Master Bedroom Tour – San Diego

Last weekend I asked on my instagram stories if y’all would like to see a bedroom tour and it was an overwhelming yes, so today is the day! I honestly LOVE sharing glimpses of my home here because not only does it helps me to document each move and how each space comes together, but how i’m forced to switch things up every so often while seeing how my style continues to grow.

If you’ve been following around these parts for a while you may notice that I absolutely adore greenery and natural tones in our home. I think it’s the love of the Scandinavian, Nordic, minimalist style that I admire and am trying to implement more into our day to day lives and living spaces. Plants/Greenery bring life to a room and I’ll be honest here, I have kill my fair share of plants. I have about 2 living plants in the house right now (YAY!) and a few outdoors but everything else (like this fiddle fig%) is completely fake. Not having to worry about the upkeep makes things so much easier and I just love the pop of life it brings to the room (and that tobi can’t knock it over to make a mess or eat it).

The bedroom space always feels like it should be a sweet oasis.
Eddie and I had a conversation before we got married how we didn’t want to have TVs in our room and really wanted to create a space that felt like an escape. With each home we’ve moved into we’ve slowly been figuring out what works for us to bring that sense of calm into a room. The sound machine is amazing and I’ve been using one for the last 5 years and it helps to just cancel out the busy street noise; at first Eddie wasn’t super sold on it, but now he makes sure it’s turned on while we crawl into bed. While I’m always moving things around right now this layout is working for us and as you can see Tobi loves making his presence known.


Bed Frame
White Quilt
Alpaca Print
Bear Print 
Salt Lamp
Faux Fiddle Fig Tree%
Sound Machine
Oils (see here & here)
Bench – Home Goods

Would you like to see other room tours in our current home?


Thoughts While Sitting On The Kitchen Floor

Life is a whirlwind.
It’s been a little quite around here recently and I just didn’t know how to get back into the routine of creating content, posting, and connecting with everyone. I’m still not sure if I’m at a mindset to get back into the routine, but here I am just typing away.

I’m a floor sitter.
I have no problem sitting on the floor vs furniture especially if there is a comfortable rug to sprawl out on and just chat. Most mornings I’ll find myself sitting on the floor giving Tobi some love or scrolling through social media catching up on what all I’ve missed.

The other day I found myself scrolling through my follow feed and the next thing I knew I was spiraling down that rabbit hole of comparison. I’m not eating healthy enough, my weight is too high, I am not working out as often as I should, my life is boring, my husband and I don’t connect enough, my house isn’t as pretty, etc.

Like raise your hand if you’ve been there.
It sucks doesn’t it?
I’ve been thinking a lot about what all I’m putting into my mind – that whole theory of energy in = energy out. I really believe it’s the same as thoughts in = thoughts out which all boils down to, it’s really important what we’re investing our time in. There is this fine line between feeling that push of encouragement to better ourselves in a healthy and positive way vs the push of comparison that drowns us in this self deprecating cycle.

One of the things I love about community is the fact that when you dig in with another person and hear their heart you’re reminded that we all struggle and have insecurities, we’re not alone in that. I think of the most positive people I’ve been around in my life and they never hide their struggles or frustrations, but they have that unwavering joy through it. I’m sure they struggle with comparison and feeling as though they don’t measure up, but they have this ability to re-ground themselves in truth.

My truth is Jesus.
My truth is knowing that no matter what stage of life I’m in, what size jeans I’m wearing, the status of my friendships, or the depth of communication in my marriage, I’m infinitely valuable and already seen as worthy in God’s eyes. I know that can sound like religious fluff but let me just be completely clear, there is freedom in knowing there is love and joy and acceptance in the imperfect. This world will sit there and throw out so many lies and beliefs that we should be doing or looking like XYZ and if we’re not there is something to help us reach that goal or we should be better at striving to be that perfect instagram-worthy self…and there is no such thing.

