December Monthly Goals & Currently

I’m going to be 100% honest, today is a hard day.
It is the 13th anniversary of the day my mom left this earth and it’s weird. Some years it passes and I hardly recognize it until I’m laying in bed at night thinking through what all transpired; others I feel it hit out of the blue and knock me to my knees. Then there are years like this one where it kind of lingers for a few days leading up to December 6th and I am just kind of distant, foggy, and a little off. I would like to just sit down with a cup of hot tea and shoot the breeze with her, get to know her as a women and not solely as my mother. There are so many changes and big events coming up in my life that her advice and words of encouragement would mean the world to me. Yet here I sit, drinking a kombucha and typing away playing catch up with my to-do list. No matter how I feel throughout the day, I know she would be proud of where I am, she would love the man I married, and we would be chatting all about Christmas.

On another, lighter, note our movers are coming soon!
I went through my closet for the first round yesterday and am slowly posting to my poshmark account to try to get it all sold so I don’t have to pack it up / give it away. It’s an interesting season, lots of moving, cleaning, chaos, un-knowns, etc but I’m really excited about it! New adventures are on the horizon!


+ Write a check-in post; an actual how-am-i-really-doing post.
Completed!  You can read all about it here.

+ Be intentional with food, seriously. Less processed EVERYTHING, less sugar, more veggies and choosing healthy snacking options.
HA HA!!! Yeah, this one wasn’t great. With moving coming up I have been snacking like crazy. -__-

+ Spend more time with Jesus, that relationship has been lacking lately and it’s because I haven’t been putting in the effort.
YES! I read all of 1 Samuel and am starting on 2nd Samuel. I’ve noticed more of a connection and am being more intentional with prayer.

+ Finally finish at least one of the MANY non-fiction books I’m in the middle of.
This didn’t happen. I did finish another fiction book (audible for the win!)

+ Add morning yoga into my daily routine.
Nope. I tried a few times, but I just can’t get into the rhythm. I’ve been working out but I NEED to add some Yoga to the routine because honestly I need the flexibility and the down time.

+ Try one new recipe.
WOOHOO! I tried this creamy butternut squash mac & cheese for our thanksgiving together and it was so dang good.



+ Go through our things and purge those not-needed items. BE. RUTHLESS.

+ Give myself some grace.

+ Keep reading my Bible.

+ Run 2 miles strong.

+ Finish a book.

+ Enjoy time with Eddie.


Lighting | I picked up this frosted spruce candle at Target the other day and it has been lit every single day. Since we aren’t decorating this year I want it to at least smell like Christmas when I’m home! 

Spending | I just left Khols last night with this pull-over tunic in burgundy and this roll-cuff tee in blue streak. Both are so soft and the sweater is so warm that I can’t wait to wear them! AND I used the app and got an extra 25% off with the coupon code when I was in store; always use the app people! The tunic is $13.49 with the code & the roll-cuff tee is $18.74 – trust me, they are both incredibly comfortable, flattering, and great wardrobe staples. I LOVE THEM.

Choosing | What items to not have packed but to take with me for a few weeks. Figuring out what I really need vs having all of it just hanging out where you can grab it at anytime is weird.

Sending | We actually got our Christmas Cards in the mail before December 1st! ((ok so we still have a few we are verifying the address for, but the bulk our out!)). We picked out this design from Minted and I’m kind of in love but also sad that we didn’t choose to put “Murry Christmas” instead 😉 haha 

Singing | Hansons new Christmas album. YES THERE IS A NEW ALBUM! I am so excited for it I can hardly stand it!!

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