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Y’all I love myself some subscription boxes.
If I could afford (and justify) having ALL the boxes I totally would – but alas, that’s kind of ridiculous. ūüėČ
Ellie sent me their May box to try out &¬†give you an honest opinion¬†and I’ve got to admit, I¬†was so pumped to open it up &¬†dig in!

Each Ellie box comes with 5 curated fitness items for $49.95!
Every month you get a new sports bra, top, leggings, and two fitness accessories (so basically a whole new outfit and 2 fitness items).
When you’re filling out the details for your box you select a size for your top and a size for your bottom.
This step made me a¬†little nervous because there weren’t size guides. As we all know, we are¬†all different; and our sizes are vastly different. Sometimes I wear a large shirt other times its a medium – same with a sports bra, and don’t get me started on pants! So I selected the sizes I thought would be the best fit and waited patiently (ha) for my box to arrive.
If you’re not at work (hey you!) and have about 15 minutes you can watch the youtube video to see my unboxing reaction as well as a first try-on thought process!


My first thoughts in a stream of consciousness: ohhhh yessss rose gold box! Man oh man, this is super cute packaging, I love the invoice holder, OOOOO pretty, that’s functional, I’m all about some strap-style bras, YES TO MESH, and then the dreaded¬†will this actually fit. Once I collected myself I¬†looked at the fitness accessories first which were an¬†arm wallet and hand therapy kit. My first thoughts¬†if I’m honest were kind of¬†womb¬†wompppp but let me actually explain that. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of arm wallets; I feel like they always slip off or just are too bulky for my liking (or don’t fit my phone in its case!). I actually put this to the test and put my phone (with its case still on) inside and it does fit (win) and when I put it on my arm it did feel like it fit really securely…soooo¬†maybe I will give this a try on my next gym visit. The hand therapy balls are basically stress relievers, after my initial¬†meh I realized how great these little guys actually are. While I’m watching TV I¬†can also strengthen the muscles in my hands an forearms, not too shabby.

Now onto the clothes.
The outfit as a whole is¬†super super cute so let’s break it down by item.
The bra: Man, the concept is great. I love the straps on the front that do a little peek-a-boo through a tank top and the fact that you can CHOOSE if you want to wear it as a normal sports bra or hook the back straps to be a halter is great! A+ for design. I got a size Large and that was probably my mistake, I should have gotten a size Medium because it just didn’t fit properly! I did not feel secure at all (and even went for a long walk in in to test it out) because my boobs were almost sliding out of the bottom. NOT GOOD. This will definitely be one of my around the house bras though.

The top: I love the design, the little keyhole at the back and the long stripe are really cute. I also like that it has a flare to the bottom so it should be more flattering on bigger-hip-girls like myself. Once I actually tried it on though? I didn’t like the way it fit me, due to my own insecurities, it just hugged a little bit too much on my hips – and with the pants being a tighter fit (i’ll explain in a minute) it just made me feel bleh. I think once I get a little more toned I will be able to wear this top.

The pants: The material and design is amazing; they are ridiculously soft and the colors are right up my ally, and we’ve already discussed the mesh!¬†There were a few concerns for me with the pants: They were super see-through when you help them up and kind of stretched them against the light, so definitely¬†not squat proof, and with the softer cotton-ish material it kind of makes other materials hug to your frame. Which is why I don’t think the top worked as well for me, it didn’t really glide off the pants more like stuck to them a little bit. I’ve worn the pants to do light cardio and they held up great. I was worried that with them being so soft they wouldn’t stay UP, but they did. Overall I think the pants were a big win out of this box for me, and it doesn’t hurt that they are so comfortable I could sleep in them.

Overall thoughts: Would I actually purchase the Ellie box for $49.95 a month? I think I would just to see how the next month went and if I had better luck with the clothes (I just fixed my bra size on their website so that should be better next time!). Since I am always looking at workout clothes (seriously, its a problem) actually limiting myself to a box would be really nice so I KNEW I was getting fitness goodies once a month and I didn’t feel the want to go look around at all of the other places. I really like the concept and am looking forward to seeing what their June box has in store.

PS – taking a shirtless selfie *calllmmmmmm down I’m wearing a bra* was SO WEIRD.
I am completely not comfortable where my body is right now so that was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone guys. HUGE.

PPS – Tobi love the box. <3

Head on over to www.ellie.com to sign up for your own box! <3

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