30 Before 30 Update

I’ve found myself thinking a lot about my 30 before 30 list.
I have overlooked the list a few times and I just feel like it is outdated.
Since the list was made I’ve gotten married and moved (and will move a few more times) so some things just aren’t feasible.

NEW 30 before 30 list

(Keeping the items I have already accomplished on my previous list and the items I still find to be relevant).

1 Travel outside of my comfort zone. | Went to Colorado,
2 Create a recipe that is all my own. | everything bagels with pimento cheese, & protein banana pancakes
3 Visit (maybe camp in) yosemite national park
4 Have a spa day (i’ve never had a professional massage!)
5 Get my personal trainer certification. (?!?!??!) something I’m thinking about
6 Go to a drive-in movie. | WOOHOO! It was so much fun!
7 Do something that scares me. | Left my hometown and moved 1,000+ miles away
8 Master a set of 5 pull-ups.
9 Learn how to sew & make a piece of clothing.
10 Take a road trip.
11 Finish. the. back. hallway/laundry room. geezefinished!!
12 Get a kayak and use it often.
13 Learn to drive stick.
14 Give blood (to honor my mother).
15 Take an art class (painting/drawing/pottery, etc).
16 Volunteer.
17 Write a completed story.
18 Learn to use power tools & build something.
19 Attend a conference of some kind.
20 Do 30 consecutive days of something. | whole30!
21 Grow my own vegetables.
22 Wear a bikini (kind of wrinkling my nose at this one, ha!). | I wore a bikini for the first time in 2016! Now I would like to wear one CONFIDENTLY in 2018!
23 Eat clean for 30 days straight.
24 Complete 3 DIY projects.
25 Take some brand photography for a clothing company.
26 See the PNW.
27 Enjoy a northeastern fall.
28 Learn how to make a delicious poached egg (it’s so much harder than I thought).
29 Study more of my family history (maybe using ancestry or something).
30 Stay in a super fancy hotel. | For our wedding night Eddie booked us a room at the Wentworth Mansion – specifically one of the garden suites. It was amazing.

photos by anchored roots photography

Have you created a 30 before 30 list? If so, what all did you add to it and share your blog post with me, I would LOVE to read it!
I think having some goals to cross off to keep us focused is always a good thing; and man this will definitely help keep me focused.