January Monthly Goals & Currently

I’m still thawing out today from all the snow we got in Charleston but today I will venture out in the car.
Yesterday my friend Maria and I walked to the grocery store, through the snow…how often can you say that in Charleston, uh NEVER!!! I’ve already booked my workout class for later this afternoon and will be hitting up a few stores to just walk around and stretch my legs; then I should start painting more of the house! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I’ve been back in my hometown and it feels like the move date will be here before you know it! AHK.
Now time to see all the friends, go to all my favorite places, and enjoy the charm of my city!


+ Go through our things and purge those not-needed items. BE. RUTHLESS.

I really was ruthless! I got rid of a lot of stuff (especially hair products and y’all that’s hard for me) but I feel like I could have gotten rid of more. AHK.

+ Give myself some grace.

This was definitely a success. I still beat myself up sometimes but overall I knew it was a stressful season (still is) and that I could not be 100% on everything and still be ok.

+ Keep reading my Bible.
I didn’t keep up with this like I wanted to. BUT I’ve re-started last night reading in 2 Samuel.

+ Run 2 miles strong.
I DID THIS! I made it at least 3 times so I’ll count that as a success.

+ Finish a book.
I finished an audio book, and I’m going to count that ūüėČ

+ Enjoy time with Eddie.
This was definitely a win. I think I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have (you know, stress and being a weird female sometimes) but man I always love our time together. Christmas was especially fun with my family and then going to see his.




+ Be kind to myself.

+ Keep up with barre classes.

+ Finish one book (I’m doing the goodreads year challenge!)

+ Finish all the painting I need to do.

+ Spend time with my family & friends.


Starting |¬†Watching the Golden Girls! I’ve actually¬†never¬†watched it before *GASP! I KNOW!* and it’s so dang funny!¬†

Hoping |¬†I don’t stress myself out too much with the next LONG move. Myself, the cat, and Maria will be making the drive from South Carolina to California and I’m totally cool as a cucumber about the drive, but not the drive with the cat. UGH. Multiple days in the car with a cat is just giving me all the hives.

Scheduling |¬†All the pure barre classes I can! One of Eddies’ Christmas gifts to me was an unlimited 30 day pass to a local barre place while I’m in town. I’ve already missed some due to the snow(!!) but I have my second class scheduled for today!

Reading | Nothing To Prove by: Jennie Allen // I’ve been reading this book for a while now but WILL finish it this month. It’s an amazingly challenging and heart provoking read. I think I’ve underlined basically ever sentence in there. Trust me, you want to buy this book.¬†

Playing | Lots of board games. My brother & his fianc√© got the game Sheriff Of Nottingham and it’s so fun!

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