Random Thoughts Before I Fall Asleep

These have been the list of fleeting thoughts that have floated through my almost sleeping-mind over the past week. Maybe this a small look into how dang weird I am, but hey let’s keep this place real.

+ One day I’m going to have a shelf in my closet entirely dedicated to clothes I’ve worn once but will wear again before I wash them. I mean come on – we all need one.

+ I wonder if cabbage leaves could be used as a diaper, they are pretty durable.

+ How often do people poop in the IKEA displays?

+ I wonder if anyone collects the black mascara and eye liner gunk that comes out of your eyes.

+ I have to stop singing Bruno Mars. It just makes me want to get up.

+ Alligators have sharp teeth.

+ I feel like I want to touch my toes, but I’m too tired to move.

+ I want a cinnamon roll #periodcravings.

Does anyone else have any weird thoughts before passing out for the day?!
Or am I the only one who is just a completely weird person?

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