Recent San Diego Eats

I’ve got another post of recent eats while being here in San Diego!
I’m loving finding all of these different places to grab food and enjoy the atmosphere. There is something so refreshing about having a moment to indulge in some scrumptious food. If you’re planning a trip to San Diego make sure you add some of these restaurants to your list of food places to enjoy.
See my other recent San Diego eats post right here; this is going to become a regular thing on the blog so stay tuned!


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Y’all, this place is absolutely amazing.
While Beth was in town we were hosted by the Smoking Gun for their Walk of Champagne Brunch and I’m not going to lie – it was beyond scrumptious. The staff was delightful and walked us through their menu and how they prepare their drinks and food, all super fresh! I loved the retro feel of the restaurant with all of their menus, and dishes. It was also a nice nod to some southern food and it comforted my south carolinian soul. 🙂

I ordered | Breakfast Sliders with the Mimosa Flight. The cayenne aioli was SUCH A GOOD TOUCH and definitely not that spicy. If you’re going for brunch, seriously give it a go! The mimosa flight was so tasty with such different flavors! Yum Yum Yum!!!

Beth Ordered | Bagel French Toast with Vanilla-Agave Cream Cheese & a fluffy orange juice. She said that she was nervous that the bagel wouldn’t be as soft for a french toast, but that it ended up being perfect! Also their juices are freshly squeezed in house and that makes a difference!


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This is in the heart of downtown la jolla and when we were looking at a place to grab some lunch while exploring the area we stumbled upon this and I’m so happy we did! They have a super cute shop inside where you can order baked goods, coffee, and some other fun things! It’s also the restaurant of a champion chef who was featured on the Food Network.

I ordered | The Sligo Scramble and it was SO TASTY!  Their jam was so fresh and when it came out I thought “wow that’s a lot of food, I probably won’t finish it”; well I did finish it and I was so happy I did.

Beth ordered | Brioche French Toast. The whipped cream looked like ice cream and Beth said it was beyond tasty. I think I may have to go back and order this for the next time!



After exploring Torrey Pines with Beth we ended up just driving into Del Mar to grab some grub at Americana Restaurant.

I Ordered | I am a little bit more of a complicated orderer and built my own burger. Ill be the first to admit I judge a place if a burger is on the menu and this did not disappoint! I did a beef burger with adding caramelized onions, avocado, and goat cheese. Their french fries also have what seems like oregano and other spices which make them soooooo good!

Beth Ordered | Fish & Chips. The minute she saw it on the menu she was all “I have to have this” haha! It really looked so good!

La Jolla Cove, San Diego

La Jolla Cove is one of the places a lot of people like to visit when hitting up San Diego.
I’ve actually been there a few times since I arrived and each time it’s really cool to see all of cute seals and sea lions. I’ll go ahead and tell you this though – sea lions STINKKKKKK and are very loud. They can also protect their own so don’t get too close to them while they are out sunbathing, that’s just a little tip from me to you. 😉

Parking can be squirrely over there so I suggest getting there early to find some parallel street parking along the cove itself or just drive up some of the side streets and try to find something up there. I would also bring some great walking shoes so you can get out and explore the area near the cove. There are some DELICIOUS places to eat including the Burger Lounge (below) and the Parakeet Cafe which I’ve been to and both are so dang tasty. La Jolla is considered one of the most beautiful beach towns in the world and is home to some really fun places to shop, food to eat, and sites to explore. Like in the main park where the Cove is near there is this HUGE tree that everyone (well people I’ve talked to) call sit the Dr. Seuss tree. Something I’ve learned since being out here is that so many of the plants and trees look like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss novel and it’s so fun and beautiful.

My advice would be that if you’re making a trip soon to San Diego, make sure you add La Jolla to your list!
Personally I can’t wait to get out there and explore even more of the beautiful beach town!

