Hygge – what is it & some tips


Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept cannot be translated to one single word in the English language; yet it encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life in any moment. Slowly but surely “Hygge” is becoming more of a trend in the USA and while I’m not sure how the Danish feel about it; I think it would be great for all of us to slow down a bit and enjoy the moment-by-moment treasures that happen in our daily lives. This isn’t a fad diet, a list of one, two, three that you need to do in order to accomplish a Hygge way of mindset; it’s about you being present in the moment and outside of it, slowing down and treasuring those extraordinary moments whether you’er alone or with friends, out and about or simply at home. Don’t overthink it; these moments can be as simple as sipping on some warm tea, eating some bacon, knitting, playing a board game, going for a walk, yoga pants, deep conversations, enjoying a roaring fire, light a candle, eat a cookie….the list goes on and on!

With winter swiftly heading this way I’ve created a little list of items that I think would help add to that cozy ambiance I want to practice.
I’ve already been trying to practice being present each moment in the last few weeks; it’s taking some time and I haven’t won the battle every day but I’m finding joy in those small times too.

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Have you heard of Hygge before?
What do you do to practice enjoying those extraordinary moments each day?