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I have always wanted my bedroom to be a place of retreat, comfort, peace, and serenity. Since I now work from home I’m surrounded by to-do lists and this overwhelming sense of “I can never get everything finished”. I see a bathroom that needs cleaning, a pile of laundry I haven’t washed, a list of blog posts I need to finish, photography props I need to go through,etc. So when I walk into our bedroom I want to feel like I’m walking into a nice warm hug and not another thing to cross off of my list. When Eddie and I were first talking about married life we decided we would never have a TV in our bedroom – it’s meant for two things: sleeping and married time, ha! With that distraction out of the way I can really feel like I’m “off the job” when I come into our bedroom. I can read a book before falling asleep, listen to music, diffuse my oils, and just relax!

I purposefully chose this smaller nightstand with an open bottom so I can keep my oils (or a basket of blankets) underneath it for quick use. The drawer is full of journals, books, pens, and nicknacks which leaves me with little room left to stuff things inside of it (maybe it’s time to clean it out!). For many years I was a cluttered nigh-stand type of person; I would have books pilled high, random notes scribbled, cups from water, chapstick, you name it I probably had it sitting beside me. Now that I’m sharing a space with someone else I try my hardest to keep our surfaces as clutter-free as possible; it adds to that relaxing feeling. I found this awesome bedside pocket at UncommonGoods recently and I knew it would be the solution to my side-table hoarding problems. I have it full with a journal, whatever current book I’m reading, and some lavender lotion; this cute pocket sits snugly next to my bed and out of site for the most part. I can tell you this, if you’re looking for a special (and functional) gift for someone else visit UncommonGoods for some great gift ideas for your family.

One of my favorite corners in my room is my dressing corner.
Eddie always gives me a hard time about taking up the entire master closet because I have a small problem with clothes (ok maybe I do have a little hoarding problem). Since carving out this small corner of our bedroom I have been waiting for something to hang up on the wall near the mirror as it was looking super bare. This you are beautiful wood sign spoke to me the minute I saw it on UncommonGoods website.

The truth is, I struggle with positive self talk.
I’ve talked about it a few times on the blog before and this is something I still struggle with. I am not always kind to myself; I often turn into that mean girl who tears myself down and tends to focus on my flaws and not my strengths. So seeing this small but much-needed reminder that I am beautiful every single time I look in the mirror helps to keep things in perspective. I am beautiful. I have value. I have strengths. I am needed.
Now while I got this for myself, I would have been just as thrilled if Eddie had bought it for an anniversary gift. So my friends, if you’re looking for an anniversary gift (or even a wedding gift) head on over to Uncommon Goods to browse through their amazing selection. <3 PS UncommonGoods allows you to donate $1 from every one of your purchases to a non-profit organization of your choice! (how cool is that)!

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