Friday Finds

I have a confession to make; I’ve been binge watching Sex In The City while working the last few days.
Has anyone else watched this show from start to finish; It’s super over the top and kind of ridiculous and yet I can’t keep watching haha. Ahhh the random shows we get sucked into…what are you currently hooked on?

On a totally different note I’ve got to start planning the cross-country road trip from South Carolina to California!
Do you have any must-see places I should know about?!

+ If you saw my instagram stories yesterday you may have noticed I got a new planner and I’m kind of obsessed with it and upgrade it to the kit because you get so may other fun things (which is what I got)!

+ When browsing through Target I saw this Christmas Tree Half and my mind was blown. This is such an amazing solution to still get a tall Christmas tree in a small space and I’ll be honest I’ll probably end up getting one of these next year (it can always work in a second room in the house too!).

+ This pear & cranberry cobbler looks delectable!

+ All these pretty house spaces just make me so happy. I want to cuddle up with a cup of warm tea and get lost in a lifetime movie or something haha.

+ Truth – this is one of my favorite desserts to snack on during Christmas.

+ Winter is coming and I think I’m going to make some of this DIY Breathe Easy Balm to help when we get stuffy.

+ 10 days to fight insomnia naturally.

+ Stocking Stuffers for him under $25!


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Have A Lovely Weekend!