Little Long Pond – Acadia National Park

We found Little Long Pond on one of our random drives through Bar Harbor.
It was around sunset and super windy so we decided to come back the next day to walk the grounds and I am so glad that we did. There are a few different walking paths in the area and they are all surrounded by beautiful scenery; and can we talk about how peaceful it is?! It is so incredibly quiet.

Eddie & I were able to walk around chatting all about the things we are dreaming about, the upcoming few months, and what we hope to see unfold in the next year. It was probably one of my favorite walks that we did while in Maine; it was just calm and fulfilling. I also asked Eddie to take a ton of pictures while I galavanted around haha #BlogHusbandLife.

I loved traveling to Acadia and if we could go back again I would be so happy.
This will conclude my recap from Acadia and if you want to read a little bit more about our adventures click here.

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Schoodic Point – Acadia National Park

Schoodic Point

When researching some of the more “un-seen” places in Acadia National Park I stumbled upon Shoodic Point. It’s the only part of Acadia National Park that is located on the mainland (which makes it harder to get to as it’s about 45 minutes/1 hour away from Bar Harbor.
On one of our more quiet days we took the drive out to Schoodic to see all the pretty paths and cliff areas. It was incredibly quiet, we only saw a few tourists (compared to SO MANY tourists at the main area of the park) which made walking around so serene.

There isn’t really much to say about what all this area of the park has to offer other than nice hikes, beautiful scenery, and a more quiet approach to Acadia. Would I go back and visit this area? HANDS DOWN YES! I would love to really explore the area more as well as come prepared with a picnic lunch and a book or two.

What are some of your favorite off-the-beaten-path locations to visit?
I would love to add them to my travel list!

Hadlock Pond & Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain – Acadia National Park

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The day of our hike around Hadlock Pond started off chilly and a little dreary – personally I think that’s some of the best hiking weather ever.
I bundled up in the Mountain Time sweatshirt (because let’s be honest, it’s the best sweatshirt to hike in!) and pulled up Joe’s Guide to the area again (just like we did with Jordan Pond) because he seems to have the best insight on the trails. I’m not sure that we followed his advice fully; we actually found a pull off on the main road and a small entrance to one of the trails and just started hiking around. To say its was beautiful would be an understatement.
The trail we found ourselves wasn’t difficult although there were a few upward slopes that had my heart rate going a little and a few times I had to strip off my sweatshirt to cool off. It was incredibly quiet, probably because we started hiking around 3:30/4:00pm and the trails were rather empty.

One of the best things that ended up happening while on this hike was killing two birds with one stone. Meaning, I was able to accidentally cross two things off of our list when we stumbled onto part of the Carriage Roads and were able to see the gorgeous bridges (and have an easier walk back to the trail head). It was nice to just walk in the quiet of the forest with Eddie and have that true one-on-one time in Gods creation. This is definitely a trail I wouldn’t want to miss if we went back (or were going for the first time) and man, I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be in the fall!

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Sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain was an absolute must for us.
We woke up at 4:30AM and left the Motel by 4:45 to get up to the mountain early and claim our spot on the top.
When we got there I was kind of in shock at how many people were already there and how absolutely freezing it was; we should have brought a blanket, or three.
I honestly thought that on an early morning there wouldn’t be so many people but as the time started to get closer to sunrise I remember turning around and being absolutely FLOORED at how many were behind us.

I’ve seen many sunrises in my life, but there are truly few more beautiful places to watch a day start than the top of a mountain. There is a hike that people do leading up to the sunrise (that if you start in time it will get you on top of the mountain as the sun is cresting) but we didn’t feel like starting at 3:00AM when we had a long day ahead of us. We ended up leaving right after the sun crested to get a jump start on the traffic, there had to have been close to 600 people there by the time we left.
The sunrise was captivating and I am really happy that we did go to watch it, however I have a few tips if you’re ever wanting to do this:

  1. Arrive early. Seriously early & bring some blankets just in case.
  2. Sit lower on the mountain, or even go off to one of the sides. There ended up being so many people sitting next to us and in front of us talking and being loud that it took away from the quiet beauty that a sunrise holds. It really ruined the moment for us.
  3. PARK IN THE PARKING LOT. Do not be one of the people to park on the side, you may not be able to get out (trust us). Which means you need to get there early.
  4. Be courteous to other people around you, don’t hoop and holler and talk loudly – it kills the moment.
  5. Unless you plan to just wait on the mountain forever (or do a hike right afterwards on some of the trails), leave right after you see the sun crest. Traffic is a nightmare getting off the mountain during high tourist season.


We ended up going back to the Motel to nap for another hour since we planned to do a hike and kayak later in the day (we were able to see the sun rise on top of the mountain and the sun set on the water in a kayak, it was glorious!)