A few places to check out while in La Jolla


+ Parakeet Cafe
+ Burger Lounge
+ Cody’s At La Jolla
+ Duke’s
+ Storehouse Kitchen
+ Puesto



+ See the Seals & Seal Lions
+ Sunny Jim Cave
Windansea Beach
+ Do a Bike or Kayak Tour
+ La Jolla Open Aire Market
Torrey Pines Gliderport
Museum Of Contemporary Art, La Jolla Edwards Sculpture Garden
Architectural Tours Of The Salk Institute


Sequoia Snapshots & The General Sherman Tree

As you’ve probably already guessed we’re quickly becoming obsessed with National Parks!
Actually Eddie & I have made it one of our marriage goals to hit all the National Parks (so far we’ve hit Acadia together and we aren’t counting the parks we’ve hit separately).

Since we only had a day + a few hours the night before in the park we wanted to make sure that we explored the roads that were open as well as just stop and soak in all the pretty quiet places. I still can’t get over how NOT crowded the place was (granted it was a week day in March) – it was like having the park to ourselves a lot.

One of the main places Eddie wanted to make sure I saw was the General Sherman Tree outside of the Giant Forest. The parking lot was full there (even on a slow winter day) so we drove a little ways down and parked on a pull off then walked to the entrance. There was this fallen tree that they carved out a walk-through (which was gorgeous) to get onto one of the loop trails and we stared at all the huge Sequoias. Once I saw the General Sherman tree my jaw hit the floor, this tree was HUGE! When you scroll down you’ll see the size comparison of myself vs the base of the tree.

We truly loved our short get-away to Sequoia National Park and honestly I want to go back there soon!

See the cottage where we stayed in Sequoia National Park!

See the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park!

Giant Forest – Sequoia National Park

We woke up on a misty Tuesday morning to start our drive into Sequoia National Park.
Since we were only spending a day in the park we knew we wanted to hit up the Giant Forest & the General Sherman Tree (that post is coming soon); everything else was up for exploration and fun! The night before we actually were able to spend about an hour in the park before sunset and we were told upon entering that we could only go as far as Hospital Rock since afterwards we would need snow/ice chains for our tires. They gave us a map of the park, a bulletin full of places to see, and then a list of places we could go rent chains for our vehicle. The next morning we ended up stopping at the Chevron station and rented tires for Eddie’s truck ($100 deposit and you get $60 back when you return the chains) and head on to enter the park. We didn’t think to check the current condition portion of the website before arriving the day before which would have told us if we needed chains, YES EVEN IN MARCH! If you are planning a trip to the park be aware that certain things are closed during winter seasons and plan accordingly.

Maybe most people don’t know this but if you are active duty military (and their dependents) you can get a FREE yearly pass for ALL National Parks/forest. Eddie and I have gotten passes over the last two years and it has been so helpful for all of the trips (Acadia, The Grand Canyon) we’ve gone on independently and together – they actually have a little FAQ section that goes over what all the pass covers.

Giant Forest Museum 

We stopped in here to read more about the history of the park, the giant sequoias, an the environment in which they thrive. I literally wanted to buy a sweatshirt, hat, ornament, etc but settled for this gorgeous patch and enamel pin to remind me of our time there. We also picked up the “Travel Stamps: U.S. National Park Series Album & Guide” book to start collecting our National Park stamps as it’s one of our marriage goals to hit all the National Parks!

The Giant Forest

To say I was overwhelmed with awe would quite possibly be an understatement.
This place was magical on a whole other level – then add in the snow, it was like fairies were going to bust out of the trees and swarm around us. With the chance for rain/snow later in the day and it still being winter conditions up in the park the amount of people was minimal; which was perfectly ideal for Eddie and I. There were many times where it was just the two of us being able to soak in all the beauty together without another person walking by so this was like a dream come true.
Standing next to these monstrous trees completely humbled me. I was so small and young in comparison to these magnificent trees that all I could do was stare at them as my wonder and curiosity grew. It reminded me how precious, short, and remarkable our human lives are. It challenged me to talk with Jesus and have that in-depth where am I in life conversation. It challenged me to look at my husband and see where I could be praying for him, serving, and strengthening our marriage. This forest, these trees stirred up a lot of heart stuff in a way I wasn’t fully expecting; and yet I’m so thankful they did.

