Grounded Coffee Co | Willimantic, CT

Since we’ve been in Connecticut I’ve found myself doing lots and lots of driving.
Finding new towns to explore, state parks to be seen, and some of the most gorgeous sea-side americano towns I’ve ever seen; it’s been an adventure.
Recently I scheduled a photography session in the town of Willimantic (it was a middletown for the two of us) and I had yet to visit it so I planned a day to go explore the area for some great session locations.

I found myself stumbling into Grounded Coffee Co and felt like I had just walked into a friends home. The staff was so sweet and we chatted about all of the things I should see while walking through town (which is where I learned about the drive in movie theater!). I tried a new drink, their honey chai latte, and downed it so fast I felt like ordering another but instead nibbled on a cowboy cookie!

Truth be told I love coffee shops.
There is something completely welcoming about them; I also love trying all the local drinks people carry that you can’t get anywhere else! I’ll actually be sharing my favorite places for chai tea lattes in the area come fall time. Who doesn’t love to hear about new coffee shops?!

Grounded Coffee Co, Willimantic CT
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