Tobi Gets A Treat

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It’s been a while since Tobi sauntered on in to give y’all a big hello, so today is the day!
This little fur-ball is 12 1/2 and I honestly am so thankful that he has been able to walk with me through all the crazy changes in the last few months. Not only have I moved from the only home I’ve ever known but so did this little guy and making sure that he’s had smooth transitions at each new change in our lives has been a top priority. Eddie & I joke with each other on who spoils him more and honestly I think it’s an even trade.

I know it sounds crazy, but I really am just blessed to have Tobi in my life.
Now that most of my days are spent working from home and Eddie being at work I’m left with little social interaction; so being able to have some time with this sweet boy throughout the day is a blast. Do y’all have moments like that with your pets? Where you realize how much joy and peace they bring to your life? He’s been a constant companion for 12 years and I love being able to pick him up and squeeze his cute face!!

Lately I’ve been trying to make sure I get him to move more around the house with me.
We do a lot of playing with his toys and chasing the laser as well as having little walks on the back patio. He is getting older and his body and needs are changing in ways that may not always be noticeable to me. Keeping him at a healthy weight with a good immune system has been something I’ve been actively trying to work on. The other day I went walking through PetSmart to browse through the Purina® Pro Plan® line since it’s been our favorite for a few years. I love walking through PetSmart and seeing all of their seasonal items as well as looking for new things for Tobi. When I found Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus Adult 7+ Cat Food I knew it was a match made in heaven. The Prime Plus Adult 7+ Cat foods has key ingredients that support lean muscle mass, a healthy weight, a strong and healthy immune system, improved microflora for a balanced digestive system and healthy skin. Trust me, I want this dude to be around for a few more years and I’ve quickly realized that him having a healthy diet and keeping him active is key! If you’re looking for a new food for your pet that is tailored to their needs make sure you check out the myPlan tool and find the right food for them and if you think you know it all take the test at their Pro Plan University where you can test your knowledge!!!

How to keep your senior cat happy:

+ Make sure they are staying active. You can accomplish this by playing with them using their favorite toys, taking them outside for some fresh air (if they are an indoor cat) and even walking around the house with them so they follow.

+ Check in with their diet. Are you feeding them the best food for the stage of life they are in? If you’re unsure check out the myPlan tool to find the right food for your pet – every animal is unique so see what works best for them!

+ Hydrate! Make sure you’re pet is drinking their water throughout the day and if you don’t think they are getting enough, add some to their food.

+ Give them all the cuddles and love they will take.

If you’re looking to treat your pet to some new (and so good for them) food, PetSmart currently has some great offers!
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