Slow Mornings

Lately I’ve been learning that slow mornings are so important.
Taking time to pray, crack open my Bible, and make a healthy breakfast literally sets my day.
On mornings where I don’t plan well I feel rushed, frazzled, and under a crunch i realize that even during slow moments throughout the rest of my day I feel like I’m always catching up. The last few days I’ve been making my protein pancakes on my (new!) griddle and drizzling some almond butter & honey over them with some blueberries stacked in. While I’m cooking I rack my brain figuring out what I’m going to wear for the day and I actually now sit down and eat instead of standing and shoving it in my face. HA!

That’s been a hard lesson for me to learn.
I’m always been GOING GOING GOING throughout my life. Working, spending time with friends after work or going to an event, a meeting, a workout class, a ______. I mean seriously my schedule was always FULL and my brain was always spazzing out about what was coming next. There was hardly any time for slow moments to unwind and actually think about what was happening let alone process all of the big changes going on in my life. Now that I’m at a place where I’m able to be intentional with my time and carve out those slow morning moments It’s making a world of difference. It’s all about making the time for what is important, and if that means cushioning in 15 minutes before or after you wake up or go to bed, I challenge you to try it out. You’re worth it.

I know it’s weird to talk about taking slow mornings first thing on a Monday morning, but I wanted to give a little reminder.
Take some time to unwind today.
Whatever that looks like – praying, reading scripture, getting a workout in, watching a TV show, reading a book….just be intentional for YOU today.
If you’re not taking care of yourself, pouring into yourself as the amazing person that you are, you won’t be able to connect well with others.