Some Beauty Favorites

This post is sponsored by Lime & LotusAll pictures/opinions are my own.

I can honestly admit that I have always been the girl with way too many products.
Whether it is lotions or perfumes or makeup; I carry a lot of baggage. 😉
The one place I feel no shame in having too many products is hair care.; curly hair requires a ton of products and also a ton of work ha! #AllTheHairProducts
Amy + beauty products is a bad bad combination ((and the $$ let’s talk about the $$, AHH!)).
I limit my purchases to only buy when I’m almost empty with something else – that is the only way I can stop the hoard!

I was walking through one of my favorite stores in downtown Portsmouth when I picked up this scent and was transported back to Charleston.  ILLUME – Golden Honeysuckle Perfume smells just like my childhood with a grown up twist. It was a sweet moment of escape back home, even that night Eddie gave me a hug saying ‘you smell so incredibly good’. That always feels nice when your mate says you smell delicious.
I also have been swearing by Mary Kay’s Firming Eye Creme for my skin care routine ((I need to post about that too!)) It is seriously like putting on a nice mask in a matter of minutes! It just firms up my under eye skin fading away all of the fine lines.

Another current favorite is the Lime & Lotus Lavender Sugar Scrub.
It sits on this little shelf in our shower and whenever I hop in the shower at night I use this scrub to help me relax; it’s like a small spa treatment. The older I’ve gotten the more I LOVE a good exfoliator and a sugar scrub makes me feel like I am really treating my skin to something special. I also really love their peppermint toner; it’s so refreshing! It doesn’t have a strong peppermint smell, it’s just this small little hint of a scent.

To let you in on a fun fact about me: I am consistently on the hunt for youtube videos showing how people style their curly hair!
I used to use a leave-in conditioner that literally consisted of me  just watering down conditioner in an old spray bottle but after a few videos I was convinced I really needed to invest in some spray leave-in conditioner. One of my girlfriends was telling me all about the Kristin Ess hair line at target so I gave the Leave-In Conditioner a try. I will totally admit that the first few times I used it I noticed my scalp was a little itchy but it has since gone away. Overall I really like this spray and will try another one when this one runs out.

Not that I need to have more products to hoard but what products have you stumbled upon recently that you love?
I always enjoy seeing all the things people love and use daily!

My Bridal Portraits

My bridal portraits.
I truly can’t begin to tell you how much I love these photos.
One of the things I’ve learned is that bridal portraits is mostly a southern thing.
A few of my friends up north and out west had either: a. never heard about them or b. didn’t know many people who chose to have them taken. The tradition is you take portraits in your dress (which also stands for a hair/makeup test) and use one of those images to print a picture of and have it displayed at your wedding. I honestly never gave a second thought on if I should/shouldn’t do bridal portraits. Now that I’ve had them done, I’m super happy I did. On your wedding day (at least mine) there isn’t that much time for individual portraits – if you make them a priority, they happen – but it is still a lot shorter than a normal portrait session.

When my friend Susan & I were trying to figure out the look for where I wanted my portraits and I just kept coming back to old Charleston charm. We rented out the Legare Waring House for the indoor portraits and did the outside portraits around the house and down the Avenue of Oaks. Especially since I was moving away from Charleston (my hometown) for a while I wanted these reminders of home when I went back and looked at these pictures.

I’ve had a few questions about my dress so I thought I would share why I chose it.
At the point we got to this dress Maria (my MOH and roomie) had probably put me in at least 30-50 dresses. I can’t remember if my cousin Jade or if I chose this dress to try on, but the minute it was zipped up it just felt right. When I walked around the store Jade and Maria started getting teary eyed and kept saying “this is the one, this is the one”. It took me going home and looking at the pictures over and over again but I really knew it was the dress. I went in wanting a more sheath, great gatsby type dress with lots of beads and classic jewels; I didn’t want a ballgown because they were huge and just something I didn’t think I wanted. My Aunt made me try on a ball gown and I LOVED it – it was totally bridal, but it didn’t feel like AMY bridal. So when I put on this dress and saw the white/blush/platinum/lavender merge together – I was sold.
This dress is me.
It’s different, unique, classic, and wraps up everything in one. <3

Photography: Susan Lloyd Photography
Dress: Allure Romance #2853
Veil: Lace & Sequin Cathedral Veil 
Earrings: Kendra Scott
Bracelete: Knot Bangle – The Painted Press c/o
My Rings: Brilliant Earth
Shoes: Lauren Conrad Scalloped Shoes – In Blush

Take time for fun

“Snowflakes fall from high.
Flurries lift and twirl below.
The world has turned white.”
Richelle E. Goodrich

Maine has been getting some crazy snowfall this winter.
There was one weekend we had to have gotten like 16+ inches…for this southern girl that is crazy sauce!
Every time the snowfall starts you can find me plastered to a window with a little gap in my mouth staring at how beautiful it is. I’ve still woken up in the middle of the night a few times to watch the snow come down, it’s just that pretty. A few weeks ago Eddie was sweet enough to come out and play in the snow with me. Now – i’ve been around snow, i’ve even been standing in some flurries – but being outside when the snow is actually COMING DOWN was a new experience for me. Obviously it’s cold, but man…it’s cold. The snow keeps hitting you everywhere and i’m running around with my mouth open trying to catch all of the snowflakes and Eddie just stands there laughing at me.