My hope is that if you find yourself in that spiral where you’re comparing yourself to this woman, or that man, or this fitness expert, or that couple, etc that you stop, ground yourself, and repeat the truth that lies within reach. It’s ok to be imperfect; in fact you might as well embrace being imperfect because it’s most real, honest, and beautiful. I’ll be doing my job to remind myself of that as well; because I get stuck in the spiral more than I want to admit looking at other people’s perfectly curated social media lives.

For the record, my life isn’t perfect. 🙂
I’m in a city that I hardly know.
I’m making (great) friendships with people I’ll have to move away from soon.
I’m away from family and friends.
I’m not at the health level I want to be at and often scold myself for what I eat or don’t do for exercise.
My husband is in the military which poses a lot of complications on communication and time together.
I often (like daily) feel inadequate in my businesses.
…the list can go on and on and on.

Lorena Canal Washable Rug% | Pants% | Top (currently on sale!)

PS – This rug is LIFE!
I’ve been wanting a bigger rug for the kitchen (for all the sitting I do in there, seriously!) and Lorena Canal sent me this beautiful Bereber Beige Rug and I’m in love.
I actually have Bereber Black Rug in the Living Room under the coffee table and have had it with me since Maine when it was in my entryway as well as in Connecticut in our master bedroom. I’ve washed them a few times and they are still going strong which is a necessity in this household. Having a white rug in the kitchen equals spills (Eddie just spilled BBQ stuff all over it for the 4th of July and Tobi often pukes up hairballs on them) and they wash right out! You should totally browse the other beautiful wall accents, baskets, washable rugs, cushions, and blankets from Lorena Canal.

Patio Days

Being outside is one of my favorite things.
I can remember even at a young age grabbing a book and running out to our screened-in porch and jumping into the hammock to swing and read for a while; that really hasn’t changed. The last two places we’ve lived (Maine & Connecticut) haven’t really allowed for just to enjoy much outdoor space at home. We had little patios but they were surrounded by our neighbors and lacked any real privacy. Now I’m able to lounge and read and listen to music at my leisure; we can grill out and have people over and just ENJOY the space that we’re in right now.

The weather out here in California is constantly beautiful (I say this as it’s super overcast and chilly!) which means I can pull the chair out into the sunshine to catch some rays and when it starts to cool off at night I carry a blanket outside and lounge on the sofa. The other night Eddie was doing something on the computer and when he came back into our living room he wasn’t able to find me; lo & behold I had creeped outside and was staying quiet! 🙂

One of my favorite things in our patio is my Grow Table% from EarthEasy. I got it a few months back (as you can see the veggie growth progress!) to start growing my own herbs and a few veggies while I’m here. It’s been so cathartic to watch the kale go from supper small to “woman, EAT ME” size; and I’m shocked at the growth rate of Basil, that stuff grows so quickly! One of my favorite things to do with the mint is to add it with either lemons or oranges to my water, it’s refreshing and delicious!

What are some of your favorite things about spring/summer days?
Also, do you grow any herbs/veggies in a home garden because I want to hear all about it!

Patio Details

Grow Table | String Lights | Seating | Coffee Table | Lantern | Rugs | Hammock

5 Quick Tips To Prepare For Guests

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC®, and its advertiser however all images and opinions are my own. #GladeFineFragranceMist #CollectiveBias

We’re still getting settled into our house here in San Diego but it’s starting to feel more and more like home. I’m still in this weird vacation stage where I haven’t been here long enough to really accept that I live here and yet I’ve been here long enough to get to know the area close to our place and find my shopping spots. It’s an interesting balance that I’m learning just comes with a move and you roll with it. A few nights ago I had some ladies over for a chill night. Even though the house isn’t fully unpacked and things aren’t where I want them to be I don’t ever want to close myself off to not having people over. I’ve learned in the past how easy it is to seclude yourself and make excuses for not spending time with others and I’m done playing that excuse game!

After finalizing plans with the girls I realized I didn’t schedule a lot of time to pick up / clean the house before they arrived. I literally had about 30 minutes to make it look presentable before they arrived and that made my perfectionist heart flutter with nerves. I grew up in a household where every surface needed to be cleaned and everything put away before guests arrived so naturally I’ve carried that into adulthood. While I LOVE that I try to keep a clean house 99% of the time I’ve also learned that life happens and days bleed together and sometimes you just have to do the mad-dash clean and pick up before people are knocking on your door.

