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Pranamat - Home Office

This is the place.
The small corner of our townhouse where I stay up late, get up early, and spend some in-between time working on pouring into my blog, photography, and etsy.
It isn’t super pretty, definitely not always organized, but it works.
When we moved in there I knew that I wanted to have a space dedicated to all the business and creativity that I have going on – Eddie agreed, I mean we don’t need to have that stuff scattered around the house; so this space was born.

Can I be 100% honest?
Going from a 830-5pm Monday through Friday desk job to having a more flexible job is hard. I love structure and time lines and to-do lists (type-A first born over here). Trying to find ways to make money doing things I’m passionate about is, well, a struggle; so finding anything to help bring focus and balance to my office time is a win-win for me. Even on the days where I feel like I’m not always contributing like I want to financially, I know that I’m hustling and not just being stagnant. I am a go-getter and a can’t-sit-still type person which will continue to propel me into really cool places in life (hopefully).

One of my favorite things about the office – the pranamat.
It’s this amazing acupressure massage mat that is completely multi-functional, I’m actually using it right now as I type out this post.
It helps me to stay focused and zoned in while working on projects and slow down after a busy day.
I will completely say that the best use of the pranamat that I’ve found is to lay down on the pranamat for 15-30 minutes before/after a workout to stimulate blood flow which cleanses the system and removes aches and pains and restores energy. I can also 100% say that this is a marvelous way to help when you’re struggling to sleep; I lay on this sucker for 20 minutes and pray and relax and I am ready for bed in no time!
I’m still learning how to use the pranamat in all the ways it can be used and it’s really fun! I’m sure you’ll hear more about it as I continue to use it.

So, a quick run down of what to expect while using the Pranamat

+ Quick relief from minor aches and muscle tension: Targeting the sore or tense place with your pranamat, you stimulate local circulation and accelerate the body’s mechanism for pain relief

+ Renewed energy: In just 15 minutes, the increase in blood flow caused by lying on your Pranamat will give you a natural & lasting energy boost.

+ More elastic skin: Increased blood flow may have a locally regenerative effect on the skin.

I also know I’ll get the following question: do the lotus flowers hurt?
Yes and no.
It’s like a small prick when you first lay down and after a few minutes you start to feel a deep and relaxing warmth beginning in your back and then spreading outward though the body, it’s like laying on sand, and like sand they will leave small indentions that will go away after a few minutes.

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Pranamat - Home Office Pranamat - Home Office Pranamat - Home Office Pranamat - Home Office

So now comes the question I really want to know, what keeps you focused while working?
Tell me all about it please!