Thoughts While Sitting On The Kitchen Floor

Life is a whirlwind.
It’s been a little quite around here recently and I just didn’t know how to get back into the routine of creating content, posting, and connecting with everyone. I’m still not sure if I’m at a mindset to get back into the routine, but here I am just typing away.

I’m a floor sitter.
I have no problem sitting on the floor vs furniture especially if there is a comfortable rug to sprawl out on and just chat. Most mornings I’ll find myself sitting on the floor giving Tobi some love or scrolling through social media catching up on what all I’ve missed.

The other day I found myself scrolling through my follow feed and the next thing I knew I was spiraling down that rabbit hole of comparison. I’m not eating healthy enough, my weight is too high, I am not working out as often as I should, my life is boring, my husband and I don’t connect enough, my house isn’t as pretty, etc.

Like raise your hand if you’ve been there.
It sucks doesn’t it?
I’ve been thinking a lot about what all I’m putting into my mind – that whole theory of energy in = energy out. I really believe it’s the same as thoughts in = thoughts out which all boils down to, it’s really important what we’re investing our time in. There is this fine line between feeling that push of encouragement to better ourselves in a healthy and positive way vs the push of comparison that drowns us in this self deprecating cycle.

One of the things I love about community is the fact that when you dig in with another person and hear their heart you’re reminded that we all struggle and have insecurities, we’re not alone in that. I think of the most positive people I’ve been around in my life and they never hide their struggles or frustrations, but they have that unwavering joy through it. I’m sure they struggle with comparison and feeling as though they don’t measure up, but they have this ability to re-ground themselves in truth.

My truth is Jesus.
My truth is knowing that no matter what stage of life I’m in, what size jeans I’m wearing, the status of my friendships, or the depth of communication in my marriage, I’m infinitely valuable and already seen as worthy in God’s eyes. I know that can sound like religious fluff but let me just be completely clear, there is freedom in knowing there is love and joy and acceptance in the imperfect. This world will sit there and throw out so many lies and beliefs that we should be doing or looking like XYZ and if we’re not there is something to help us reach that goal or we should be better at striving to be that perfect instagram-worthy self…and there is no such thing.

My hope is that if you find yourself in that spiral where you’re comparing yourself to this woman, or that man, or this fitness expert, or that couple, etc that you stop, ground yourself, and repeat the truth that lies within reach. It’s ok to be imperfect; in fact you might as well embrace being imperfect because it’s most real, honest, and beautiful. I’ll be doing my job to remind myself of that as well; because I get stuck in the spiral more than I want to admit looking at other people’s perfectly curated social media lives.

For the record, my life isn’t perfect. 🙂
I’m in a city that I hardly know.
I’m making (great) friendships with people I’ll have to move away from soon.
I’m away from family and friends.
I’m not at the health level I want to be at and often scold myself for what I eat or don’t do for exercise.
My husband is in the military which poses a lot of complications on communication and time together.
I often (like daily) feel inadequate in my businesses.
…the list can go on and on and on.

Lorena Canal Washable Rug% | Pants% | Top (currently on sale!)

PS – This rug is LIFE!
I’ve been wanting a bigger rug for the kitchen (for all the sitting I do in there, seriously!) and Lorena Canal sent me this beautiful Bereber Beige Rug and I’m in love.
I actually have Bereber Black Rug in the Living Room under the coffee table and have had it with me since Maine when it was in my entryway as well as in Connecticut in our master bedroom. I’ve washed them a few times and they are still going strong which is a necessity in this household. Having a white rug in the kitchen equals spills (Eddie just spilled BBQ stuff all over it for the 4th of July and Tobi often pukes up hairballs on them) and they wash right out! You should totally browse the other beautiful wall accents, baskets, washable rugs, cushions, and blankets from Lorena Canal.

July Goal Check In & Currently Happening

Happy Independence Day!
Make sure you take the time to remember what we are celebrating today, why we are celebrating, and to celebrate responsibly. Here’s a little PSA: If you’re planning to party tonight please plan ahead and get a DD or order an Uber or Lyft, too many people get behind the wheel thinking they are ok and end up taking a life.

Eddie is currently smoking a HUGE Pork Shoulder for some homemade BBQ and he has been making some delicious Carolina BBQ Sauce that is literally like eating liquid heaven. We plan to go for a bike ride today and then enjoy some time together and with friends. Nothing too fancy this year which is so nice to actually not deal with crowds and deal with people but just soak in our time together.