With that being said I made a short list to help you quickly prepare for guests:

ONE | Sweep / Vacuum the main walking areas

There is just something nice about having a clean place to walk. We have linoleum floors in the living areas so dirt and whatnot comes from walking in and outside as well as a cat who shakes his litter all over the place which means I try to sweep/vacuum at least once a day. I loath having anything stick to my bare feet.

TWO | Wipe down your kitchen counters and empty the sink.

Trust me, it will make you feel so much better to have your kitchen picked up and the dishes either washed or put into the dishwasher for later.
I’m not sure about you but I get a little stressed out when I walk into my kitchen being super cluttered (my vitamin bowl is currently stressing me out with how messy it is!).

THREE | Clean your bathroom!

Wipe down the counters and put some cleaner in the toilet bowl and do a quick scrub. Maybe I’m crazy but I get a little creeped out when I walk into a bathroom that looks like it hasn’t been wiped down in a while. I’m a bit of a clean freak (as mentioned above).

FOUR | Scan the main entertaining room and remove anything that doesn’t belong.

Do you have random socks, cups, bobby pins scattered around that don’t really have a place – quickly run and put them in the room they belong to! I try to do this at the end of every day but I’ve been slacking off so this is even more important to do right before guests arrive.

FIVE | Make it smell nice.

There is something so comforting and welcoming about walking into a nice smelling room; so make sure all the rooms smell amazing! When preparing for the girls arriving I ran into Walmart that morning to pick up some snacks and stumbled upon Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mist and immediately opened up the different numbers to smell all the smells! I selected No. 1 Enraptured™, No. 2 Bright™, & No. 3 Free™ scents and put them into my cart and didn’t look back. One of the reasons I was drawn to this mist was because the collection is infused with essential oils, and masterfully crafted fragrances. I’ve always been a fan of the Glade® brand and all of their products and now being able to keep a mist in each of our most used rooms is going to keep my house smelling inviting for months to come!

So tell me friends, how do you prepare for guests at your home?
Do you have a must-do list you go by, or are you a fly by the seat of your pants kinda preparer?

DIY Cat Litter Box

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC®, and its advertiser however all images and opinions are my own. #LovetheseCleanPaws #CollectiveBias

If you’ve been around these parts for a while you’ve already met Tobi.
He is my little 13 year old furball who is simultaneously the joy in my heart and a pain in my butt, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. With all the moves in the last year (4!) finding a space for Tobi’s litter box has been a challenge. Since Charleston his litterbox has ended up in the living room/den of every house and let’s be honest; you don’t want to have guests over while your cat takes a poop next to the couch and smelling that less than delightful aroma.

A while back I mentioned to Eddie that I wanted to get something that was covered that we could put his box in and help hide the litter box, block the smell, and catch the litter. After looking at a bunch of options we found one that we both liked (inspiration) but Eddie decided to build it himself and I’m here today to share with you the plans and my extra tips to keep everything smelling fresh and clean.

I’ve also got to admit that this litter box wasn’t the only solution to making a re-fresh with Tobi’s litter situation. I was walking through target and grabbed some of the Fresh Step Clean Paws™ Triple Action Scented Litter to try out and I’ve got to say, I’m not disappointed. Having a cat is such a blast but the litter situation always makes me a little queasy – I mean dirty paws walking all around your house is a smidge gross so having Fresh Step Clean Paws™ helps to keep Tobi’s paws and my house clean! It also is a low dust formula (a must!) and helps to lessen litter tracking all over the house as well as blocking odor in three magical ways: blocks urine odors, eliminates fecal odors, and stops odors from bacteria. (ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!).

