Praying With Intent

When I was single there were many nights I would lay awake at night thinking about my future marriage. What struggles would we face, what joys would we share, what adventures would we embrace together? I read articles, some books, and talked to a lot of friends about what marriage was to them or for them and how they strengthened it and continued to pursue each other.

Two words were continually harped to me: be intentional.

Being a newly wed means figuring out a lot of things for the first time.
How to put someone else’s needs before your own, meal planning for two, learning when to let go of a conflict or when to pursue it,

During our engagement season I was scrolling through The Daily Grace Co website and stumbled across these cards. I bought them on a whim because I thought they would be something I could use when we first got married. They sat on my bedside table for a week or so before those two words kept replaying in my heart, be intentional. I picked them up one night when I was writing Eddie a letter (I kept a journal that I’ve written letters to my husband since 2006) one night when I decided to use one of the cards and instead write a letter of prayer for him.

Some of my most favorite letters to Eddie are the ones where I intentionally prayed for him.
For his heart, for his spiritual life, for his family relationships, for a strong work ethic.
During our long-distance season it helped me to feel closer to him and strengthen our relationship in small quiet moments.
Now that we’re married these cards sit on my bedside table as a reminder.
I’ll be honest and say that I don’t touch them every day, and I am still learning how to pray for Eddie every day – it’s all such an adjustment period.
Prayer is powerful.
I truly believe that there is this incredible connection and trust and faith-building that comes from sitting down and talking to the Lord.
ESPECIALLY when we intercede on behalf of another person.
I also want to say that you don’t have to be married to pray for your future spouse.
Heck, as I said above, I wrote letters to my future husband since my senior year of high school.
I often prayed for him and about him while single and if I had found these prayer cards in that season I probably would have still bought them and used them to pray for my future spouse. I also think these are great no matter what season of marriage you’re in. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful – praying for each other never goes out of style.

So there is a small look in how I’m attempting to be intentional in our marriage.
I want to try my hardest to really grow a strong foundation as husband and wife in the first few years or marriage together.
I want to set healthy habits and create safe and strong places for us to find rest and rejuvenation.
What are some of the foundation forming habits you’ve developed in your relationship?

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