+ Hit up at least 7 OTF classes (I’ll be traveling a good chunk of the month).
Y’all, I DID THIS! I think I ended up doing 9 classes in June!

+ Continue to eat at least 90% KETO.
EEK. Yeah, no I failed on this. I would say I did about 70% KETO and then with traveling and what not I just kind of fell off the bandwagon.

+ Love on Eddie hard when I can; be mindful of our time together, put the phone down and just soak it all in.
This definitely happened. We haven’t had much time together in the last year so I’m learning to just soak in the time we do have and not mellow in the sadness of all the time we don’t spend together. That being said, we’re still finding our balance and I definitely need to put my phone/computer/tv down more often.


+ Make my “See On The West Coast” list of everything I would like to hit before leaving the West Coast.

+ Clean up my Photography Website & Blog Design.

+ Read 2 books.


+ Get some Photography Blog posts done.

+ Work on the Bible Study I’m currently doing with my friend Maria.

+ Hit up OTF at least 2-3x a week.


+ Be productive with my time.

+ Keep that stretch game strong.

+ Work on my skin care routine.


Celebrating | Time with Eddie!!! We get to spend so much time together this month (than what we’ve had in the last few months) so I’m excited to get that time together! 

Visiting | Explore more of San Diego and possibly finally go to Harry Potter World!

Baking | All the  Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies (seriously, SO GOOD!)

Wearing | Lots of athletic wear, it’s basically what I live in now and I’m not even mad about it! This is one of the MANY reasons I love my Ellie Activewear Subscription Box – You get an amazing box delivered to you monthly full of an entire workout outfit and/or clothes + workout gear.

Loving | The nice weather, good time with friends, and getting back into my workout and work routine. Just appreciating where I am in life right now and not focussing on what struggles could be around the corner.

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Waffle Bar Brunch

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveMyEggo #MoreEggo2Love #CollectiveBias

One of my favorite things growing up was going to brunch.
As a little girl I remember women using that word and found myself thinking “that’s so adult and so cool” and you want to know what? This almost 30 year old still thinks it’s cool! I mean who can complain about breakfast foods in the middle of the day paired with delicious drinks, cute decor, and good friends? Definitely not Amy!

I’ve been wanting to have some of my girls over for brunch and was brainstorming ideas on what we could munch on that would not only be easy to put together but still tasty and full of options! I always enjoy having options for different toppings whether it’s for my mashed potatoes, eggs, ice cream, etc.

Waffles seemed like a no-brainer, WHO DOESN’T LOVE WAFFLES?!
My mind started working through the logistics and a few things kept coming up: I would need a waffle maker, or at least 2, and instead of being able to spend time socializing I would be secluded in the kitchen making sure the waffles were constantly flowing. Then it was one of those light-bulb moments that just slammed into me, FROZEN WAFFLES!
I made a quick trip to Walmart and found myself scouring the frozen waffle section for something delicious and filling and zeroed in on the new and improved Kellogg’s® Eggo Thick & Fluffy Original Belgian Style Waffles. Getting them for the brunch didn’t make me feel bad at all because they are just like you make at home…and now have colors and flavors from natural sources!

PS – There are also a lot of other new flavors (YAY!) for you to try out: Kellogg’s® Eggo Thick & Fluffy Original, Kellogg’s® Eggo Thick & Fluffy Blueberry Waffles, Kellogg’s® Eggo Thick & Fluffy Cinnamon Brown Sugar Waffles, Kellogg’s® Eggo Thick & Fluffy Double Chocolatey Waffles – so they should all fit your fancy! AND You can sign up for ibotta and earn money back on the purchase of Eggo variety (while supplies last)


Peanut Butter + Honey + Bananas + Chia Seeds + Sliced Almonds

Greek Yogurt + Blue Berries + Chia Seeds

Peanut Butter + Apples + Honey + Slivered Almonds + Granola

Greek Yogurt + Bananas + Cinnamon + Chocolate Chips + Dragon Fruit (from a smoothie pack!)


What are some of your favorite brunch ideas?
OR favorite toppings on your waffles?

The Eggo Waffle Bar Truck will be driving around to visit Walmart stores around the country, click below to see if they are coming to a Walmart near you!

