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this is emily & sterling. emily is my brothers girlfriend and she is truly awesome – and sterling is one of her besties. they recently visited charleston and we were able to head downtown one night and snap some pictures. i’ve started a new package for friendships called your tribe shots (which i actually posted […]

photography | emily & sterling

September 12, 2016

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i have a question. why don’t best friends do photoshoots together more often?! it was absolute joy capturing the friendship between emily & sterling! emily is my brothers girlfriend – and emily, her friend sterling, emily’s sister, and her sisters friend came down for the week and we were able to have lots of girl […]

photography | besties fo’ life

August 17, 2016

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i love people.i love their stories, their hearts, and the passions in which they pursue.  i’ve known this sweet woman for many, many years and she has recently started digging her heels into blogging at The Darlin Magnolia.  a few months ago we hit the streets downtown on an early, and super chilly, morning. lauren wanted to capture […]

photography | blogging portraits

May 24, 2016

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some of my favorite days for photography are the overcast and chilly ones. the lighting is soft and forgiving – and you’re not sweating like crazy. and when you have a family whose love completely shines through their eyes, smiles, and words – it make snapping pictures easy. this is paola + her family; i […]

photography | over cast days and loving families

March 11, 2016

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back in december…one of my best friends came in to town. she asked if i would snap a few pictures of her and her husband and their two pups for a Christmas card. of course i said yes and we romped through some woods in our neighborhood to the marshes hidden away. it was a […]

photography | magic hour + marsh

February 10, 2016

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so i got a new lens!!! used from the lovely meg. i love blog friendships for many reasons – but one of them is that we are always helping each other out with great deals and steals and finds (see meg’s latest find here, like whattttt). so when meg was looking at upgrading to a […]

photography | soft light + new lens

January 12, 2016