Friday Finds

The last two weeks have been crazy sauce.
Eddie headed back up north, we had a crazy amount of snow in Charleston, I’ve been trying to get stuff done around the house to prepare for renters, I caught a nasty cold and am still getting over it, scheduling photo sessions while in town, needing to cross at least 5 things off of my to-do list before leaving, AND planning out the road trip. OOHHPPFF oh and see family & friends as much as I can while still in town. It’s kind of crazy sauce how quickly the time is flying by. BUT it’s a new year full of new adventures and tons of great fun times and challenging times.

+ Turn your FOMO into JOMO!  Such a good read!

+ Has anyone else been following Young House Loves beach house renovation?! I’m obsessed with it and want to go on vacation there ASAP!

+ I’ve been going through this list of books/podcasts and adding some stuff to the road trip playlist. 🙂

+ This living room is giving me all the cozy vibes.

+ I’m intrigued by this dill pickle and sloppy joe sandwich! AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT 😉 haha

+ I am slowly adding pins to my San Diego list and if you have any fun san diego must-see places let me know!!!


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