Etsy Crushes

This has been a week of getting back into the swing of a schedule.
I’ve started swimming laps again some mornings and it’s kicking my butt; I’ve been looking up more swim workouts and internally crying whenever I realize how hard they are (and that I used to be able to do them in high school). I really, really want to take this season of my life to be intentional with eating better, working out more, and strengthening my body…it’s just time ya know?
I have a sunrise photoshoot tomorrow that I am so excited about I could jump around for a few hours. I haven’t posted anything relating to my photography in a while, would y’all be interested in seeing some images from recent sessions?
I am also looking into joining the first impressions team at the church we have been attending; it’s nice to be getting more and more social interaction in this new place,

All in all it’s been a good week and I am preparing for a good weekend.
In my downtime I was pursuing etsy again and came across a few more crushes to share with you.
Wood & gold tones have been capturing my heart for years; so it’s no big surprise when you walk through my place and see a lot of natural tones with golden accents – it’s just me.

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Do you have any fun things you’ve found that you love?

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