Charleston Bound

Pardon the quiet friends!
I’m currently in Charleston (my home town!) hanging out with family and friends, getting some much needed projects done, and crossing at least 50 things off of my to-do list! I can’t wait to get back into this space and share some new content and love with y’all! <3
If you miss me THAT much make sure you’re following my instagram since I’m a bit of a spazz and posting stories often!
PS – Did I mention Eddie & I bought a house? YUP, last year 😉 it’s our favorite and I love being home in it!

My Weekend | June Beginnings

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “My Weekend’s Post” in fact, the last one was June of 2016!!!! I wanted to start adding them back into the rotation to help keep a collection of memories and bench marks throughout this season of my life. So much has been changing so quickly that the days start to bleed together and I often find myself trying to remember what all I have been up to when people ask, and boy do they ask! So here is a little snippet of my past weekend!


I’m including Thursday because I had an amazing session out here in San Diego that allowed me to crank out my creativity and have lots of fun and wanted to share some of the images!


Oh y’all, Friday was “the big chop!” I chopped off all my hair (if you saw my instastories you’ve already seen this!) and I’m still getting used to it! It hasn’t been this short in at least 8 years, so that’s saying something. Eddie has actually never seen my hair short so I’m interested to see what he thinks about it when he sees it! That evening I ended up heading over to one of the smaller local beaches for a couple’s session and while walking on the rocks totally fell and scrapped up my foot decently as well as jarred my shoulder from breaking my fall with my hand. It was not my most graceful moment and my body has been sore yesterday and today. I’m also super frustrated that I fell because it’s going to limit my workouts until my foot fully heals and my shoulder. GRRRR.


My friend Nicole and I completed the Coast To Crest Challenge with Volcan Mountain and let me tell you, we haven’t done any “hard hikes” recently so that one kicked our butt. When I got back to the house after running some errands I ran next store and chatted with my friend, and neighbor Sam about some stuff, and ended the night in a much-needed bath.


I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, (seriously 3AM) and got on the road to drive an hour to a sunrise outdoor boudoir session! We had so much fun watching the sunrise over the mountains but man I was so tired when I got home! I attempted to take a nap, but my body just doesn’t allow that to happen 🙁 – So I got up instead to clean. I even took 30 minutes to go go layout in the backyard. I’m trying to get my base tan up before family beach time! I finished the night with a devotional since I missed church that morning and quickly passed out.

All in all, the weekend was glorious!

June Goal Check In & Currently

Oh hello summer!
I’m so excited for some good ol’ beach days, hammock evenings, and good books to read through! I’m currently reading King’s Cage and hope to finish the series in the next two weeks. I’ve been spending the last month going on lots of awesome hikes, spending time with new friends, and finding my rhythm out here in San Diego! It’s still so weird that I’m calling this place home for now.


Go to at least 9 Orange Theory Fitness classes.
YES! I think I ended up doing 11 classes this past month and it was amazing and so challenging!

+ Eat 90% of my meals at home; this should be doable.
Hmmmm I don’t think I fully followed this. I would say like 70% at home. I was a little bad.

+ Work on Blog content.
I definitely did work on this, just not to the extent I wanted to.


+ Hit up at least 7 OTF classes (I’ll be traveling a good chunk of the month).

+ Continue to eat at least 90% KETO.

+ Love on Eddie hard when I can; be mindful of our time together, put the phone down and just soak it all in.


+ Try new essential oil diffusor blends.

+ Stay on top of business work with the blog & photography.

+ See if I can get back into intermitted fasting.


+ STRETCH! I’ve been so stiff lately.

+ Talk to Jesus more. I have been just BLAH in my relationship with God and I need to put in more effort

+ Drink lots, and lots of water!


Traveling | Back to Charleston and I am SO EXCITED! I’ve got some house projects to complete, family & friends to see, and some delicious southern beach time to soak in. 

Grilling | Delicious burgers. Y’all just get some grass fed beef and mix in some grilled onions, minced garlic, coco aminos, salt & pepper, and then GRILL THEM. Your taste buds will thank me later! 🙂

Exploring | Books! I’ve always been a lover of books and I feel like the last year I really haven’t been reading like I used to. I’m hoping with all of this warmer weather I’ll get a book in my hands more often and just soak in some good ol’ pages!

Planting | All the herbs. We made some basil martins the other night using the basil from my garden and it was so beyond tasty!

Playing | With my hair! I’m about to chop it off and let the blue go for a while, it will be a new season for me that’s for sure!

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