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so i got a new lens!!! used from the lovely meg. i love blog friendships for many reasons – but one of them is that we are always helping each other out with great deals and steals and finds (see meg’s latest find here, like whattttt). so when meg was looking at upgrading to a […]

photography | soft light + new lens

January 12, 2016

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“I may not always be with you  But when we’re far apartRemember you will be with meRight inside my heart”  -marc wambolt this is my co-worker and her adorable family. we set some time aside in november to get together and snap pictures before their little girl arrived (and for christmas cards, of course!). this […]

photography | when three become four

January 4, 2016

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i love when couples love each other. it makes the journey of capturing genuine moments of them together so easy…and really fun. this is stacia – paper swallow events – and her husband michael. they are amazing, like seriously amazing, and authentically in love. i rarely had to give them direction during this session – […]

photography | love dances

December 18, 2015

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i love when families are up for anything!an early morning on the isle of palms beach = my morning bird heart rejoices! the sunlight was fresh and beautiful – bright and warm.this was a perfect way to close out the summer.  CANON 7D Settings varied – but here is one for reference: F/4.0 | 41.0mm […]

photography | morning light

November 17, 2015

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“always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being a photographer” – walter de mulder the world of a love photography has been rather busy lately and i’ve had the privileged of working with some truly wonderful people. i’ve found that the more pictures i take, the more people i meet, i get out of my comfort […]

photography | snapshots

September 30, 2015

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sometimes i just pour through my pictures in flickr. looking for growth, for change, for themes, for inspiration. the other day i was looking at one picture and particular and it resonated with me. it wasn’t necessarily the image itself (even though that was part of it) it was the moodiness of the black and white. i […]

photography | monochrome

July 22, 2015