So there is a reason it’s been so quiet around here.
I’ve made comments here and there, especially if you ever check out my instagram stories.
It’s been a long process and this weekend will be even longer. WHEW.
SOOOO I’ll be back soon. <3

  • Good luck with your move!!

    • Thank you Catherine – my head is spinning a little with HOW MUCH unpacking is left to do – I am hoping to wrap up this week because let’s be honest, I can’t keep boxes around to keep tripping on them 😉

  • All the best for your move! Hope it’s as stress-free as possible x

    • Thank you so much sweet Cait!
      It’s not going TOO bad – I mean unpacking isn’t so fun and trying to find where all of the things are going to go is hilarious, but hey – it’s forcing us to purge lol.