A Cottage Near Sequoia National Park

We needed a break.
Seriously, with Eddie’s schedule and all the crazy that has been going on we needed to get out of town for a few nights, be alone with one another, and soak in some mountain air. Originally we were planning on going to Yosemite National Park but with there being 14+ inches of snow in the last week before we went there and it would STILL be snowing when we arrived we knew we didn’t have the camping gear to make that comfortable. We quickly canceled our campsite reservation and found this beautiful gem on airbnb.

I’ll admit that when it comes to a get-away I really love unwinding in an environment that inspires me. While I fell in love with the pictures of this place it really didn’t do it justice until we walked through the door. Cara, our host, was such a sweet soul who showed us around the converted garage space and pointed out all of the amenities and made us feel so welcomed. She then asked if wanted to see the rest of the house (which you can also rent!) and I jumped at the chance with an enthusiastic yes! Eddie & I were pretty much floored at the craftsmanship and true character that shone through each and every room. I wanted to just move right on in and sink into the bed with a good book and never leave (especially in the bedroom with the beautiful wood work, long curtains, and right off of the sunroom).

Needless to say this place was exactly what Eddie & I needed to regroup for a few nights and rest our heads after exploring Sequoia ((I can’t wait to share those pictures with y’all)).  Actually Tuesday night it started to rain hard and we were in our own oasis. We snuggled up together to the warmth of the wood burning stove (which is so delightful) and watch Hidden Figures while sleep climbed deeper into our bones. I’m learning more and more how important rest is and that we should take it seriously; I also learned another important lesson that I’ll be sharing soon.

PS – anyone else taking a massive design inspiration from this home?! I definitely love the textures, colors, fabric choices, etc.

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Recent San Diego Eats

I’m a foodie.
Not like a “I need to hit up 3 new places a week” kind of girl but I really like food, good food, and trying new food. Every new city we go to I keep a list on my phone of places I hear about, see while driving, or find on instagram that peak my interest. I’ll be sharing two of the places we recently went to that I happened to have my camera as well as one of my other most-constant eateries since getting to San Diego!

As Mark Twain once said, “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”

Parakeet Cafe

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I had this cafe on the list of places to eat at before I even got to San Diego!
It’s located in La Jolla and after seeing the sea lions Eddie & I walked over to grab a bite. I need to go ahead and say that I LOVE that my husband is willing to try new things because I’m always dragging us to new restaurants that aren’t your typical eating and I think he kind of enjoyed his waffles?
Eddie ate: Matcha Waffle & a black coffee
I ate: Roasted Greens Bowl + 1 Egg & a turmeric latte – both were beyond scrumptious.
I have since gone back and eaten the waffles and they are uh-mazing, a different texture and flavor than a normal waffle but so dang good! I also got their blueberry kombucha on tap and a double chocolate cookie that my uterus was craving = yum yum.

Tajima Ramen Bar

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I have never really had traditional legit Ramen before eating here – and no i’m not counting the cheap walmart delicious ramen packets.
Maria & I walked over here after visiting Balboa Park and were ravenous and SO PUMPED to try something new. I am a large fan of gyoza and these completely knocked my tastebuds out of the park; talk about YUM! To be honest I wasn’t really 100% sure WHAT to order so I kind of just said I’ll do a traditional Ramen bowl (Tonkotsu Ramen) and maria did the same. Y’all it was like eating a huge warm hug! IT WAS SO GOOD! I felt like THIS would be the place to get some good comfort food or that soup you just need when you don’t feel well. I can’t wait to go back and get more of this; I seriously ate it until the last drop!

Elva’s Bowls and Wraps

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Eddie actually stumbled upon this place and mentioned it to me saying “it looks pretty healthy” to which I said “ok, ‘let’s go try it out!’.
I think I’ve eaten here already 5+ times in the almost 2 months I’ve lived here trying different bowls (you can build your own too), sauces, wraps, and sides.
Just yesterday I got the Traditional Wrap with jasmine rice, chicken, and some of their chips! They also have a little “bar” where you can get all of these sauces, hummus, and salsa to go with your meals. This will be the place I will frequent while we live here!

Have you been to San Diego and had any favorite places you’ve grabbed some grub at before?
Please share them with me so I can add them to my list! <3