Wellness Favorites

Pique tea did send me this tea to test out and review for y’all all images and opinions are my own. You can read my full disclosure here

I’ve been posting here and there on the blog and on instagram about making time for ourselves.
Being intentional with slow mornings, getting out there and finding adventure in the small moments, and just being present.
I can also fully admit that life is hard sometimes, it can be too busy, unfulfilling and overwhelming.
It can also be beautiful and full of love, new experiences, great relationships, and bright moments.
I think it’s important to remember that each day is not set up to fail.

Two things that have been getting me through my day are pique tea and the saje pocket farmacy.
I can pop the tea crystals in a mug and not worry about removing the tea bag. It is easy to prepare, easy to enjoy, easy to benefit from and easy to replace unhealthy options with (aka super surgery coffee syrups). Honestly I’m a huge fan of herbal tea and I’ve been trying to get more green tea into my daily routine and this makes it literally 10x easier.

Next I roll some peppermint halo or fortify on my forehead, temples, and neck to help boost my brain
I take a few deep breaths and let my day start to unfold.
I love that I am able to take some warm tea with me to run errands and roll on some oils to help pick me up.

What are some of your current wellness favorites?