When You Hear A ‘No’

Yesterday I heard the word “no”.
I applied for a company for the blog and to put it simply; they weren’t impressed with my numbers. It was a bit of a sting to come home to and open that email, to hear that they’ve reviewed my work and just don’t find it up to snuff with what their company requires. I get it; there are qualifications you have hit before being able to access certain things…but still, it is never easy to just be told “no” when you were hoping for a yes.

Far too often we talk all about our “yes” moments instead of the all the no’s we receive.
When in reality I think our character is often built from all the times we simply hear no.
In the last few months I’ve been told no about where we will live in San Diego, from companies I want to partner with, from the scale, myself, family, friends, from the Lord, from everything. No is just as much a part of our lives as anything else even when it stings to hear it.

Then there are the times when hearing/saying ‘no’ is such a good thing.
Those moments where we’ve over committed ourselves and we need to turn another commitment down, when we’re exhausted and need a break, when family times comes first, when we need to budget and practice self control.
No is powerful.

So on this Tuesday morning I’m taking a step back from the sting of hearing no to focus on the list of all the other things that need my attention. I’m not going to wallow in it anymore and instead I’m going to look at the positive of the no and maybe even use this as a moment to evaluate if there are areas in my life where eI need to say ‘no’ to.

What about you?
Have you heard a ‘no’ recently that kind of stung?
Do you struggle with saying no when you know you should?
I’m not alone in this right?