On The Road Again

Well, the time has come to hit the road again.
I can’t believe that I’m moving across the country to start our new adventures in San Diego. As I write this I’m sitting in a tailgating chair in a mostly empty house and taking a moment to binge watch the office while eating oatmeal and attempting to not stress out about it all. Change is hard.

In fact, I used to really, really hate change; now I’ve learned to embrace it.
There is so much good that can come with change, new growth, experiences, friendships, adventures, and opportunities to grow as an individual. There is also a lot of struggle that comes – finding your footing, putting yourself out in new situations, leaving behind relationships, etc. Change is just simply change.

The above was written a few days ago.
This morning I’m doing some last minute packing and I’m about to give Tobi a small pill to take the edge off the first long drive and then we are hitting the road. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious or didn’t have tears in my eyes and my stomach wasn’t in knots; but I also know how good this will be. It’s just a long drive (7 days!) and lots of unknowns coming our way.

Please be praying for travel mercies and that we don’t loose our minds (my friend maria is traveling with us).
I plan on checking in via instagram often so if you’re not already following me there you should to enjoy the trip!
As always I’m so thankful to be able to have this space to fill in thoughts and fears and joys.

Three cheers to new adventures.