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For a few weeks now I’ve been wanting to get some chairs for our little kitchen-island bar seating. Eddie and I have been eating all of our meals on the sofa, which is a-ok sometimes but I really like sitting down for a meal with one another, without the TV on and being able to talk about our days and just random things. There is something just so simply beautiful about sitting with another person while sharing a meal.
Growing up our ‘hub’ was always in the kitchen.
We would stand around and chat with each other while a meal was being prepared, it always made for excellent family bonding. As I got older my friends and I would always congregate in the kitchen for parties and meals and get-togethers, it just became the norm.

I think it was about two weeks ago I walked into a TJ Maxx and saw these stunning leather-like bar stool chairs and fell in love. I chose to think on it for a few days and talk to Eddie about it before just purchasing, and I think we all know how the next two weeks went. When I went back to TJs I couldn’t find the chairs, of course, so I hit up Marshalls and then Home Goods and they still weren’t there, let’s just say I visited those stores often just to check-in and see if they were there.

Finally this past Saturday I hit up home goods and low-and-behold there were three sitting there waiting to be claimed.
It took a broken spice jar, finding two store clerks, and she-hulk caring these things to the register with my remaining spice jar and these babies were loaded into the car and MINE. To say I find them pretty is an understatement, I think they really tie everything together.

What are some of your most recent finds that you love?
Did you have to hunt around for them for a few weeks like I did…..come on, don’t tell me I’m alone!

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