2017 Blog & Life Review

Oh hello 2018!
What an amazing and truly life-changing year 2017 was for me; looking back I’m still in awe. If you would have told me five years ago that I would be married, lived in two new states (almost 3!), learn how to drive in the snow, be away from family & friends, and so much more I would have laughed at you. I am just so thankful that the Lord makes us resilient to bounce back from change. I’m really looking forward to this next year of change and adventure and to see what all unfolds.

This year was really really good. It was full of so much joy and happiness; so much growth and change that it brought this sense of peace and challenge in a way that I could hardly understand at times. With the peace and challenge there was pain and struggle. You can’t have light without the dark and man did I have some darkness. Being stripped from my hometown and missing friends and family and the area i’ve only known was sometimes more than I could process; but I made it. Eddie and I grew and learned more about love and life than we probably could have if we had been able to stay in Charleston. We are so excited to get back to Charleston though, like man we’ve missed it!


I don’t think I’ve EVER had so many milestones in one year like I did this year! Between getting married, multiple moves, seeing new places in the USA, road trips, meeting new friends and trying new things…goodness it’s been outrageously awesome and hard! You can’t have good without the bad and there was definitely some hard challenges this year with the good.

// WE GOT MARRIED! I still can’t believe I married the love of my life & our mini-honeymoon was absolutely beautiful!

// I left my home of 28 years and moved to Maine!!! Maine was gorgeous…especially all of the snow!

// Then we moved to Connecticut and what a whirlwind that was.

// Eddies mother lost her battle with cancer in December and she will be dearly missed.


This year was a lot of state-by-state traveling. With all the moving happening I spent a lot of time exploring around the new cities to see all the places! I really learned how to grow where you’re planted and just find new ways to connect with people and areas.

// Portsmouth New Hampshire quickly became one of my favorite places to walk around.

// Portland Maine was an interesting day. It wasn’t my favorite place but that’s probably because I didn’t plan out the trip well!

// Exeter New Hampshire is THE CUTEST! Especially Laney & Lu Cafe, that place is delicious.

// Some family came to visit us in Maine and we went and spent a day in Boston Massachusetts!

// Acadia National Park was a HUGE highlight of the year! We loved loved loved going; see all of our travels to Acadia here!

// We spent a day in New York City and I can totally see why it’s the city that never sleeps!

// Let’s just say Connecticut was a lot of fun to explore.

Healthy Living

THIS YEAR WAS SO DANG TOUGH FOR ME! Yes I basically just screamed that. 100% honesty, I’ve put on 15 lbs this year and haven’t been consistently eating well or working out. It’s been incredibly frustrating to see the pounds pile back on but I’m making some changes to bring balance back into my life.

// I made a lot of posts in my Living Well series this year

// Slow Mornings were something I quickly became accustomed to but am still feeling like I need to hop back into a schedule. I really do thrive by a schedule!

// Essential Oils is something I brought into my day to day life and even shared some of my favorites with y’all!

2018 Goals

// Practice more positive self-talk. I am THE WORST with my inner dialogue – think total mean girl – and I want to be better this year!

// Be outside more! Hike, Bike, Run, Explore all the beauty of where we live.

// Integrate more healthy living and balance.

// Grow my photography business and submit to book publications!

// Get back into journaling more.

// Continue to pour into this blog space and dig back into my authentic roots.

// Read 30 books.

Have you taken a step back to review 2017 and see how far you’ve come and what all has changed? Do you have any goals for 2018 that you’re hoping to accomplish? I would love to hear them!