Museum of Natural & Other Curiosities – CT

Happy Monday friends!
I just got home from doing a morning workout (swimming laps, and then cardio at the gym) and am finally sitting down to start my work day. It’s still such an adjustment to be working from home and running my own businesses (blog, photography, etsy) to plan my days to not only be fun but productive. I’m slowly getting into a rhythm with meeting new people, going to group work days, scouting new photography locations, and seeing Eddie when he is home. It’s all really interesting and new and something I never thought I would be privileged enough to do; so I am super thankful.

This past week I went with my new friend Aleah to explore Hartford, CT for some photography session location ideas. One of the places we went to explore, on purpose, was the Museum of Natural & Other Curiosities. To stay that this place was interesting would be an understatement; it was packed full of some beautiful little oddities and some stunning animals. We took our time looking at all of the taxidermied animals, the fossils, the two-headed calf…we just soaked it all in and saw the world in a different light for a few minutes. I would definitely say that if you’re in Hartford, CT to take a few minutes and go visit this weird/beautiful/interesting room.

Entrance Fee: $6 (1/2 off if you’re a AAA member or have a student ID)
Location: Hartford, Connecticut (In the State House)

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