Preparing For A Guest

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I love having people visit and stay with me.
Now that I’ve moved away from my home state it’s been especially nice to have friends and family travel to come spend a few days with Eddie & I. Now that we’re more a few states away (and about to be coast to coast!) it requires a lot more for our visitors to come see us (flying or driving for many hours) so I want to make sure I have a few essentials on hand ready to go whenever I’m expecting a guest.

Coffee Reusable Filter // This was a “must-have” for our house. Our coffee maker was on the fritz and with us moving again soon I didn’t want to purchase a full blown coffee machine. I found this beautiful reusable coffee filter on amazon and with it being gold I HAD to have it. You can use it in your regular coffee machine and no longer buy filters; or you can use it like we do, as a pour-over.

Bed Sheets // Having a set of bed sheets specifically for guests is SO HELPFUL. I know which ones I need washed and ready to go before they get here and it makes it really easy to clean up after they leave.

Water Bottle // This sounds like an odd one to have for a guest, but it’s been SO HELPFUL. Most of the time our guests get here an then we spend our days out exploring new areas so staying hydrated is super important!

Turkish Towel // Y’all, THESE TOWELS! **heart eyes for days** I have slowly been building my collection (ordering one each time we place an order from amazon) and replacing all of our old towels. These take up next to zero room in the linen closet, they dry super fast, they don’t stink, they take up less energy/water/soap to wash and dry.

Diffuser // Visitors means new germs. Yup, I’m one of those people who is kind of a germaphobe; it sucks at times. In general I’m always running a few different diffusors in our home but having one in the guest room is always really nice to help guests combat any travel germs, sleep better, and all of the above. I recently talked about how much I love essential oils so you can read more about that if you’re curious.

Breath Mints // Everyone loves mints. End of story.

Sound Machine // We have two of these in our home; one in our room and one in the guest room. Not everyone loves sound machines but we sleep 100% better when ours is on. It helps guests to be able to drown out any noise (say you are still awake watching TV and they are ready for bed) and it helps if anyone snores. 😉

What are some of your “must haves” when you have visitors coming?