Charleston Snow Day & A Realization

Charleston had a snow day…ok we had a FEW snow days; in fact there is still snow all in my yard and ice all on the roads (very treacherous here as we don’t have the equipment to clear the roads!). It’s made for an interesting and quiet few days full of downtime, cabin fever, and being more cold than I like to admit (literally just bought a space heater!). While being holed up inside of my house one of the things I realized was how obsessed I am with technology.

I happened to lay in the bed one night and I had already put my phone down, read, and was trying to nod off to sleep and I kept finding myself thinking “is there anything on FB, or instagram, or an email I need to respond to, or a post I should check”. That minute I was aware of where my mind went and I realized I had a problem. In fact the next day I was acutely aware of how often I reached for my phone when I really had no need to. I keep the sound on so I know when a phone call/text/calendar reminder comes through but instead I found myself wanting to kill time by scrolling through some kind of feed. How often do we do this?! Finding ourselves staring at a screen instead of finding something better to do with our energy and our time. I’m really taking a step back this week to be intentional with my time instead of ALWAYS reaching for my phone. I’ll go to my workout classes, do some at home yoga, finish up some house projects, go for a walk, talk to a friend, go out and explore, READ, do anything except check Facebook or Instagram for the 200th time in ONE day.
It’s simply just too much.

I’ve had this conversation with Eddie before about how I sometimes find it hard to “unplug”. Truth be told my job is about being connected. Finding clients, responding to brands, creating content, editing pictures, marketing to women for portrait work…it’s a lot of being online and connected. Add on to the fact that my husband is military which means time apart and the constant refresh of an email account to see if he’s written me back. It can be exhausting. I really want to get to this place where I’m not so obsessed with notifications but instead am refreshed by the people and the stories behind them. Let’s bring it back to the connections, to the relationships and also to our lives.

Step away from the screen(s) for a bit this week and go out and DO SOMETHING.
I can do this.
We can do this.

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