DIY Cat Litter Box

+ 1 sheet 3/4 inch maple plywood
+ 1/2 sheet 1/4″ Maple plywood
+ 5/16″ oak dowel
+ Pocket hole Kreg jig
+ 1 1/4 inch pocket hope screws
+ ‎2 magnetic door latches
+ Gripped contact paper

How to:
1. Measure and cut the top and bottom pieces at 36″ x 20.5″
2. Measure and cut both sides at 20″ x 20.5″
3. Measure and cut the divider at 20″ x 8″
4. ‎Equally space and drill four 3/4″ pocket holes on the bottom and top of the sides and two 3/4″ pocket holes on the top and bottom of the divider
5. ‎Attach the sides using 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws to the bottom piece
6. ‎Attach the divider at a length appropriate for the size of your litter box and cat (we attached to allow 22″ between the side and divider)
7. ‎Dry fit the top and measure for your doors. Allow a gap for the doors such as 1/4″ gap on the sides (our doors ended up being 10 5/8″ x 19 3/4″)
8. ‎Drill 1/2″ deep holes in the bottom and top pieces and top and bottom of doors to insert dowels for placing the doors (the idea is to fit like IKEA furniture)
9. ‎Attach the doors followed by aligning and attaching the top using 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws
10. ‎Attach the magnet latches to the bottom of the top piece and the top of each door
11. Add a back piece of wood/pdf if you would like (we plan to!)
12. ‎Use veneer edging to cover the plywood edges or use a router to edge the top piece
13. ‎Paint or stain as needed

Psssttt…make sure you check out the Target Cartwheel Offer on the Fresh Step Litter running from 4/1-4/7!!!

© 2018 The Clorox Company

Pantry Organization

Organization makes me happy.
You wouldn’t really know this from the current state of our house but trust me – my heart soars when things are tidy and in order. Has anyone else wanted to (or have) jumped on the minimalistic band-wagon? I have found a few decluttering lists that I want to start working through to purge the items that we don’t use, no longer need, and doesn’t have a home.

One of the main places I needed to start was the pantry.
Honestly since moving to San Diego we kind of just threw a few things that we had moved in and I’ve forgotten about it. I’ve also had to slowly start re-building my pantry necessities because a lot of them were used up / thrown away / not moved from Connecticut to San Diego. Needless to say this space was a hot mess and it needed some fixing up!

I ordered an embossing label maker off of amazon and swung by Hobby Lobby to pick up some glass jars (in fact they were 50% off, holla!) in different sizes and went to town. There are still a few more items I need to get larger jars for (nuts, coconut flakes, rice, etc) but that will come with time. So for now this is where my pantry stands; a nice little re-fresh and organization that seriously only took 30 minutes max (once I had everything purchased).


My Pantry Staples

+ Powdered Peanut Butter – Listen I LOVE all kinds of peanut/almond/cashew/sunflower butter but I am absolutely smitten to have over 1/2 the calories but full of flavor!

+ Chocolate Honeycomb – This is, by far, one of the most delicious treats I’ve ever had. It’s like having a butterfinger without the added guilt. (I buy in bulk at sprouts)

+ Elderberry Syrup – I try to take this every day to help boost my immune system and prevent illness!

+ Black Beans & Corn – If we’re running low on cooking ideas my go-to is burrito bowls with a ground meat, black beans, corn, guac/avocado, and maybe even a little rice!

+ Collagen Peptides – Muscle & joint recover for the win; plus helping to give your hair & nail boost is beyond delightful – and lots of protein per serving!

+ Single Serving Brown Rice – let’s keep it real, I LOVE carbs and rice is of them. I’ve found that the single serving helps me to portion control a lot better.

+ Apple Cider Vinegar –  ALWAYS WITH THE MOTHER!!! This really helps me with acid reflux and I used to take a few tablespoons daily which helped with my gut health and digestion – I need to get back into doing this.

+ Nuts – they make the perfect go-to snacks!

+ Chicken / Vegetable / Beef / Bone Stock – Perfect for adding to crockpot recipes, making soups, and stir frys!

+ Chia Seeds – I love adding them to overnight oats, adding to smoothies, pancakes, and oatmeal!

+ Chocolate Chips – I may be a little bias but this brand is my absolute favorite – dairy, nut & soy free! I add these little guys for everything!

+ Almond Flour – Always keep this on hand for any baking needs!

Label Maker & Glass Jars


What are your pantry must-haves?