Latest Photography

A little while back I mentioned that I’ve been doing some really fun photography work since moving out of my hometown.
I have loved every single session I’ve ever captured in the timeline of my career but lately I feel like I’ve really settled into “my own” and have really my niche.

Hi, my name is Amy, I am the owner of A Love Photography and I specialize in making women feel their most beautiful and having lovers show their most fierce love. I have found that connecting with another person and hearing their story while I help them break down their walls and get comfortable is something amazing. To watch the process of growth happen from the start of our session together until the end is a process that always surprises and delights me.

So today I figured I would share some of my recent favorites with y’all, since you’ve been following me from the beginning of my photography journey. I’m growing and learning and attempting to challenge myself as each session comes my way.

Traveling to:
+ Glacier National Park (and possibly yellowstone) the beginning of September
+ Charleston, SC in December/January
+ Connecticut /  Rhode Island / Maine / New Hampshire / Massachusetts
I can travel easily to these states from my current location.
***If you know of any friends who live near me and are looking for someone, send them my way and I promise they will walk out of our time together feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to face the world.
((PS if you, one of my readers, are in any of these areas and want to work together, shoot me an email and we can chat, I would love to meet my y’all face to face!!))

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