Where We Ate In Bar Harbor Maine

I love food.
I really love food; but I’m sure you feel the same way right?
Walking into our vacation I knew it would be the last time I went crazy eating out at restaurants for a while since I was starting Whole30 when I got back home. We treated ourselves to some delicious seafood, tasty desserts, and I even picked some healthier options here and there (yay!). I love hearing where all everyone eats on their trips in case I ever visit there myself; so today you get to hear about the places we chowed down on while in Bar Harbor Maine!

West Street Cafe

This was a actually a recommendation from one of the staff ladies at Highbrook when we first arrived in Bar Harbor. Since it was a thursday night we didn’t have to wait too long to get a table. Eddie dove into the seafood melody and I shoveled the Sirloin tips in like I hadn’t seen food in a while, we probably looked a little crazy to the other guests. OH and we got some cheesy garlic bread to start – I wanted to eat all the bread…I always want to eat all the bread.

Mount Dessert Bakery

I was craving a chai tea latte something fierce. We popped into this sweet little bakery to get some drinks and even a scrumptious double chocolate banana bread – we only shared one slice but we could have eaten 5 pieces…or maybe even an entire loaf! The staff was so friendly and I LOVED all of their different coffee mugs you could choose from if you wanted to have some coffee in shop. That shark bait one was amazing!

Down East Deli

We actually ordered and picked up food from these guys twice! One night we wanted to just hang out in our motel room, watch tv, and recoop after a long day. I wasn’t feeling too hot so I just ordered a baked potato and Eddie got the lobster roll – they were both good, not the best we’ve ever had, but satisfying after a long day. Another time we grabbed sandwiches from them while on the run and I also got their pasta salad – both of the sandwiches were very tasty!

Route 66

After a long day out running around we stopped into one place and were told it was an hour wait so we walked around until we found Route 66. We were sat quickly and I really enjoyed the vintage decor – it was so much fun! I ordered the Baked Stuffed Haddock and the lobster sherry sauce on the side (since I was told they generously pour it over your meal); it was delicious. I honestly can’t remember what Eddie ate here, HA! But it was all gone by the time the waitress came to get our plates.

Midtown Burger

Y’all. I LOVE BURGERS. Like, it’s kind of insane how much I love them. I am also kind of a burger snob; I’ll judge a place on a burger if they are brave enough to put it on their menu; and this place was ALL about burgers. I built my own burger with goat cheese, applewood smoked bacon, grilled onions, ketchup and mayonaise Eddie also built his own burger that was simple but tasty; we also both got side fries to try since they were different flavors. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. I mean seriously so good – I wanted to eat here twice but we didn’t, I’m kind of sad we didn’t!

Lunts Gateway Lobster Pound

We swung by this place on the way out of Bar Harbor to do some more exploring in Acadia. Eddie ordered the Lobster Stew and I about drooled all over the floor when I tasted it (seriously SO GOOD) and I ordered the warm lobster roll and quickly gobbled it up like I hadn’t eaten in days.

Finback Alehouse

We were able to get a table after a short wait and we were starving! I will 100% admit that they have great reviews so maybe our experience was just a one off. Our server was really, really slow and we had to wait a while to get our drinks ordered/order our food/receive our food/get our check and it wasn’t that busy. With all of that being said the food was really delicious despite the service. I ordered the Breakfast Cesar salad + Chicken and Eddie got the Lobster & Crab Mac & Cheese which were both delicious (I obviously tried his!).

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