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This post contains affiliate links. You can see full my disclosure here. Comfort. I have always wanted my bedroom to be a place of retreat, comfort, peace, and serenity. Since I now work from home I’m surrounded by to-do lists and this overwhelming sense of “I can never get everything finished”. I see a bathroom that needs cleaning, […]

Bedroom Updates | CT Home

October 18, 2017

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Take time to rest. When picking out furniture and details for our bedroom I knew that ultimately this would be our safe place wherever we go. Becoming a military wife has taught me something: be prepared for everything to change, and then change again. I can not count how many times we have thought something would […]

Maine Home | Bedroom

March 29, 2017

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i figured it was high time to give a little update on the 2014 house list (i mean it is only july). my bedroom has been a nightmare for years. it has been three different colors for around 4 years – the art has never been right, the furniture layout had been the same for […]

house list update | master bedroom

July 7, 2014

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y’all my room is a hot mess. seriously – its just all over the place and full of crap and random pieces of furniture, and I hate the wall colors, etc. needless to say I need to paint the entire room, invest in some good pictures frames, and start actually ENJOYING where I sleep…instead of […]


November 18, 2013

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Well you see my brother was home for Christmas break and he decided to re-arrange his bedroom the minute he got home; and I mean the MINUTE he came home. I even posted this on Instagram:  . . . Just in case you needed a refresher on what my brothers room looked like before he […]

Guys like to smash things

January 10, 2013

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First things First… here.  This was AMAZING. If you haven’t seen it {and you’ve read the books} oh man are you in for it. I literally {not an exaggeration or being over dramatic in the slightest} almost passed out. I had tunnel vision, saw spots, and was hyperventilating so badly that my friend was dying […]

Breaking Dawn & Re-arranging.

November 19, 2012