Just Rolling With It

I came to Charleston with all of these expectations.
I was going to come home, enjoy Christmas with my husband and my family, say goodbye to Eddie for a bit. Then work on the house, see my friends, grab coffee, go to barre every day, eat healthy, book photography sessions, go to the church I attended when I was here, go downtown, go to the beach, see family a lot; you know, the works. However it didn’t go that way, right after Eddie left Charleston got it’s first snowfall in like 20 years which shut the city down and kept me inside for a few days, that was ok – I could still get my stuff done after the snow! I spent a night cutting in the upstairs hallway to paint and then the next day I started to just feel really, really off. BOOM I got sick. I have been out of commission for the better part of 6 days and am still getting over it and have no energy to paint, workout, see people, or ANYTHING. Did I mention I have a list a mile long I am hoping to accomplish before leaving Charleston to head to San Diego? And I’m only like a week out?!

I’ve been frustrated;┬áREALLY REALLY frustrated with myself and the situation.
I feel like I have had time robbed away from me and I haven’t been focused to workout like I should, eat healthy like I should, instead I’ve been lounging, sneezing, coughing, eating, blowing my nose, eating, and attempting to get out of the house. Yeah, it basically has been a total let down. I’m also missing my husband like WOAH, the only-communicating-through-email thing sucks when you go days and days without a hello. Yet that’s navy life and I’m learning that I’m a lot stronger than I originally knew.

I woke up Sunday morning and as I was watching the snot roll out of my nose (you’re welcome) and I felt this pang of frustration I finally said “I’m just going to roll with it”. I can’t change the circumstances, I can’t change how much time I have left before I move again, what I can change is my attitude. I was watching this youtube video the other day and the girl mentioned how her mother said “A joyful heart is good life medicine”. So much truth. Our attitudes effect our emotional state, physical state, spiritual state…and I don’t want to live in this negative nancy place anymore.

So heres to just rolling with it and embracing having a joyful heart.