Latest Photography Sessions

A while back I asked if more people wanted to see more of my latest photography sessions and I received an astounding YES!
If you’re new around these parts you may not know that I’m a photographer since I haven’t really been sharing lately – but today all of that is changing!
I’m going to share just a few images from some recent sessions that I’ve really, really enjoyed! These are just a handful of images that captured my heart.
I feel like the last few months I’ve been really finding my niche in photography and I LOVE capturing women, bloggers, and couples something fierce.
Sometimes we have to take a step back, start from the ground up, and press in to really create some of our best work.
Seriously y’all, I am really enjoying this new season within my business!

A Love Photography

If you’re interested in booking a session – reach out!
I would love to chat about capturing your beauty!

See more of Jen’s session here. 

See more of Larissa’s session here.

See more of Nikki’s session here. 

See more of Kim’s session here.

See more of Julianna’s Snow White session here.

See more of Lauren’s session here.

A Love Photography

If you’re interested in booking a session – reach out!
I would love to chat about capturing your beauty!


Latest Photography

A little while back I mentioned that I’ve been doing some really fun photography work since moving out of my hometown.
I have loved every single session I’ve ever captured in the timeline of my career but lately I feel like I’ve really settled into “my own” and have really my niche.

Hi, my name is Amy, I am the owner of A Love Photography and I specialize in making women feel their most beautiful and having lovers show their most fierce love. I have found that connecting with another person and hearing their story while I help them break down their walls and get comfortable is something amazing. To watch the process of growth happen from the start of our session together until the end is a process that always surprises and delights me.

So today I figured I would share some of my recent favorites with y’all, since you’ve been following me from the beginning of my photography journey. I’m growing and learning and attempting to challenge myself as each session comes my way.

Traveling to:
+ Glacier National Park (and possibly yellowstone) the beginning of September
+ Charleston, SC in December/January
+ Connecticut /  Rhode Island / Maine / New Hampshire / Massachusetts
I can travel easily to these states from my current location.
***If you know of any friends who live near me and are looking for someone, send them my way and I promise they will walk out of our time together feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to face the world.
((PS if you, one of my readers, are in any of these areas and want to work together, shoot me an email and we can chat, I would love to meet my y’all face to face!!))

Feel free to follow along!


Exeter, NH | Strolling Around

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring lately.
Lots of small towns around ours are just waiting to be found and walked through.
Now that I’m working from home I have a lot more time to get in my car and just drive around to find new places.
Exeter, New Hampshire was one of the places I put on my list a while back. I found this sweet cafe in Exeter that I have really wanted to eat at (you’ll hear about them soon), there were also some super cute shops that were just begging to be visited.

Would you like to know something that I’m learning in regards to exploring?
One must have a strong soul to do this alone as well as a strong resolve to keep your money at home or in the car.
With Eddie working a lot, 99% of my exploring is by myself and it just isn’t the same walking through new areas when you’re the only one enjoying it. You seem to walk faster, look less, and just keep going to the next place.
I’m learning to take things slower and enjoy all of the pretty places that I find and stand there soaking it in for a few minutes before moving on. I’m also pushing myself to walk into that store, just because, not to spend money but because I want to see all the things.

Like this flower shop, Cymbidium Floral, I walked past three times before I decided to just walk in and be surrounded by all of the pretty petals. I asked if I could snap a few pictures and the woman working said absolutely. I spent my time soaking in the beauty of a floral shop. I found myself looking at flowers a lot closer than I had in years. It felt crisp and fresh in there (thank you CO2 being converted to Oxygen!) and the ambiance was so welcoming.
I also really wanted to take all of the flowers home with me – but again, trying to save some $$ over here.

Where have you been exploring lately?
What are your tips/tricks for exploring alone? I would love for you to share them with me.

Kittery Maine In Winter

I’m kind of in love with the stillness that it brings – and the fresh start that it seems to offer.
The day after Lauren & I arrived in Maine we all drove around the area to show her some areas we love and just to explore. Eddie took us to his fishing hole and we walked out on the water because it was so frozen over and covered in snow. What’s funny is we almost got stuck on the road leading to the fishing hole. A few pictures down you can see the wheels in the snow – the snow was so freaking high that when we went to leave the wheels were just spinning. Eddie jokes how we doubted his abilities – but there were a hot few minutes of nervousness thinking I would walk to one of the neighboring houses to pull us out. Yet Edie made it happen and we were able to back out down the road.

There is something so incredibly beautiful about seeing snow on a coastline.
Watching water meet water in two different forms – it’s just so cool. I find myself shaking my head and whispering Man God, You’re so cool and Your imagination is just amazing. I really have enjoyed watching the snow fall (and melt) and there is a part of me that really hopes it snows at least once more!

I posted a picture during our excursions on instagram a while back and peeps asked me about my boots. They are joules wellies AND I LOVE THEM! Finding rain boots that actually keep water out and fit my apparently huge calves is always a struggle. Does anyone else have that problem?!?! Every time i look at rainboots the calve circumference is always too small – not these lovelies! Also, BEES! <3

photography | ariel in real life

this has got to be one of my favorite creative sessions i’ve done.
stacia (of paper swallow events & pretty poppy peony) was my in real life ariel and we took our time walking down the edge of folly beach all while letting me snap away.
stacia is truly stunning and is just a ball of joy!
i love spending time with her and capturing her beauty.

i meant to share this before halloween – buttttt time slipped away from me. <3
you can see her full session here.

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photography | when the girls slay

yes. i just used the word ‘slay’ in my blog title.
and yes – it is appropriate for what is about to unfold!

one of my FAVORITE things about colorado was hanging out with beth, meg, and sam.
like – i could have drank all the hot tea in the world and chatted their ears off until we all died from exhaustion. yeahhhhhhh that’s a little dramatic – but it’s how i felt! being surrounded by creatives just did something so soothing and beautiful to my heart.


it was like this beautiful retreat to just unwind, laugh, and get to know these amazing ladies one-on-one. i must admit though, the highlight of the trip was the photoshoot i planned out.
i had this dream in my head of flowy dresses with the mountains behind us and just their beauty shining through – and oh my gosh it was even better than the dream!
each wonderful woman stepped in front of my lens and made it so incredibly easy for me to capture their joy and radiance.

seriously – these are some of my favorite images to date because of knowing these women personally and knowing how truly magnificent each one of them are!

now, for my shameless photography website plug.
to see each of their sessions in their entirety click on each one of these links and see all of the beautiful images i was able to capture ((and maybe even leave a comment or two?!? or even cough pin something? cough))

this post is just a smallllll teaser of all of the amazingness that was their sessions!

…in no particular order

meg’s session
beth’s session
sam’s session

|| now go look at the rest of their sessions! ||

dresses | jewelry
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aren’t my friends just LOVELY?!
<3 <3 <3

p.s. the dresses and jewlery were sent to us c/o – but we loved them so much and literally gushed about how comfortable and the awesome quality of each piece – i wear mine all. the. time!

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