Etsy Crushes

It’s nice to be back in the office today.
As weird as this may sound to some of you, I’ve missed the schedule of my days and the little timeline I had fallen into for my work days.
I missed having my to-do lists and filling up my calendar….mainly because it took so long to fill up my calendar since moving here! I do promise I enjoyed my vacation though; it was full of family time and feet in the sand. It was full of cleaning up the house in Charleston so my brother can take it over and getting rid of SO MUCH STUFF.
Needless to say it’s nice to be back home with my husband and getting all of the things caught up over here.

It’s been more than a while since I last posted some of my etsy crushes and I think it’s long past time to bring them back, don’t you agree?
I took a few minutes the other night to look through some of my recent favorite and decided that these were the beauties I would share with y’all today! If this is your first time checking out an etsy crush post from me what you can expect is around 6 goodies from small business owners on etsy and their links below the image. I love supporting small business owners (I am one myself!) and I started this as a way to not only share their beautiful creations but as a way for me to look back and find good gift ideas / see pretty things. I sure do hope you enjoy todays finds!

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What are you currently crushing on?
I would love to hear all about it!


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