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Jordan Pond – Acadia National Park


Jordan Pond – Acadia National Park

This post contains affiliate links. You can see full my disclosure here

I’m really excited to be sharing todays post.
The next few posts that will be geared towards our trip to Acadia will be all about the gorgeous hikes we took; and one of the first hikes we did was the Jordan Pond Loop. When researching all the different trails to hike I knew that this location and the trail itself was one that we didn’t want to miss. I stumbled across this guys website, Joe’s Guide To Acadia National Park, and it was full of such great information. He gave each trail a scale of how easy or challenging the hike was, some details to not forget, and helped to separate the hikes per each section of Acadia.

The hike itself was really easy, there were a few “more challenging” parts that required you to kind of walk over high sets of rocks, but it wasn’t hard. It would probably be a little more challenging for people needing to use a cane, otherwise you’d be A-OK. It was a longer hike, even though the mileage was only 3.5 miles it still took about 1-2 hours with the turns, different terrains, and stopping to look at all the beautiful things and take pictures. Out of all of the hikes that we did; this one was probably my favorite. It was just really, really, REALLY pretty.

Eddie and I stuffed my fanny pack with our phones, snacks, and some of my essential oils since I wasn’t feeling 100% and went on our merry way. Let me also just say that this fanny pack is THE BEST THING EVER for hiking; we bought it while in Bar Harbor because I didn’t feel like carrying my purse all the time and I am in love! I also may have begged eddie to wear his matching shirt with me – he said he felt like a goober but I didn’t even care; matching husband and wife for the win! I also used my essential oil necklace to help reduce some of my headache / sleepiness. This necklace seriously is one of my new favorites! I can just drop some new oils on the beads and they will hold the smell for at least 2 full days (from what I noticed) and help with aromatherapy; it was truly a life saver when I wasn’t feeling my best (and it is BEAUTIFUL).

Needless to say this was the best way to start our vacation while in Acadia.
I would love to go back and do this hike again in the fall – I can only imagine how even more gorgeous all of the changing leaves would make the area.


Jordan Pond at Acadia National Park
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Where We Stayed In Bar Harbor, Maine

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Finding a place to stay in Bar Harbor during Labor Day Weekend that didn’t break the bank and with a 3 day notice was out of this world hard. Eddie & I were originally going to go to Glacier National Park for his time off; yet with the wildfires out there, not being able to buy our tickets/book our rooms/etc until last minute approval from his job it was outrageously expensive. Instead we decided to drive the 6 1/2 hours to Acadia and spend our time hiking in the northeast and soaking in that New England charm.

I probably spent 10 hours trying to find a place for us to stay for our 4 night vacation. We really didn’t have many requirements – simply be close to the park, be within our budget ($200 a night max!, was clean, and if it had breakfast included that would be a HUGE plus (saving some $$). Y’all most of these places for the weekend were AVERAGE $275-350 a night, I was kind of having a small panic attack ha! I can’t remember exactly how I found Highbrook Motel but I think it was through one of the many google rabbit holes I fell down. I will be 100% honest in saying that Motels get a bad rap and most of us have negative connotations associated with them (dirty, run down, not the safest place) from movies, newspapers, tv shows, and what not. So my initial reaction was simply “I’m not sure” …super shallow of me I know. I dug into the reviews and everyone harped on how great this place was, how it was located right outside of downtown Bar Harbor, the staff was super friendly, they served breakfast, and the place was amazingly clean. I didn’t have many other options so I booked it!

Our experience:

It was amazing.
The staff really was super friendly and helpful, the place was immaculate, and the breakfast was on point! When we checked in they had tons of resources available with restaurant guides/reviews/maps for Bar Harbor, hiking trail maps, shuttle information, and so much more. If I hadn’t done any research on what all we wanted to do while in town I would have been set from everything they had in the office. The room was really REALLY clean, had wifi, a mounted flatscreen tv, a heater in the bathroom and in the main room, and the most plush and comfy bed ever (AND ALL THE PILLOWS!). I really liked the quaint retro look, sure it’s “dated” but It feels intentionally done that way and I loved it. The blue colored porch ceiling made my heart so happy (it’s something that is all over Charleston, SC with Gullah history tied into it), and I loved that we were able to sit outside and enjoy the cool mornings and evenings. We also really loved the breakfast! They had bacon/egg/cheese english muffins, bagels, scones, fruit, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, etc EVERY morning and we took advantage of it so we didn’t have to spend money on a meal. They also had coffee/tea AND cookies in the office until 10pm every single night (yes, we indulged in the cookies a few times!).



