Random Thoughts Before I Fall Asleep

These have been the list of fleeting thoughts that have floated through my almost sleeping-mind over the past week. Maybe this a small look into how dang weird I am, but hey let’s keep this place real.

+ One day I’m going to have a shelf in my closet entirely dedicated to clothes I’ve worn once but will wear again before I wash them. I mean come on – we all need one.

+ I wonder if cabbage leaves could be used as a diaper, they are pretty durable.

+ How often do people poop in the IKEA displays?

+ I wonder if anyone collects the black mascara and eye liner gunk that comes out of your eyes.

+ I have to stop singing Bruno Mars. It just makes me want to get up.

+ Alligators have sharp teeth.

+ I feel like I want to touch my toes, but I’m too tired to move.

+ I want a cinnamon roll #periodcravings.

Does anyone else have any weird thoughts before passing out for the day?!
Or am I the only one who is just a completely weird person?

  • that closet shelf is genius!! i have a section where i hang certain things but a shelf would be so much easier! 🙂

    • Mine end up on the floor (ahhkkk that’s so bad haha) or re-hung or shoved on top of the dresser. It just makes more sense for them to be put all on one shelf right? lol

  • The cabbage-diaper one made me lol. These thoughts are pretty out there, but I like them hahaha. The other night as I drifted off to sleep I suddenly thought about cookie butter and really wanted some.

    • HA!
      Yes, my thoughts are insane before passing out – it’s pretty dang funny. OOOHHH MAN Cookie butter is so dang good!

  • “How often do people poop in the IKEA displays?” Hahaha hmm, I really hope not at all or at least not that often. I tend to think about a whole load of things that I can’t remember in the morning.

    • I hope they don’t either – I could just see a child thinking “it’s a toilet!”
      I spent a few nights just writing my thoughts down haha.

  • I’m SURE I have weird “just before I fall asleep” things going through my head! I’ll have to keep track of them and do an “Amy inspired” post sometime soon!

    It’ll take some effort keeping track…Lately I’ve been going to bed TIRED, reading for a bit, and then totally conking out.

    • DO IT!
      I would totally love to hear your random thoughts haha.
      I want to be more tired when I go to sleep – I’m hoping to making some changes soon that will making sleeping better!