We could have taken that time to go get groceries, do some house cleaning, curl up and watch a something inside because it’s cold outside…but instead we wanted to just have some fun in fresh air. Were we cold at points? Heck yes. Did we have sniffles for a few hours after, you better believe it! Yet we made time for fun. I really believe that having fun with the person you’re with (spouse, relationship, friendship, family, etc) is so important. Put the screens down, walk outside, and explore.

By the time we got inside my hair was soaking wet, my fingers were numb, and my nose was running wild. Yet there was this twinkle in our eyes, full of joy and child-like innocence. We took some time to step back and be kids again, and it was beyond worth it.

p.s. If you’re playing with snow – invest in gloves. I sure did after grabbing handfuls of freezing water!

thoughts | what is your biggest strength

q || what is your biggest strength…

i think my biggest strength is honesty.
it is also my biggest weakness.

over the years i’ve learned how much authenticy is lacking in our world.
so i’ve always strived to be authentic and present things as honestly as possible.
i’ve found a kinship with Paul from scripture – his bluntness and just matter-of-fact words resonate large with me.
i have noticed that i struggle with the balance of presenting my authenticity to others in the most loving way – but i think God has been transforming me to learn the timing of when to deliver with bluntness vs softer edges – but it’s still hard.
i’m the type of woman who just tells you like it is.
if i don’t agree – you’ll know in one form or another.
and as a believer in God – i truly take scripture and that siblingship in Christ thing to heart.

i desire honesty with myself.
me and Jesus have it out a lot.
and i spill my guts out to Him all the while soaking in the forgiveness and the wisdom that only He can bring.
it’s a beautifully real thing. difficult as nails – but i’m so thankful for that unshakable honesty that Jesus dishes out.

i desire honesty with others.
this one is hard; because not everyone wants to be honest with themselves – let alone others.
i’m an over-sharer and i expect others to be the same way.
expectations are rarely close with reality and often they leave you wanting.
so when i expect a certain level of honesty from other people i interact with and don’t receive it – it just kind of shakes me up inside.

i think the more i realize my strength – the more i realize it’s also a struggle for me to accept the strengths of others that are different from mine.
if we really were honest with ourselves we all have to be sharpened.
there are qualities that i have that are beautiful – and there are qualities that still need refinement.
and in my refinement process i crave that grace while i hustle to become more and more like Jesus.
i need to be more willing to offer that grace to others.
especially Christians – as we are all hustling to be refined in some capacity.

so while thinking of my strength today – i realize how delicate the balance is from strength to sin.
it’s easy to be prideful and say “i’m honest and others aren’t” instead of being thankful that my heart is bent towards authenticity when i live in a world of manipulation. so i guess this whole stream of consciousness i’m spewing out is to remind you that even in your greatest strength – look for the areas of refinement.

location | salem, massachusetts
hat (similar) | jacket (similar) | shirt

psstt..i got this prompt from hello neverland – she is amazing.

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travel | leadville colorado

history, old towns, mining, and girlfriends.
it’s what this day (and dreams) was made of.
leadville, CO was full of some of the nicest people, delicious burgers, sweet antique shops, and great exploring.
it made me think about the good ol’ days that i didn’t get to experience as an adult.
as great as technology is – it kind of chains us down and makes us always connected. instead of being fully focused on the moment – we focus on a screen. so being able to walk around with friend and snap pictures and just enjoy that small town feel.

location || leadville, CO
outfit details: denim jacket (c/o) || lace top (c/o) || natalie borton necklace (c/o) || target moccasin booties (kids)

are you a small town explorer?
are you an antique shop lover like me – i seriously could have bought that entire store, especially the deer head!

pssstttt….you can get 10% off of your order of a natalie borton piece using this link

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my style | hot summer days

it’s been hot here.
like – stupid out-of-character-for-june hot. the last few weeks have had a heat index of over 105 and you basically walk outside and feel like you’re walking through a swimming pool, it’s been lovely.
as a native charlestonian i’ve long since learned to embrace the humidity and the feeling of back sweat – it’s just a part of our lovely life. what i have never been able to fully embrace is rompers.
i just didn’t understand them – and all that i tried on let me looking, well, like an overweight kid during their awkward years. recently i saw a friend of mine wearing this sweet romper that i kind of fell in love with – i asked her where she got it and immediately went to try it on.
it was like cinnamon toast crunch fell from the sky.
it fit perfectly!

it took a few weeks to actually build up the courage to wear it – i guess shorts and pale legs and being comfortable in your own skin can take a while – especially on a fashion trend that has never worked in the past. since that first outing – this is my go to outfit for warm days where i still want to look cute.
i was also a little leery about wearing the hat (for the record i own a LOT of hats, but rarely wear them because a hat + curly hair = horrible hat hair). i’ve since let go of that care and embrace the hat and all of it’s lovely shade it has to offer!

romper | old navy
hat | target dollar section 😉 
necklace | fedeli
earrings | forever21
sandals | dr scholls
clutch | francescas
lipstick | burts bees – #512 fuchsia flood

p.s. anyone else notice that huge crack in the foundation of my house?
yikes – i need to get that checked!

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