I will fully admit that I am, and have always been, the type of person who is just go-go-go on vacation. It’s very hard for me to find the time to slowly move into a day and to enjoy the chill-ness of everything. I feel like I should fill all of the time to make the best out of it and to make sure that the person I’m vacationing with never feels bored or disappointed in my planning. One of my biggest struggles is to simply be present in every moment without thinking ahead to what we will be / should be / won’t be doing next – and trust me it’s frustrating as all get out. I can be 100% honest in saying that I wasn’t the best with simply ENJOYING the downtime on this trip, and that makes me sad. Eddie doesn’t get much time off to relax and unwind and I kind of poo-pooed all over it by feeling like we should be rushing to get everything done. I did find moments to calm the heck down and just enjoy the quiet and calmness; but I just wanted to be transparent in saying it was really really hard for me to let go and just be. Does anyone else struggle with that?

Highbrook Motel, Bar Harbor
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travel | maine – acadia & portsmouth NH

i’m still obsessed with it – and can’t wait to go back!
i left the story chatting all about my love for york and the delicious food. now let’s continue on our weekend adventures shall we?
one of the main places we wanted to visit was acadia national park.
we wanted to see the mountains, hike around, and just spend the day being together and having a little adventure. well, our adventure turned out to be a little different than we anticipated.
the drive was supposed to be around 4 hours – and it ended up taking us almost 6. whoops.
we blame it on driving all of the back country roads (which mind you, were gorgeous) and seeing all of the things. there were so many times i wanted to say “pull over” but i KNEW we wanted to get to the mountain – so let’s be honest, i kept my mouth shut for once 😉

around lunch-time we were driving through this cute town, Rockland, and my eyes popped out of my head when i saw the window design for main street markets. we parked and i was trying to play all coy like “well, where do you want to eat”…and staring in the direction of the market – eddie just laughed at me and started walking in that direction. when we walked inside my heart started jumping for joy. not only was it a place to grab some lunch – but it was a legit little market! fresh produce, jams, butters, meats, and other grocery items, i wanted to pack the store in my pocket and take it home with me. our food intake up until this point had been rather unhealthy – i mean when on vacation, have a little fun right? so we got some smoothie bowls and some delicious peanut butter toast with bananas and honey drizzled on top. p.s. eddie’s drink was uh-mazing.

after eating and more driving we finally made it to acadia.
and boy was it as beautiful as i was expecting.
what we weren’t expecting? no hiking.
at least the parts of the mountain we were planning to go to – it was all driving with pull-offs and at the very top a parking lot and small amounts of walking from one side to the other. we were definitely disappointed at not realizing this fact – and made a promise for the next time to actually do some hiking (it’s one of our things, and we both really, really love it.)

to sound like a total girl, i really really wanted pictures of me, on a mountain top, in a nice dress.
i love the mountains, through and through, and i rarely get to actually visit them and hike them and love on them 😉 so i had eddie snap a few pictures. we got some seriously strange looks (i forgot other shoes so was walking around in this dress with hiking shoes (ha!) – and the dress plunged a lot deeper in the front than i intended…sooooo that was fun – but i love it. i found it on etsy and it is handcrafted beautifully by a woman in Thailand. there was another thing i wasn’t really expecting on this hike – full-sunlight. womp womp. if you know anything about my photography style it’s that i love magic hour, sunset, moody images. so these are out of my norm – *until you get to the end* and eddie did an excellent job with letting me run back and forth to check the light and settings. some of them are a little blown out for my taste – but hey, i’m always learning!

after being on the mountain we drove into bar harbour and grabbed some dinner at poor boys gourmet. it was really tasty and all of the homes there had american flags displayed proudly with bunting and what-not. i was in love. we wanted to do more exploring but that 4 hour drive back home was looming over our heads so we started driving. there was a moment where i saw this beautiful marsh area and incredibly stunning waters that i begged eddie to turn off – which it ended up being a park with bathrooms so win-win! i threw my dress back on and had him snap a few more pictures of me (these are some of my favorite, and that moody light i lurrrve, although it was overcast and not that southern sun i’m used to!).

one of our last full days was spent driving into portsmouth NH (only like a 15 minute drive) to grab some dinner at the flatbread company. i ended up building my own flatbread (minus tomato base sauce – it can make reflux a jerk) and it was soooo freaking scrumptious. they hand-toss all of their stuff and pair up with local shops and sellers to get their produce and such. we even had this INCREDIBLE pumpkin ice cream (made from a local ice cream shop right down the street) with gingerbread cookies. oh. my. gosh. i need it back in my life immediately! and even though it was raining – i fell in love with portsmouth, it reminded me a lot of walking through ireland with my brother – it just had such an old historic feel to it, and so many shops interested me; i can’t wait to visit again!

so that is our trip in a nutshell <3
we did a lot of unpacking for his place, lounging watching tv, exploring his new area, and just enjoying the company. it was beyond fantastic – and i can’t wait to see him again, and see the beautiful state of maine.

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