it just all kind of jumbles together. 
So let’s enjoy the jumble shall we?
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I’m hoping to get some REAL house updates on the blog starting tomorrow. I’ve been so tired by the time i get home that the last thing on my mind is to take pictures…yay me. I promise though…pictures and updates are coming, just hang tight! 

July Birchbox

So, it hasn’t been my intention to go missing for a few days…but that’s just how it turned out! 
Life is life sometimes. 🙂
. . .
Thank you for all of your kind comments on the last post about the diy laundry soap! I’m excited to try some other “recipes” for my next batch so i’ll definitely keep you posted! 
. . .
Do you remember how i’ve mentioned here  that Tobi enjoys jumping up on my counter, drinking out of the faucet, and watching my “morning routine” front and center? Well yes, he does it ALL of the time…and i couldn’t resist taking these pictures. 
PU-LEASE how pitiful does he look. haha.
Apparently i was wearing him out by how long it took me to get ready. 
. . .
I got my July Birchbox a few days ago and i was pleasantly surprised with everything that i got! 
You see…i’ve been thinking of canceling my subscription. WHY you may ask? Well…samples just don’t always do it for me. I either wont use them, i forget about them, or i don’t fancy them enough to really care; and yes i just used the word ‘fancy’…i know you liked it. 
I’ve been looking into some other sites that are similar to birchbox, but i haven’t made a decision yet, i’ll let you know once i figure out what i’m going to be doing. 
Until then…
. . .
The Goods
Larabar | I haven’t tried mine yet, but my friend Lauren said it was uh-mazing. 🙂 So i’ll be packing this little baby in my car for when i’m about to eat my fingers from hunger. 
Earbuds | What what, a girl can never have enough of these, especially if your cat thinks it is a toy and proceeds to chew through the wires. Anyone else have that issue? 
Harvey Prince Eau Flirt-Lavendar Pumpkin | Cheese & Crackers this stuff smells amazing. 
Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Lotion | I’m a lotion FIEN. I have to be, my skin goes from oily to dry in .25 seconds so i’m always searching for a product that can help’a’sista’out. The description for this says it will give you that “healthy glow”…we shall see, my skin is already glowy from too much oil. I’m telling you, i could run cars or something. 
Color Club Nail Polish | I love nail polish as well, but only for my toes. I can’t seem to keep it on my finger nails…hmmm.
Gloss Moderne Hair Gloss | I’m also a hair product junkie (didn’t know i had addictions did you?! ). The claim is that this product will help reduce frizz. I’ll be the judge of that, since my hair is curly-q and poofs out like a poodle during a humid NORMAL day here. 
Suki Balancing Regimen | Out of all of the products so far, i’m most excited to try this one! I’m always looking for something (as mentioned with my oily AND dry skin) to help with my face washing routine. Maybe this will be what i’ve been looking for?! 
. . .
You can view some of my past birchboxes here: ooo yes, we’re going backwards ladies. 
. . .
Did you get your birchbox? 
Link’up so i can see what you got as well! 

Mornings at Mi Casa

Does this happen to anyone else who has the privilege of owning a cat. 
If you haven’t met Tobi yet, now you have and i promise your life just got 10x better because of it. 
Tobi likes to think he runs this joint…he doesn’t. Okay maybe a little bit
When i get ready in the morning his little toosh has to be right next to me either sitting on the floor or up on the counter. He has become so spoiled and now begs to drink out of the faucet. Even when i don’t turn the water on he will continue to lick the faucet…nice right? {Don’t worry i’m OCD and i clean the faucet after every time Tobi uses it}
Oh my little fairy. 
he loves me…don’t let those angry eyes tell you anything different.
Let me explain something, Tobi loves [aka will 99% of the time not drink it unless it is] fresh water. 
That means that if water has been sitting in his bowl for over a day he will rub your legs, meow, and jump up on sink counters until you dump the “old” water and give him fresh new water. Weird right?! Oh the joys of Tobi. 
All animals have weird quirks this just happens to be his. He also slightly enjoys showers…mmmhmm weird. 
And yes, you just spent 10 minutes of your thursday morning reading about Tobi drinking water and soaking in his gorgeous self. 
You’re welcome
. . .
Do your pets have any strange habits/quirks? 
What are they?