Friday Finds

I’ve been binge watching Charmed the last few days.

I forgot how much I enjoy this show – it’s easy to watch, the characters are fun, and it’s completely nostalgic and helps me enjoy the halloween season. I still can’t believe Halloween is coming up THIS Tuesday and man it feels so weird to not have the normal brouhaha that comes with the season for me. The last two years I haven’ thrown a party, have hardly decorated, and rarely wear costumes. Life happens and things ebb and flow and things fall apart and come together – overall it’s just a part of life and it happens; but it still feels weird to not really be enjoying Halloween festivities.

Tonight Eddie & I may go to a haunted house and we finally get a weekend to spend time together and go out and explore. I’m super excited to jut get some “us” time and get out of the house. Last night was fabulous; I said yesterday that I was going to take a night off and not really check in – and I did just that. Eddie and I watched some blue bloods, frazier, and the last harry potter movie – it was so needed and I didn’t miss the phone.

So, onto my Friday finds!
I’m keeping it blog-friendly this week – aka I’m linking only to other posts from blogs I follow; let’s share the love with them!

+ I’ve been doing 4-5 workouts a week and this is a similar workout to what we’ve been doing – kettlebell swings SUCK.

+ 31 Amazing Pumpkin recipes – seriously….they all look so good especially #1, 3, & 16

+ This renovated camper makes me want to do small living; even if only for a week or two. Eddie & I have actually talked about getting one of these for road trips and what not – #dreambig.

+ Tumeric Acne Mask + Glowing Skin Smoothie – YES PLEASE!! I’ve got some tumeric sitting around in my pantry and i’ve been itching to use it for something other than cooking!

+ Gingerdead Men Cookies – these are so perfect for Halloween! Those little purple ones are precious haha.

+ If you’re anything like me I’m sure you’ve been following Young House Love forĀ years and now that their new beach house project has furniture – man I want to go rent it out! <3

+ Another last minute DIY costume!!!

+ Harvest Apple Cider Punch – I WANT THIS RIGHT NOW!

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