November Monthly Goals & Currently

It’s been a hot minute since I last did a currently post OR a monthly goals post so I’m deciding to add them together from here on out. October was a weird month for me; it was kind of this emotional up and down roller coaster full of lots of questions, doubts, joys, and struggles. Throughout the month my dads birthday was in there then my birthday and halloween…three great moments to celebrate but it was a little overshadowed by some of my internal struggles and acceptances and worries that I just let cloud too many things. Can we just stop for a moment and all say a “YES” for how frustrating it is when we get in our own way?!? Seriously, I hate it.

Anyways, we’re now gearing up to start going through all of our stuff getting rid of what we don’t use so that when it comes time to move again (moving so soon!) we’re more prepared for the movers to come and we’re really taking with us the things we want. This will also be my first Thanksgiving (EVER) away from family so I’m starting to get a little sad about that but am trying to balance it out with planning a thanksgiving meal for Eddie and I (and possibly a few friends). The truth is; i’ll be missing lots of holidays and celebrations as the years begin to unfold so it’s time for Eddie and I to really start our own traditions and happy moments. Ahhh so much to learn.

Monthly Goals

+ Write a check-in post; an actual how-am-i-really-doing post.

+ Be intentional with food, seriously. Less processed EVERYTHING, less sugar, more veggies and choosing healthy snacking options.

+ Spend more time with Jesus, that relationship has been lacking lately and it’s because I haven’t been putting in the effort.

+ Finally finish at least one of the MANY non-fiction books I’m in the middle of.

+ Add morning yoga into my daily routine.

+ Try one new recipe.

Realizing | That life changes. Seriously that sounds so cliche and “duh” but It’s a lesson I’ve been learning more and more recently and I think it’s finally starting to sink in. I kind of find myself laughing because I am not a lover of change, never really have been, but then the Lord was all “this is the man you’re going to marry!” and low and behold he’s military – which means constant change and realizing that certainty is thrown out the window. 

Stirring | Pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – so much yum! I just made these last night and they were tasty but I did add some liquid stevia lightly to the top of them.

Appreciating | A healthy body. Halloween morning I got home from a super hard HIIT workout class and when I went to get into the shower I slipped and slammed my face into the ridge of the side of the tub. I only ended up with a small eyebrow cut and a super bruised and tender nose; no broken bones, concussion, or horrible damage – praise hands all around.

Investigating | Details for the cross-country road trip I’ll be taking shortly. I’ll be making the trip from SC to San Diego early next year and want to stop at allllllll the pretty places! 

Following | Y’all. My bloglovin save list has been unreal! I have found so many awesome blog posts this past week!

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